Pimax try your best “pull-in” the 8KX schedule

After everything we have been through concerning Pimax and their track record of broken promise after broken promise after broken promise… I hope nobody is buying the “placeholder-date” March 2020 for the 8K-X!

I guess the given release month is not the same like Half Life Alyx by coincidence. It rather smells like another attempt at cashing in on those who are currently on the fence for buying a VR headset for Alyx (most likely the Index).


I no longer believe any release dates further into the future than “We released yesterday”.

I thought I was going to say “today” but I’m not 100% sure I would even believe that anymore.

I will say I am glad to see them put out a post at least admitting to the delay. The only concern there is, if Pimax is saying those delay dates, when are the real dates going to be?


I knew it! The 8K X is Pimax biting off more than they can chew. Looks like they are having problems with the cable and how different voltages affect it. That’s why the 8K+ wasn’t affected by the power outage. Honestly, I don’t even know if the 8K+ will actually ship by end of December.

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Yeh I doubt it going to release march. Going to cancel my 8kx and wait until it ready then order it.


I had guessed Feb/March so for me it feels ok, would ofc loved to have mine Before Half-Life Alxy but I will live without it.

On the plus side, maybe they delay it and install an updated DP setup that handles native res at 90+Hz

Who knows but why not if it is being delayed. Then it would be even more future proof.:+1:


Maybe they delay so they can add support to GTX 3000 series.

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As long as the delay results in an improved headset, imo, it’s tolerable. (Pimax has taught me the meaning of being patient. :slight_smile: )


They have also given me a new take on humor. :wink:


At least I am getting decent readability and resolution in my Pimax 5k+ in the meantime. I don’t mind waiting too much, though my ability to work in VR will improve dramatically as soon as I actually do have the Pimax 8kX is in my hands…


I continue to use and enjoy my 8K. I’ll probably buy an 8KX eventually, possibly before the end of the year, so that I can get the backer’s discount. I’m not surprised by the delay; Pimax is consistently over-optimistic.


The one thing they don’t learn is comming forward with release dates that are completely unrealistic. Don’t expect it on march either. I am sure the 8KX will be great because if they can do one thing it is building good headsets.

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Pimax is working with manufacturers who are actually willing to make things in small volumes, but probably still need time to ramp up for mass production. Their timelines have often reflected this.

In this case, it seems there is also a bit more engineering they want to do to minimize warranty claims. Given their position as an emerging supplier, this is probably much more about building a solid word-of-mouth reputation for quality, than financial pressure. More than one tech company has found out the hard way how much more important the former can be.

However, it is most important to keep in mind Pimax has two relatively rare things going for them as a ‘startup’. A well proven (relatively speaking) hardware/software ecosystem, and well established sales channels bringing in revenue.

Because of those two things, they should be expected to be first to release anything like the Pimax 8kX.

Which is why I preordered with them.


Hi all,

I have a question and I thought to raise it here instead of opening a new thread.
Background: I backed the 8K and switched to 5K+. I enjoy my headset and I love flying simulation (mainly X-Plane).
Since 8K+ and 8KX were announced it is hard for me to decide if to go with the the 8K+ or 8KX, main reason: when “flying” you need to be able to read the small text on a monitor (G1000 for example).

The problem: there is no objective video, a good one, that can give us a rundown of the differences between them: visual: clarity/SDE, build, performance etc…

@mixedrealityTV has posted a 8K+ impression, which he was impressed, but then came the “VR Days in Amsterdam” were he was even more impressed by the 8KX.

To add to this “confusion”, Pimax gave us a deadline to decide by the end of December to pick an HMD for a better price, which is unfortunate since it is hard to draw any conclusion were to invest (and I do see it as an investment).

Unfortunately since @SweViver is part of Pimax I can’t depend only on his opinion, although I respect it.

So here are my thoughts:

  1. For 8K+: I think that the technology in the 8K+ is proven and stable. From what I saw in @mixedrealityTV the visuals are quite good, and reading from small gauges is possible (I think he used X-Plane as an example).
    Cons: using upscaler, and it is not 8KX :wink:

  2. For 8KX: According to @mixedrealityTV: “the clarity/sharpness” is what we hopped for in VR (it was not a review, but an honest impression).
    Cons: I don’t know if Pimax will be able to make this platform stable enough and it might be that only after ~1000 units they will be able to stabilize the product.

@PimaxUSA, @PimaxVR - I guess you see the difficulties you put us into, I do not think it is fair to ask us to decide by the end of December to bet on a “horse” nobody reviewed objectively, this is not a Kickstarter anymore.

So what do you think, which product should I/we invest/bet ?



If you are happy with your 5K+ and can be patient, the best thing to do would be to wait until the final versions of both headsets have been released (for at least a month). Read the reviews and watch the forum for people complaining about issues. Only then can you make a fully informed decision.

I probably won’t wait that long. The 8KX sounds like the VR headset I really wanted. I settled for the 8K, which was the first VR headset that met my minimum requirements. At this point, I have little faith in Pimax, in terms of shipping dates and other promises. I do think they can build good headsets; my 8K has proven that.

Since no other company appears to be pushing the boundaries of VR, I feel I have no other choice for an upgrade for my 8K.

As for which to get, I’ll be getting the 8KX mostly for the improvement in cockpit text. The 8K+ is probably a better fit for active games, where the longer cable, wireless potential, and faster refresh rate is more important than maximum resolution and clarity.


I agree that 8KX is likely going to be a great headset, but I do not like how Pimax is not extending the time for the backer discount.

They are forcing backers to make a decision to invest in it before anyone has been able to write an objective review or even try a production model. [And deluxe headset audio? No one has even tried that!]

They want us to hurry and make a decision and give them money, while they can delay however many times they want.

So, like I said in another thread, instead of it being a backer discount, it is more like them giving us a choice to back another Kickstarter all over again.

Actually, they should keep the backer upgrade program open until maybe 2 months after customers begin receiving 8KX. For all of the trouble they put us through and all the delays and broken promises and things like eye tracker not being free after all … at least they could in good faith give us this.

But no.

The reward for Pimax 8K Kickstarter Backers for going through all that pain is getting a ticket to back the new Pimax 8KX Kickstarter.

Again, I would not like to go through that experience again.

UPDATE: Thank you Pimax for considering to extend the discount! Keep on doing the good stuff!


Well said! I like their product and many of their people, but the company itself needs significant improvements. It is difficult to rebuild trust and goodwill, once lost.



Many backers were angry with the unveiling of the backer upgrade plans as people were saying the discounts were just the cost of the stretch goals you had to opt-out of.

Personally I wasn’t bothered by that too much as I wanted the 8KX anyways and End of December 2019 would be enough time to make a decision as I thought at least MRTV, for example, would have a detailed review out. And they did adjust the prices to discount it more which was great so I was just waiting for a third party review to confirm the decision.

But now it is March/April 2020 which is 4, maybe 5 months away (or 3-4 months from eoy) … I feel that is too long away for it to be a wise decision to pay them about $1000 now.


Hmmm, so you were saying all along that they would not be able to deliver by end of 2019 then ?

They have let us know that it delays for 3-4 months just one month before scheduled start of delivery - that is rather a long delay at such a stage, and given their woes with the 8KX samples during the demoes I tend to believe that they just recognized now that there is some more work to be done and it wont all happen in January.

So no, I have no particular reason to be as critical as you are. Sure, they have not met their delivery dates in the past either and taking that into account I could just simply say whatever date they state will be proven wrong at the end, but what good does that do me ? Of course I am not going to rely on them making this new date but the 8KX is a device I will use for gaming, during my leisure time, it is not something I need to help me pay my rent or do something really vital in my life, so I guess I can live with this level of uncertainty… :wink:


I did not believe in December/January release (except perhaps for backers in late January).

March/April I think is possible, at least for backers. I’m glad this is not another “next month” announcement so I have some faith that the expected time might be realistic this time.

And yes, having 5k+ working well makes it easy to wait.