Pimax offered me trade-in on my broken 8K for an 8KX

Yep that was the first offer for me as well, 50$ coupon and silicon cover :joy:

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Do you still have warranty left on your 5K plus, that way they would send you a brand new one, or rebuilt

Regarding being able to apply both discounts seems reasonable to me, especially as a kick starter backer but the Pimax representative specifically stated the only reason I’m getting any money back for the 8k unit is because I am a backer

Seems reasonable you should be able to use both discounts as a backer, but if that was the case then pie max would lose the extra income for the 8KX because I would think it would be cheaper for them just to send out a repaired to 5K plus or 8K rather than give you the extra discount which is cash in their pocket for the 8KX, it sucks but business is business I guess, I feel we’ve been screwed around by pIMAX with faulty headsets, broken cases, software the half a$$ works, bad cables causing snowy pictures, the black dots, so many damn issues so I think they should give us both discounts as a backer, backer as in guinea pig, beta tester, the ones dealing with all the bugs etc etc. But what do I know I’m just the idiot they just keep sending the money, LOL


I was offered the silicone cover as well, I’ve owned about seven or 8 different headsets and never ever once have I needed a dam cover, if Pimax could get their sh!t together regarding the cracked housing issue we would need that stupid cover


I had the same offer with my broken 5k+ and I think it’s a very very bad operation for us.

They told “5K+ special coupon $385 for 8K+ or $430 for 8KX.”
My 5k+ was paid full price (699$ as preorder), if I accepted I’d loose 329$ on a defective unit that should be replaced by a new one that still worth 699$.
If you want a 8kX, you really should ask for a new 8k unit, keep it in box and sell it on ebay. Even if you lower the price by $ 100, you will lose less money. You’ll just need to be patient.

I’m interested by 8kX too BUT 5k+/8k still have problems unsolved after 1 year. I don’t want to go for a brand new headset that will chain the problems. I may change my mind when the 8kX will be reliable an the support more reactive.


It’s good to have options.


I find it amusing that 2 months after being told RMA to upgrade was impossible and we must use the Plans, now it it possible after all.

Also amused by the conversation so far…
Here is an offer, please ask any questions.
Ok, here’s a question X.
Answer is Y, here is your coupon, use it in a week.
Ummmm, I didn’t accept the offer yet.

Edit: But yes, good to have another option to consider that removes the need to muck around selling an extra headset.

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