Pimax. Please Only Send Reviewers the 8KX only AFTER Pimax Experience, DMAS and Eyetracking is finished

I understand Pimax Experience will be a Work in Progress for a long time so that part is fine to be in Beta as long as profiles are working. I’m just saying this because Pimax needs to actually put their best foot forward.

I know people are desperate to hear the opinions of reviewers for whatever reason but REVIEWERS DO NOT UPDATE THEIR REVIEWS. Or at least most of them. If you go check the HTC Cosmos headset review from TESTED it’s likely the same review from way back and whether or not issues are solved will not be mentioned.

Pimax already doesn’t have a stellar reputation, what you guys need is to present the new front of the company and the actual thing that people want which is a seamless plug and play experience that above the level of current consumer VR.

Also please QA the Unit before sending it so we don’t have a repeat of the VoodooDE 's 8K+ Pre launch unit fiasco.


They are allready sending the Pimax 8KX to the end users, although they have first removed a USB port and added an ugly, clearly visible cable.


I hope someone with more technical skill can find a more elegant solution to the problem.


It’s the first impressions count syndrome. I agree with Generic’s sentiment. I guess it’s a balance act between exposure and negative/positive press.


have you ever designed a multi-layer PCB?


I agree with the premise of this thread entirely. I would add I think the DMAS is also important for reviewers. An 8kX with DMAS + Eye is genuinely epic.

The Pimax Experience app is already really nice, Martin should be proud. I think even the beta will be amazing when it’s released this month.


I as well, 100%. Reviewers need to have the best possible experience this time around.

Indeed, Martin has done amazing work on this!


Can any of you tell me of a single commercial headset, other than this one, that has a visible loose wire on the outside, spoiling the whole aesthetic? Not to mention an expensive headset that’s selling as a company’s flagship!
It denotes a great lack of foresight in a module and headset that were planned years ago, at the beginning.
Besides, as soon as this information comes out in my analysis, I know that the whole Spanish-speaking community will laugh about it, except for those who, like me, have bought it, of course.

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I can Tell you about a lot of commercial Headsets, who have not any usb c Port or some external extras
Agree , the Solution is not nice, but, without Eyetracker, there is no cable…


Maybe the cable and the bottom usb connector could be covered and protected by a premium mask, at least it would be covered and protected

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This is exactly the plan. No review units now. Not only because of what you just mentioned, but also because as production is still scaling up, we think its more fair to send all existing units to people who PAID for the products… long ago… like all of you guys.


…and no Eyetracker.


Im still looking where the eye-tracking really is on the Valve Index, HP Reverb, G2, Rift S and the others… can you help me out? They seem to have done an incredible job hiding the eye-tracking cable!


No cables at all!


I can only laugh at the image as it is the perfect answer to the question. :laughing:


The problem is that the Pimax cable is under the headset, right at the bottom
What will happen when you put the headset on the table over and over again?
The problem is not aesthetic for me, at all
Imagine all this Vive Pro cables under the headset

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@Cdaked: although I can understand your sentiment, I would like to ask you something in return.

What do you prefer:

  1. an 8KX with a lose wire connection for the eye-tracking module (mind you, not if the hand-tracking module is used)


  1. an Index, with a perfectly designed slot for modules which has all professional, impressive polish, but unfortunately so far, 12 months after release, has seen absolutely ZERO modules being released for use with the Index - oh, wait, that’s not true, there is one: a freaking LED stripe gimmick, for crying out loud. Otherwise it has nada, niente, nothing to show for after all these months.

I do know my preference if the company has to decide to put design or function first.


Haha great example

@SweViver can you show us the eye tracking installed on a 5k+? is it connected internally with the top-inner usb port then?


Obviously it would be nicer if the cable was not visible, but I find it shocking that a visible cable on a VR headset is that much of a concern. The cable will be visible but it hugs the headset so it’s not like it is dangling and will be in the way. I am much more focused on the functionality of the eye tracker itself. That is what is interesting. I just don’t spend a bunch of time looking at the outside of my VR headset so this doesn’t concern me at all.


The cable has L-shape, doesnt wear off when you put down headset on the table, floor or whatever.

I know its not the perfect solution, but it had to be made. Would it be better if we just skipped the eye-tracking altogether?

Thats basically what Im trying to say… nothing is perfect, but at least we are trying to push the technology!

TPCAST did wireless 2 years before HTC. With even less cables. Works still today. Was is perfect? no. Was it beautiful? no. Did it work? Yes, and still does today.