Pimax sword Controllers!

You can remap the wand buttons to toggle, that way you could click the grips to grab and then click again to release.
Its in the steamvr dashboard, settings on the lower right, controller mapping on the bottom.
Go to the grips and change them from button to toggle.

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Good solution, I will try it. Thank.

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may the swords be with you!

I’ll wait for the valve bang controller, finger tracking !

True… :+1::wink:

hmm, i would say theres a need for a new “choose your Hardware” mail, when the hardware is changed after the vote… we need a Statement from the Staff


Not an ideal sollution but you can use padding, it could also turn out that the Pimax DAS won’t be a perfect fit. Making your own is another option if you have oodles of time, passion and don’t want to wait. :crazy_face:

Padding solution pictures

The nerfing of the touchpad controllers is very unfortunate.
I was looking forward to getting them but will get Valve’s instead at some point when I need a replacement of the current Vive wands. In Valve’s design the stick seems way more " discreet" and not so imposing.

Touchpad with sense would have been a real alternative to Valve’s controllers and would have offered an actual functional benefit (filling a niche). Instead Pimax is choosing to just offer cheap “knockoffs” to the Knuckles and the Vive wand respectively. This is a disappointing change in direction of a company that until now was offering products that actually add functionality and benefits/value instead of just copying others for cheap.

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The thing is, having a different controller to what will probably always be the steam norm (valves controller) is just asking for things not to work right. So having the same functional design as the kunckles is by far the smartest thing you can do.
Maybe if pimax gets big and has more pull in how VR goes they can start innovating on those kinds of things more. But for now i think innovating on headset specs and matching everything else is the best course available.


How is all of this related to the nerfing of the touchpad controllers and what I was talking about? I really don’t understand what you are trying to say.

With it current copycat controller strategy Pimax is only further fragmenting the ecosystem.If they were following your logic they wouldn’t have offered touchpad at all and would have followed the attempt of Valve to unify the controls.
However they are neglecting the option that can really make a difference - touchpad with sense (because the opposite is already covered by Valve). So instead of competing on characteristics and parameters they have chosen to compete on only price. A sad departure from the current line of offering products that stand on their own.

This is very frustrating. I want to use both trackpad and joystick controller.

What’s the point of seperating them? I have no idea what Pimax is thinking about.

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Use some foam as @mojojojo said, or change the foam of headstrap.


It literally directly replies to your second paragraph.

As for your first paragraph, it seems that far more people like thumbsticks as the main control over trackpad. It even seems to be pretty agreed upon by most who had vive wands in the past, that they’re less accurate (in games) and were not as reliable (as hardware). Even Valve seems to have agreed by adding thumbsticks to their new index controllers and slimming touchpad way down. Thumbstick is likely to be the main input for games now.
So this again leads into my point where games will be designed for the majority of input devices, oculus has thumbsticks and valve index will have thumbsticks, sure some people might still develop some specialty uses for trackpads but on the whole they will not be very useful. So pimax concentrating design on having good controllers with thumbsticks makes 100% sense

EDIT: you edited your post a lot while i was typing this, but i think it still replies well enough to how your post is now

I’m not sure you understand that Pimax is indeed going to sell controllers with touchpad.
They are doing the opposite of what you are talking about. And they are failing to do it in a way that would make sense.

If they have decided to discontinue the trackpad option I would have been annoyed, but would understand it. Now it is just disappointing and a worrying sign of a change of direction. Nerfing the touchpad controllers is the worst way to handle the situation in any regard.

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Are they sending out a survey at some point to see what backers want which ones? I feel like we may have done that at some point but I think I only want joysticks at this point

Pimax hasn’t got Sense yet (:wink:), so in all likelihood, backers will get the Swerd ones. They would have offered the option only if they have both Swerds and Senses ready for production.

This is why it’s so easy to speculate that Pimax can produce both at the same time but opted to hold off on Sense due to the higher production costs. Which, in a capitalistic market that we are in, makes sense.

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True true, i didnt mention the basic sword controller.
Well that would just be so they have a super cheap option and also to match vive wands. For people that want a cheaper option or dont want/need all the fancy features of sword sense.
So They have just matched both of valves controllers again to have parity with the leading controller setup design.

You could say then why not design 2 of each sword and sword sense, which wouldnt be wrong.
But pimax are struggling with bringing out just 1 of each (these were ‘sold’ to us 1.5 years ago), so having 2 of each would increase time to design and manufacture, therefore delaying all 4 types.
So concentrating on finishing two controllers that fully match the competition was the simplest, cheapest, quickest and arguably smartest choice (because having a completely different controller design isn’t going to work when they only have 1/100th of the people using them compared to valve/oculus controllers, few game developers would code support for them).

Basically they have made an executive decision for everyone. They are saying, If you want to stay with whats current and about to be the past buy our cheaper controllers that match vive wands. But if you want to follow us into the future (along with oculus and valves future as they are both going thumbsticks) then buy our new controllers. They are saying these two designs are what is going to be supported best and give you the best experience.
Whether you agree with them or not is entirely personal of course, but i entirely get their decision (and personally agree as i wanted thumbsticks anyway, but matching valve with thumbsticks AND small trackpad is absolutely the best option)

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This Kickstarter Update was 10 days before the campaign ended and they showed the controller revision showing it would have capsense for the Middle, Ring and Pinky fingers.

They most definitely DID promise cap sense before the campaign ended.

Then, the day after the campaign ended they showed IDs of both the trackpad version and the thumbstick version both containing capsense.

Sorry Martin, but they definitely did and the only right thing would be to let backers choose if they want Sword or Sword Sense and maybe even give them a coupon if they decide to go with the Sword.


I think you forget OpenXR & button remapping. I have Razer Hydra that can be used in steam. So no Devs don’t need to code specifically unless they want a key feature. As for fragmentation it already exists in controller schemes.

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I disagree with everything you say and I believe it is a very dangerous way of thinking, but discussing it will be very offtopic. It reminds me of the people coming to the forum of Bethesda after FO76 was released to tell us that most people prefer multiplayer games so we single-player fans should just “move away”.

None of this changes the fact that the nerfing of the touchpad controllers is a very bad move in all regards.

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Yeah but i bet things designed for thumbstick feel as good to use on trackpad.
also even if there is fragmentation thats not a good reason for more. And even with both these points its much simpler for pimax to just design the controllers with the same functionality so you dont have to deal with any of that