[Pimax Official]Cable replacement request(Flicking white Dots)

Hi Futurists:

We received white flicking dots feedback over the last period of time. After studied the returned headsets and cables,we find the root cause is the cable’s quality issue,there were about 20% cables in the 51st shipment didn’t work well (the total number of faulty cables is close to 300 PCS)

To solve this issue permanently,we have required our supplier to optimize the manufacture process and the QA test standard. At the same time, for those faulty cables we would provide timely and properly replacement service.Backers don’t need to upload pictures or videos for confirming issue.we will send new cable directly after received the SUPEN tickets

Our headset after-sale service has official path to accept and solved.
Here are the procedure:
1.Please apply your request to service desk: https://pimaxvr.com/pages/feedback
2.We will arrange the shipment after confirmed your issue.
3. You can check tracking number by checking your SUPEN and find the delivery status

Thanks for your support


I see a few flickering sparks on a dark background, but not that much that it bothers me.
What if it escalates with time, how long is this replacement offer valid?


Yes backers did tell you the problem but well done for finding it yourselves

I wonder how confirmation is done without something like, a photo or video

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If I have a supen already opened for this problem, do I need to open another one?


I smell a change in policy creeping in.


Seems ok… for now…

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Please send me a new cable soon. Thank you.

Unfortunately the support account creation is still work in progress.
Bu hao.

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A comedy of errors lol its all too funny they need adult supervision at this rate to get things done

Mine is a preorder and it has flicking dots.

Maybe support accounts weren’t included in the pledge.

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He said only 300 were faulty are we going to bet that theres more than he says?

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Maybe for 10/1 odds :smile:

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thats better odds than me getting my 3 headsets back this month i rekon lol

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Pimax time is just … misunderstood and different. I cannot comprehend why they’d treat someone who bought 3 of their hmds so poorly. You’ll get them when they think the right moment has come.


@anon74848233 do those of us with already open tickets need to do anything? I’m not a backer I’m a pre-order customer.

Mine is SUPEN-2028 and I haven’t received a reply in several weeks.


Can you give me your email accocount via private message for me to solve this problem?(These password reset&sign up issue will be solved soon)

contact us via service desk if you have flicking dots issue,we will arrange shipment asap

Same here, flicking white dots & can’t create support account.