Pimax offered me trade-in on my broken 8K for an 8KX

Ok so heres a current Pimax saga.

I sent my defective 8K headset to Pimax two months ago for replacement. After about 30 back and forth emails over a span of the 8 weeks, one of the Pimax representatives offered me a trade in on 8K+ or 8KX for my 8K, not the same “trade in” or “trade up” that has been offered to us Kickstarter backers but a different “trade in” where they keep my 8K headset and then they would knock approximately $500 off the price of an 8K+ or 8KX.

Well I cant a damn response from them but every 3 or 4 days to answer all my questions so Ill put it here to the members of the forum.

I want to take the approx $500-off offer and get the 8KX, I backed the 8K headset only and want to forfeit my Kickstarter backer goals for an additional $100 off (or whatever the amount is today), but I can find the appropriate A thru G “Trade In Plan” that fits me. I just backed the 8K headset only, no bundle,no controllers or base stations, and I only want the 8KX headset. They sent me a “code” that Im assuming I type in the Promo Code box at Checkout. But I have no idea what to do at this point because it takes days to get a response from Pimax as you can imagine.

So what should I do at this point??


Wow. Damn. I think that must be $500 discount coupon for normal pre-order. Go ask Pimax to confirm where to put the code and additional discount if you want to.
Take your chance man. $500 for broken 8K is a great deal for sure.


You want to use backer plan D, just like me. If they will take another $500 off it, it’s a great deal. Too bad it’s taken over 8 weeks to straighten out this mess.



Go for it! the 8k is difficult to sell at this point for 500usd and it spares you the hassle of selling it. I’m in the same boat as you,my 8k rma’d during more then 2 month and a lot of emails back and forth caused by ups. I got a good personal offer from Matthew wich i took.


Well, retrogaming is kind of popular those days…:smirk::point_right::rocket::zipper_mouth_face::rofl:

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Well the code only works in the retail non backer purchase Checkout. The code wont work in the Backer plan D Checkout. So if you take $500 off $1299 Im getting the 8KX for $799.

Now If I sell the 8K on Ebay for $400ish (after fees) and I used the Backer Checkout then its $400 off $999 so I would be saving $200 if I sell on Ebay and be paying a total of $599.

I emailed my Pimax rep and asked her to see if she could make the coupon code valid in the backer Plan D Checkout

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I have been offered a similar deal with my 5K+ but I have been told the coupon cannot be combined with the backer plans :frowning:
I have to use the coupon on a new purchase full price.


I finally got an reply back and they said the same thing. that the coupon cannot be used with the Backer discount. So I told them to just ship me a replacement 8K unit


Hi there,

Im in a similar boat - My Pimax5k+ is being returned and I was offered a discount/credit towards an 8KX.

I replied to the last email from them how I follow the upgrade path for backers AND apply the discount for returning a headset - before the Dec 30 cutoff.

With the discount/backer upgrade path + the credit for my returned 5k it makes the 8KX a much more reasonable price for me.

So, you’re saying they will send a discount code, op?

Ah, missed this post.

So, maybe I return the 5k+ and get the discount - but make them give me the backer rewards for the 5k, is that how it would work? So they’ll send the comfort kit etc, for a HMD I dont have (5k+) ?

I recently wanted to send them my 5K+, because my casing was developing cracks. They offered me to keep the broken HMD and get a 430$ discount on the 8KX, without loosing any kickstarter rewards (good deal i think)

So i would guess you will recieve all rewards you pledged for (comfort kit is not one of them). You would get a duplicate MAS, but that’s it, as the 8K+ or 8KX comes with the MAS and the comfort kit.


Sounds like a good deal.

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Yes it is. I forgot to mention that you can additionally apply the 100$ from 8K/5K+ switching. So thats 530$ off in total =) makes the 1299$ not as scary as before :wink:


The other guys above have been told that we cannot do both - get the money off for returning a headset, and also get the upgrade backer ‘discount.’

Are you sure you got both discounts? Because if so, please msg me some details and I’ll use that example when contacting Pimax again.

Let me explain my experience with this, when I tried to use the code for the $500 off (note coupon for trade-in for my pimax 8K because it was having problems), it did not work when using the check out for the upgrade plan D. And pimax rep confirmed that it would not work, it will only work if you go to the pimax retail website and purchase the 8KX for retail price of 1299. So if you take the coupon for $500 off of 1299 then you would be paying $799. However if you use the Backer upgrade plan D, now correct me if I’m wrong here but that plan would automatically take $300 off of the $1299. So try to follow me here, why would I want $500 off of 1299 when I can do my backer upgrade plan for $300 off, then have Primax ship me my repaired 8k, sell it on eBay for $500, take the 500 plus the 300 would be $800 off of retail! now I can’t speak as to whether the hundred dollars off from downgrading to the 5K plus would work with the $500 coupon, yes I know it’s hard to follow but read through what I said carefully and tell me what you guys think. I told them to ship my 8K back and I’ll sell it on eBay and get an $800 off instead of $500 off

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I purchased the 8KX at the pimax store, without using any of the backer upgrade plans. With this you can apply both discounts (430$ towards 8KX or 385$ towards 8K+ for keeping my broken 5K+, and 100$ 8K to 5K+ switch) and don’t loose a single item of the kickstarter rewards.


I haven’t considered any of the upgrade plans, because e.g. Plan D includes the loss of the MAS, 3 pieces of software, additional facefoam, eyetracking discount, wireless discount etc. which i want to keep. If you want to exchange all those rewards and just keep your basestations and controllers - then this would be also a good deal (but nothing which would give you some sort of extra/saved money i guess, i think someone here in this forum did the math :wink:)

From my perspective, you should be able to apply both coupons to get a 600$ discount, but only if you make a purchase that is not connected to any upgrade plan. But since they would keep your 8K, i would rather ask for a new 8K. My 5K+ is broken, but i can keep it and maybe use it for some months untill it falls apart :sweat_smile: or maybe i can repair it on my own…


Thanks, that’s a little clearer.

My situation is my backed headset (8k downgraded to 5k) is being returned. Im offered a discount on an 8kx, on the return of the 5k, but doing so negates any backer downgrade/upgrade plan.

I misread as you being able to use both your backer upgrade discount, and the credit applied for returning your faulty unit.


And I was offered an $80 coupon and a silicone cover for my cracked 5K+ with misaligned lenses :confused: Hell No!
And I have upgraded and paid for the 8KX Deluxe already.