Pimax Silicone Protective Sleeve Shipping Issue?

Today the 20th June 2023, I discovered several cracks mainly at the corners in my 8K X. I treat the 8K X with the upmost care whilst usage a few days a week and this still happens!

I was looking at purchasing the Silicone Protective Sleeve but noticed it ships in a cylinder which warps, creases the sleeve and the shape is distorted when it’s installed onto the HMD. Sounds counter-intuitive to me and ugly. It may even cause tracking issues due to misalignment.

Should I bother trying to RMA the HMD as I purchased it Feb 2021 ?

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These are NOT my pictures:



If you bought the headset in February 2021, I regret to inform you that the warranty period has already expired.

However, if you are concerned about the protective sleeve being delivered in a distorted shape, I recommend filing a ticket or speaking to our live agent to ensure that they handle it with care and provide extra packaging if necessary.

I am tempted to buy the sleeve just for that Pimax branded tube though. No idea why but I love it haha.

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The spikey boi(silicone sleeve) that you have shared pics of. if it was distorted like that out of the shipping tube. Looks like a manufacturing defect. I have 3 of them and they should not look like that.

@Heliosurge The ones you have purchased, what were they shipped in? Do you have a black one you can sell?

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Should I buy from Amazon or Pimax? Pimax is $10aud more. Don’t want to stuff around with warped and wrinkled silicone sleeves that don’t fit properly.

Those pics of the protector are from the Pimax store on Amazon AU.


The packaging is identical in both stores, and if you receive a distorted shape, I recommend requesting a replacement. Our customer support team is fully capable of addressing this issue.

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I’ll find out if Pimax after sales will be willing to send one in a normal box. Don’t like the idea of the sleeve being rolled up and shoved into a tube. Is it to save on shipping costs?


Please feel free to reach out to our support team regarding any packaging concerns you may have. The elastic sleeve enables us to ship the product in a tube box. This is the first time I have encountered a distorted sleeve upon delivery.

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Well, ordered one through Amazon. Hope it’s in good nick when I take it out of the cylinder or its going back. This process will repeat itself until I get a good one.

Pimax said they’re all pre packed and couldn’t take it out.


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If you notice any damage or defects in the sleeve upon its arrival, please make sure to request a replacement immediately.

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The Pimax Silicone Protective Sleeve arrived today, 26th June 2023.

I’m NOT HAPPY with it. See attached pictures detailing arrived package to installation.


I’m Not going to use it and will wait for further instructions. We’ll see how this will be resolved.

Hi Nick,

Could you please open a support ticket and share the ticket number with me? I will then contact them to prioritize the replacement request. Additionally, I may suggest that they take steps to improve the packaging in order to prevent similar incidents in the future.


Already started one. Need all the help I can get!

See attached picture for ticket number.


I received this response from Eddie and I replied to it:

I will stay in contact with Eddie to stay updated on the progress of your case.

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Latest correspondence:

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Why can’t the sleeve be placed into a BOX, Unfolded and not Rolled up. Pimax logistics team doesn’t understand that it’s for item integrity and protection. Shoving it into a tube or bag doesn’t work!

Pimax has to re-think the packaging for this silicone sleeve. If they don’t, my advice would be: DO NOT BUY THE SLEEVE WHICH IS POSTED IN THE TUBE.

If it’s not solved then we have unfolded sleeves that we could ship in a box. Both black and grey sleeves. Just let us know.

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Do you sell them? How can I buy one? How much? Do you ship to Australia?

@POVVR.se I’ll send PM as well.

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Eddie is currently working on this matter alongside the logistics team. It is likely that he will respond to your ticket soon.

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They’re going to ship me one finally. In what though, I don’t know.

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