Pimax Ignoring Backers Requests

@Heliosurge again I appreciate your efforts the last few day, but looks like Pimax are ignoring individual requests about missing HMD’s and tracking numbers.

@Matthew.Xu @PimaxUSA @Pimax-Support


The biggest problem is Pimax still seems to be having trouble with just posting the reality.

We know they are a small team and are overwhelmed with support requests with a less than ideal launch with housing, cables & other hmd related issues.

They seem to struggle with basic idea that if a question is asked give an answer even if it’s not favorable. Waiting until you have a favorable response will only make folks feel ignored & serve to frustrate the community as a whole. Which will of course damage pimax’s public profile.

When @PimaxUSA discovered the delay on the release of pitool 106 he should have posted an update himself so @anon84525399 wouldn’t look foolish in his own statement on coming from a pitool meeting.

@anon84525399 Jteller & @noro amongst others some you were in regular contact in PM have been awaiting responses. Simply organize an update so folks don’t think ill of the situation.

Backers waiting to receive their headsets need something. While many may know your team is swamped. Admitting this & simple stating your working on a solution to try & get control looks better than silence.


I’m wouldn’t surprised if all these nightmare issues doesnt make it on to uploadvr etc soon.

Hint hint pimax act now before it’s to late

I’m not a backer or even bought one and I’m still waiting for my 5k+

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Just to clarify, Dallas did respond a few weeks ago but the only answer I got was “your HMD has arrived at the warehouse”. I also emailed support and had a Supen number, which Pimax addressed as " your headset will be shipped soon, please be patient" or something to that effect. The Supen was then closed and it’s been radio silence for more than 2 weeks. I don’t want a generic answer like " your headset will ship soon". I’m sick and tired of useless info from them. I simply want a valid tracking number, but aparently those who have recently received it say it doesn’t work when entering it at the carrier’s website tracker. This whole thing seems so needlessly stupid and out of control.


That’s a very good summary of the situation.


Thanks for derailing my review thread guys. @Heliosurge isn’t this a review area for a reason ?

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This is a feedback area .

Split the thread. But I am sure you appreciate their frustration with the current situation.


This should help the team with needed feedback. A link in the 8k area to here & general can work. Feedback simply put there not answering requests.

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Of course I do, only just got mine so I know exactly how it is. Remember I’ve been here for a fair while being a 4K owner as well so I’ve had skin in this game for quite some time :slight_smile:

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i feel like we are all making feedback on their behavior.