Pimax Roadshow-Second stop: Yullbe Wunderland

We just successfully held our first roadshow in Germany, but we will not stop there.

Second stop: Yullbe Wunderland, Tomorrow!

Did you read the reviews? Many words come to mind but ‘successfully’ is not one of them.

Stopping would be the only wise thing to do. Stop the roadshows, fix the issues and THEN do roadshows. I mean, the poor guy who travelled all the way from Poland to Berlin, he was actually still quite relaxed but I would have been P*SSED about it. You’re showing a half baked product, crashing all of the time, lenses not even final, how is this helping anyone? It’s not helping your customers and it’s certainly not helping Pimax.


No one’s listening it’s full steam ahead.

Watch that iceberg! What iceberg?

It’s just like these messages above from Pimax. Like … I don’t even know what to say. COMPLETELY detached from reality. Maybe it’s a language thing, maybe a cultural thing I don’t know. But something is really messed up. It’s always been of course, Pimax has been doing weird and totally illogical things before. But I think this roadshow actually has been one of their biggest failures so far. It’s just so hard to understand why you’d want to organize a roadshow around a halfbaked (‘pre alpha’ an attendee called it) product.


Pico are Chinese and the Pico4 is a great headset using the same XR2 technology as the Crystal. No this is specific to Pimax. It’s like watching a car crash in slow motion.


Why are you demoing a prototype when it was said you were shipping within China in Oct/Early November?


Seemed more like

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Joshua said the hardware is still not finalized yet. So seems like Pimax started taking pre-orders before development had finished, not sure why they would do this. I guess it is to appease investors but that’s always the excuse, I don’t believe that investors can all be so shortsighted as to not see that rushing a product has a negative impact on their investment.

Then again, it seems to always go this way so maybe it does somehow work lol.

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Hang on one minute there.

Pimax completed the final hardware and Crystal IS in production. According to Pimax!

Pimax Lies

What on earth is going on here? Is Pimax in meltdown?


Yeah, I thought I remembered something like that. Thanks for screenshotting it!

Really regretting selling my 8K X haha, feel like an idiot now. Not sure what is going on. I’m guessing what happened was they thought they had finalized it all and were indeed producing units but now need to go back and change those components mentioned to improve the controller tracking, but I’m surprised that it got to the point of producing units without realizing those components were causing issues.

Hanlon’s razor, I suppose lol. I guess let’s see what happens and what we hear. Maybe MRTV will have some good insight into it, hope he doesn’t just get swept up in the hype.


Well as said before, MRTV was critical of Pimax and then they stopped sending him new headsets. Obviously the relationship has been restored which makes you wonder what’s been said behind the scenes. Either Pimax completely changed their minds OR they’ve done some business talking about mutual interests, how they can help each other out. I want to believe that Sebastian doesn’t work like that but honestly I’m skeptical about this whole U-turn. So yeah I’m expecting a hype train from him. Hopefully I’m wrong. BTW I don’t expect a hype-train like “this is the best headset ever right now”, he won’t say that. He’ll stress that there’s work to be done. But besides that I think he’ll tell us that we’re in for something that’s potentially going to be spectacular in the end. In his own words :slight_smile:

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I actually feel for you mate. Anyone caught up in this needs sympathy.

How can Pimax be backtracking on Hardware when they’re roadshowing what should be production units.

It’s mind boggling.


I think it was more that Pimax soured on MRTV, but then about 12K reveal time Kevin called into the Next Demension podcast and came on the show and it seems like that opened up a channel and relations improved.

I dont think MRTV would be doing anything shady tbh. It wasn’t a sudden u-turn imo, was happening over the last like 18 months.


I used to think that too, he seems an honest guy. But where does all his bad advice in the past come from then? He promoted some real sh*tty headsets. So I’m definitely not putting my hands in the fire for him anymore. But who knows, it’s also possible it has other reasons.

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What bad headsets did he promote? I know he was hyped about arpara initally but then dropped that pretty quicky. I didn’t listen and kickstarted lol. I should probably just stick with my Quest 2 and stop chasing hardward.

He does get very caught up in the shiny new thing and tends to be a bit overexcited at first, but then usually evens out. I think he’s generally a fairly optimistic/positive reviewer and that come across the wrong way to some people but I really don’t think he’s unhonest but that’s my own gut feeling so not saying I’m right or anything.


I know the Crystal launch is a cluster ####

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Ha, tons. Arpara was horrible, VP2 really bad, StarVR was not good (although I can kind of understand him there, still, wasn’t good) just a few really bad advices.


You are to blame! You’ve painted the devil on the wall too many times. Now he’s out. :joy:

Lenovo Explorer :rofl::joy: