[Pimax Official]To Pimax 8K backers

Hi Pimax 8K backers:

Thanks a lot for your patience! We have several updates to share:

5K+ backers - as long as you have confirmed your shipping information with the support team, we have already shipped all your headsets!
When the headsets arrive our UK, US, and HK warehouses, we will have the tracking available to share with you.

  • If you haven’t confirmed your shipping info, please do so. Because we need to double check your info to preapre your packages.

8K backers - our suppliers and logistic agencies are about to shut down for holiday. We will ship a new batch to our UK, US, and HK warehouses after the Spring Festival.
If you prefer to change to 5K+, please let support@pimaxvr.com know asap, better this month, before the holiday in Feb. you can get your headset at least ONE MONTH earlier if you switch to 5K+.
Some facts:

  • we have enough inventory for 5K+;
  • we will start pre-order shipping soon;
  • backers love 5K+! Here are the most recent reviews:

@VR247 24th Jan 2019

  • Overall verry impressed. Played on wide FOV @ pitool setting 2 and steam SS 200%. No problem so far on gtx 1080ti. Have not tried high demanding games yet but looks good so far. Will try more tomorrow.

@MReis 21st Jan 2019
Image Quality

  • Its good! I did hope for a bit more in terms of clarity on the horizon like in Project Cars and so a bit less SDE than it is (in game play you will lose the SDE, but if you try you can focus on it), but it’s a solid step forward to my odyssey and the larger FOV is immersive!
  • Black Levels are good for an LCD – sure you can see its more gray then black (taking an OLED as a base) and if you search in dark scenes you can detect back light plead – but in the normal amount for an “LCD” based display – my ASUS ROG WHQD is no better at that then the PiMax.
  • Colors look good in my opinion – Skyrim is great, Project Cars is great.

If you haven’t confirmed your shipping information, please do so. Because we need to double check your info before preparing your packages.

As always, any question / comment, please feel free to let me know!




So how many 8Ks have you manufactured?
When is the last day that you will be able to ship?
When exactly do the holidays start and when do they end?

I am in Thailand, I don’t think you have a warehouse here. Can you ship my 8K to me directly before holidays? No use to let it sit there waiting.

Getting 5K + earlier for a whole month, seriously? Are you saying that we still have to wait more than a month if we have chosen 8K?
You promised to send by January 29th all 8K. Where are they?:poop:

And now we are stuck here from 8K at least until March, it turns out?

But I still will not change 8K to 5K +, in any case.


That is not funny @anon74848233 i hate SDE


yet more untruths beginning to show

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I need a @vrdelta therapy post.

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Agree, why would i go for my second choice for one month of “waiting” i will enjoy vr for another month with my Lenovo.


Absolutely agree.
One month timeframe doesn’t get me out of my way.
I choose the headset, not the timing, after all. Therefore, we will have to wait as long as necessary, although we were promised to send all 8K by the end of January…


Thanks for the update Dallas, good information.


@anon74848233 @Matthew.Xu @Pimax-Support

That’s what they told me.

To be sent on the 29th

Even that it was not possible to change to 5k+ because my unit was already in manufacture!

And now they offer the possibility again?

Above… I don’t see anything logical for this kind of “campaign” for change to continue.

With comments like… Love the 5k+!

That means they don’t do it with the 8k.

What sense it makes to discredit a product which has been the only sense if 80% of the people bet on them in the kickstarter campaign was the 8k.

And of course it’s all true… What does pimax gain by still offering its customers a $200 more expensive product?

Is it a hoax to pay that price difference?

How do you justify it, if you have everything against you?




5 Dec -> produced = bullshit.
18 Jan -> delivered to SH = bullshit.

At least, I will get something updated before the summer begins.
Thank you, Pimax, I’m fkin so advised!


from https://www.travelchinaguide.com/essential/public-holiday.htm

Does this mean we can expect Feb 11th for next batch to ship?

Or … @anon74848233 … just let me know when can I expect my 8K ???

It is painful to be told that I can expect it end of Dec, and then it becomes end of Jan, and then it becomes end of Feb. Etc. When will it end?


Yeah ridiculous to advertice this way, it tells me they have more to gain themselves with it.
Things like easier to fullfill kickstarter campain, gain more money with us getting an cheaper 5k etc…


In general, I have little understanding of what is happening.
All these promises to send in such and such periods constantly grow into other terms.
Now, it’s not far from the Chinese holidays, and the cart is still there.
And we are already afraid of an additional month of waiting at least against the nearest dispatch of 5K +.
I think this is not normal, this should not be. But this happens again and again. My optimism is starting to evaporate.

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I will NOT be recommending you to our customers


not a company you would recommend at this point but may just be down to one persons orders to keep us all guessing and not be truthfull 100 per cent

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Nope, some company (a lot) will give their employee more holidays(more than national holiday) on “Spring Festival”,if not, people usually will Ask for a leave for more days.
So Ship can’t start at Feb 11th.

Maybe leave at Feb 1-2th then Back At 13-18th.
My parents already start their holiday today…


@anon74848233 please rename the post as “To Pimax 5K+ backers, 8K backers sorry no update unless you want a 5K+”…

Seriously there is nothing in that post of any use to us, or providing any information to 8K backers…

You really need to sort out your communication skills I’m afraid.

I’ve been behind you guys all the way, and still am, but you have shot yourselves in the foot again…


I have to ask where the good information is as the thread is aimed at 8K backers…