Pimax gives away 100% revenue share to Devs in exchange for store support

“We’re a hardware manufacturer in the first place, which you could argue Steam and Meta aren’t, so this makes it easier for us to accept a lower margin, but we also want to promote the whole VR market, as technology is advancing fast,” said Pimax’s Carol Yuan. “There should also be more high-quality VR content available. Not only do we think that, but also many users online think this is holding back VR.”


Why don’t Pimax just start an Software Studio and support themself?

Trying to get third parties to support a £1800 or $3000 headset is not going to happen. Pimax are kidding themselves.

Do Pimax even understand the PCVR market? The best rated PCVR headset on Steam only has 17% share with a £1000 kit.

Who in the name of Jesus is going to opt for the Pimax Store if the same game is on Steam?

I think Pimax giving away 100% answers their own question.

Bro, what? Are you kidding? This is great for developers, and for Primax. It’s also great for the consumers. If PIMAX is going to take a really low margin, that incentivizes developers to use their platform. Creating their own software studio, would divert attention from their hardware, which you have criticized them for in the past, you want them to release their headset right now, ready to go, but now you want them to have a software company too?

Find something not to complain about. Methinks thou dost protest too much.


I’m a small time developer with 10 people. I can devote 3 people to taking them away from core developement so we can support a new store where the entry headset is £1800 and will probably struggle to sell 3000 units by the end of 2023.

Or we can use the same 3 people creating new content for our game on Steam where there are 20 million Quest1/2 on the market not forgetting Index and every other headset.

I’m not trying to be funny here. Are you telling me if you were a Dev, you would take option 1?


Pimax Portal lad, that’s the goal, not the Crystal or 12k.

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Come on lad. Where does it mention Portal in that Article?

Pimax even mention VR in the quote I provided in the OP.

Porting over to Pimax wouldn’t be that much effort for a game already on Quest or Pico.

Why do you need to be outraged by everything Pimax does? I don’t think the Pimax store will be huge or anything but it’s good to see competition and I support them giving it a try. 100k and that revenue split is good incentive to get people to do ports, which like I mentioned should be relatively easy for existing standalone titles. That 100k could get a decent chunk of games to come over/

It’s for their standalone store.

that would cost a hell of a lot more than 100k and wouldn’t really result in much benefit to themselves. That would just be a whole new venture, makes no sense.

Why does this bother you? It’s an incentive plan from them for their standalone stuff and realistically doesn’t take much effort, and certainly not from people working on the hardware.


Portal does VR, Atmos… It will have the same standalone store and almost certainly have a much larger number of users.

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Ahh now youre moving the goalposts. lol

Who said I’m outraged?

How is that moving the goalposts?

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Are you saying the future of the Pimax store now rest on Portal Veiwer. Good god Pimax are in bigger trouble than I thought.

For their standalone store, yes.

Please explain how that was moving the goalpost.

Lol, Meta sold 40 million Quest units and now Pimax see themselves as the saviour of VR.

Could you explain how that quote gave you that meaning? That quote reads to me as “Meta and valve are software first, hardware second” which is quite true. Pimax knows they can’t compete on their level as a software company, so it shows they are grounded in that sense at least.

Also Meta has sold nearly 20 million (Quest 1, 2 and Pro combined). Not important or making a point of it, just letting you know.

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You now see as Portal Veiw is the Primary outlet for Pimax. Pimax never mentioned Portal but you did. You moved the goalposts to suit your own narrative.

The HMD is openVR and SteamVR comparable, so a revenue stream for the other HMDs is not impacted by supporting another store? Jesus man. You are a developer? Your putting us on.

Are you telling me you would forgo the extra revenue from people who can afford an $1800 device buying your software if it needed device specific optimizations?

Would you walk away from a company offering you extra help to make the game compatible with the HMDs special capabilities?

I hope you have never had to develop for a console that lacked good middleware

VRENGINEERS does it, Varjo does it, etc. they all have company specific platforms alongside steam.

I think you are just looking for bs to get upset about

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Is the Pimax VR standalone store coming to the Portal or not? If it is (which it is and you already knew that) then it’s relevant and not moving the posts as this fund literally is for the same store and obviously the majority of potential customers will come from the drastically cheaper device.

They do mention portal… (because, you know, it’s the same store)

Even the article you linked mentioned it in the second paragraph.

So are you now argueing Portal is Pimaxes target VR audience for Dev sign ups?

Yes, that’s why they are giving 1000 portal dev kits to developers and zero crystal/12k.

We are talking about the standalone store btw, that’s what this is all focused on (I know this for a fact as I have went through the documentation for the dev program as I signed up myself, so this isn’t my opinion).

Hopefully that clears it up for you somewhat, and hopefully you understand now that I wasn’t moving the goalposts but just pointing out a gap that you seemed to have in your approach to this news. There’s nothing wrong with that btw, it’s okay to be wrong sometimes or to have a blindspot in your opinion. That’s what discussion forums like this are great for.

I’m Pimax we sold 605 Portals in our Kickstarter. Do you want to sign up?

Can Portal play Steam games?


Then why would I bother porting it to Portal?

You get to keep an extra 30% of your revenue.

How many Portals have you sold?

605 in the kickstarter.

You mean 605 thousand right?

Erm no just 605.

Out of 605 1% might be interested in our game so thats 6.05 people. We sell our game for $10 and we’ll save $3 on 6.05 sale that around $20. Our programmers are on $40 an hour. It would be cheaper to do nothing.

Well just think of all the game sales you might get in the future.

Sure come back when youve sold your first million units then we’ll talk.