Pimax sword Controllers!

Thank you Martin. These look fantastic!! Can’t wait? My only question what version do the backers receive?


the pressure thingy is included also or just a grip button?

Guess I will be getting 2 sets of Joysticks. Making the trackpad version not have the finger sense support does not impress me as it was supposed to be in both.

I can understand creating a lower tier of both without finger sense as an eco option. But doing this makes the trackpad version for backers not good.

Guess just another unfullfilled commitment. :-1::sparkles: just like the front rgb led.



For all we know they might still plop that into a Pitool update. Did @Sjef’s teardown show the LEDs are only blue?

EDIT: Looking at his (?) photos, it’s definitely a single unit, but appears to have four LEDs on each component with one + lead and three - leads. Does that mean a common ground for R, G and B signals?

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The front plastic is blue.


There is that, I suppose…


3 leads might suggest rgb strip. But at this point who really knows.

I just hate they decided to cripple the trackpad version after telling us before they’d be the same save Trackpad & Joystick.


I like that they have the grip button, looks like the Oculus Touch controller grip button. On the Touch, that grip button felt perfect. Also adds better compatibility with Oculus Rift games.

I hope they leave us decide which we want, because if there is no capsense in the trackpad version… I just want the Sword Sense


In spanish, from “Real o Virtual” (RoV):

@anon84525399, I imagine that, regardless of the controllers chosen, the backers would receive the Sword Sense, right?

Will the controllers also have finger pressure detection?, or just finger tracking?

Real o Virtual (RoV) comments that the release date of Sword Sense is still unknown, so it is possible that the basic Sword is sent before.


Sweviver I think for most of the english speaking world ‘w’ in sword is silent :wink: (maybe I’m just being Merican ignorant).

Index prices are out:
$149 per base and $279 for the controllers. Yet still no final pricing on the PiMax version of these. I assume if I buy the Index and can use the Valve controllers and Lighthouses with my PiMax?

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I can say the pimax stick controller seems to have a better layout for the trackpad slot.


See pitool 121b. Knuckles have support.

Vive pro/Valve Index/Pimax P2(5k/8k) headsets are all Valve LH v1 or v2 compatable.


I think I might just go with the Valve knuckles since I know they will ship this year.

Pimax said before their controllers looked nothing like they did at CES. This is still the same controller design that was shown at CES in Sweviver’s review?


Yeah, I was kinda surprised, because I remembered what Kevin said but they are barely changed, lol. I’m glad they choose to make a version with minitrackpad and joystick like the Valve Index, although it kinda sucks it doesn’t have the pressure thing, but Norm from Tested said in the review he kinda missed the grip button of the touch controllers, so… maybe it is for good.

I would like more info on the headstrap too.

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Well this confirmed my purchase of the Index Controllers.

I too would like more info on the headstrap, that’s my #1. It’s so uncomfortable with the straps and using the DAS doesn’t work for people with smaller heads.

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for me it looks like the simple version is just the same as the old vive wands and the sense version is the clone of the knuckels (as it was intended from the beginning)
on one hand it was good to wait to mimic the final knuckels features, on the other hand they now have directly to compete with valve - even worth, valve has a price, a delivery date and proven that everything works (finger tracking, force grip - thats still to be seen if pimax can get this working in time)
also there is no added value from the pimax controllers, the HMD does have it compared with the Index, pimax should concentrate on things like DAS like thing and to things the competition dont offer like wireless and eye tracking and if they can do a 8k+ on the way with the anx7538/9 to get better res with it’s scaler (maxing out DP 1.4) that would help too

i ordered the controllers from valve, after seeing how pimax did on the HMD and now having a estimate about there development and prototyping ability’s (DAS like thing, foam and longer cable are kind of smaller tasks and they are unable to even name dates, when it should have been already done)

The backers are getting the Sword Sense correct?


Wow, I am glad they add track pad on stick version and we can be sure that it will work like index controller.

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