Pimax Vision 8K X First Impression,

Yesterday I received my Pimax Vision 8K X and out of the box without doing any tweaks yet except the IPD set to 64, I have really enjoyed the great picture with bigger FOV so far but the sound quality is really poor, This is my 2nd Pimax headset before I have Pimax 4K which I stopped using after I got Quest 2 and even that Pimax 4K has better audio than this 8K X but anyway it’s not a big deal because after experiencing the audio of this 8K X, I immediately connect my Sony Playstion 7.1 wireless headsets and sound in it is amazing but little bit problem to put it over on Pimax but manageable. Anyway, it’s a temporary solution for me now until I buy the HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap which seems very comfortable for other Pimax users. Last month I got very disappointed with HP Reverb G2 when it stopped working after a few hours of use and keep popping errors 7-14 and I still don’t find an answer to what’s wrong happen when it initially worked out of the box. Okay so until now I can only able to test my Pimax 8K X with videos and movies etc. and I love the way it looks in it but I can’t able to run Project Cars 2 and MFS 2020, Pimax VR Experience software shows “Game is now starting in VR Please wait” Screenshot by Lightshot but nothing happens and actually game running on the computer monitor perfectly fine so I thought I need to manually switch to VR mode in-game setting but when I do that then I see the message like " No Headset Detected" Screenshot by Lightshot and exactly the same happen when I run Project Cars 2. Is there anything am I missing? Thanks

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There are a couple of topics that have mods for using other heaphone options in place of the SMAS.




The MAS is upgradable as well. Still waiting on the DMAS speaker module to release. And the KDMAS on ear module to be released for regular purchase.

Sorry to hear about your G2 experience. Maybe someone here might have a solution.

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you have to activate openXR in SteamVR (Beta) - Developer options
more information for MSFS here: https://community.openmr.ai/t/fs2020-vr-pimax-discussion/34022

Project Cars, Open in Steam as VR


Thanks :+1: It’s working now but MSF2020 looks so bad in Pimax 8K X as compare to my Quest 2 via the link cable, I think need a lot of tweaking in the 8K X setting now to get a good picture.

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Are you using Pimax Experience? As it has an option to auto tweak steamvr settings file.

Otherwise there is a wfovfix.exe that can also optimize steamvr settings file that may help.


Keep in mind quest should be less demmanding due to decreased FoV and lower Resolution.

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Yes I am using Pimax Experience.

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Awesome. Likely need to play with in game settings to find correct balance.

@SweViver and @vrgamerdude may have some recommendations. There is likely others so I apologize to anyone I may have missed.

Wish I could have wait for that RTX 3090 Instead of getting this RTX 3080 because that additional VRAM of 3090 is really helpful especially in VR. I see my 3080 GPU usage getting so high quickly

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The game is also likely in need of some optimizations. But yeah more powerful gpu may yield better results. @NextGenVR come to think of it might also have this title and give recommendations.

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One more thing, I tried all this with Large FOV mode so that also one of the reason so I am going to find out now the best balance result with Normal FOV mode.

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for MSFS use Small FOV without parallel projection. little popping objects in the edges, but okayyyy
Smartsmoothe off, Hidden area mask off

ingame Render 80-100% / Steam SS 2400-2700pix vertical
most settings medium for the beginning, Cloud+Reflections, Ki low
real Online Data (weather flights) need a lot CPU Power :wink:

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I have 5800X + RTX 3080 combination but for the HMD like Pimax 8K X the 5950X + RTX 3090 will be more ideal, However my 5800X also trying to hold well but I am concerned about it’s temp.

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I have only a old 7700k, but @5.0GHz watercooled…
Ahh, Hypertheading off. Better Balance between all Cores.

With my TitanRtx i have in most situations 35-40 FPS. (Without Smartsmooth, no Double Images if you look out to the sides and 30FPS are ok)
Big Cities like New York 30 +/-3

This jet (use low CPU Performance)

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Do you know any better cable wrap or protective cover or any other tips which can protect 8K X cable from getting damage because I have real bad luck with VR cables and I do not want same happen with my 8K X as it will be insanely difficult to get replacement cable at least for me because first of all it wasn’t easy to get this headset in India so imported it from USA and most probably I think I am the first 8K X user in 1.3 Billion people country :))


india, cool :slight_smile: greetings from Germany.

For the cable, not really. Mine hangs down from above. My old 8k cable had no Problems for over 2 years before I passed the HMD on.

Ohh no, only 5hours to sleep…bye :wink:


Hidden Area Mask Should be left enabled as it provides rending savings by not rendering details outside the viewport as was said by a DeV cannot atm remember his name.

Now turning it off may fix some rendering issues. But should be reported to game DeV that it is not working properly.



You may first try to tips provided from the community.
If it doesn’t resolve the issue, we suggest you to log a ticket at our helpdesk.
Our technician is ready to provide assistance to you.


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have fun reaching an Asobo Dev.:joy: i think they sit isolated in their golden tower


It was

@StonebrickStudios whom informed us what that setting is about.

But it make Problems in MSFS2020 at this time

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