Pimax Day Announcement Highlights

8k%20 RE Upgrade Upgrade2 MAS MASdetails Handtrack Eyetrack comfortkit prescriplens fan longcable 3pccontent 120hzmode Swopen

@Heliosurge please pin at top.

Other details:
-DAS = MAS = Free to backers, will include backer promised extra foam piece
-Comfort kit not free to backers


In the image it states comfort kit included with vision purchase?

only newz I was looking for was new pitool like 180 taking forever…

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‘Vision’ is the new products mentioned. Backer means 5k/8k kickstarter backer and maybe pre-order as well I believe.

Cant wait for the prescription lens

I’m confused. Why is Pimax Vision 8KX listed twice? Are there two versions?

2 pages of bullet points so 2 slides (images)… that’s all.


IMHO would be fair to give bakers some discount on it since the free additional face cushion seems gone?
E.g. to get it together with the MAS, saving pimax some shipping…


The highlight of Pimax Day for me was finding out that I am apparently the designer of the Sword/Sword Sense controller:


I put that image together back in early February based on what I felt would be the best option for Pimax regarding form, function and ease of production/supply.


Wow I hope they credit you atleast


So the tracking ring design which are doomed to crash into eachother and surroundings was your idea? Were you high when you made it or did you not expect pimax to make the tracking rings so big?

Why didn’t you suggest an upward or outward donut like oculus touch or cosmos controllers? I’m curious

The entire design wasn’t mine. I took Pimax’s basic grip/tracking ring model and modified it by adding a thumb stick and small trackpad similar to that on a WMR controller. I then added a pair of controller buttons to each one just underneath the thumb stick/trackpad that could be easily reached whether using either the trackpad or the thumb stick. I also put a Windows button on the top of the left controller and a Menu button to the top of the right controller.

In my opinion, Pimax doesn’t need the added complexity of having to produce and stock two completely different sets of controllers (one set just thumb stick, one set just trackpad). Producing one design like mine would simplify their production and supply chain. All they need to do is add finger sensors to create a high end model, eliminate them for the standard model. The rest of the controller remains the same. In addition, some games lend themselves better to a thumb stick, some to a trackpad. Others may even be better using a combination of both.

I felt that this design gives us the best overall flexibility for controls while also simplifying the supply chain for Pimax.

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The Eye tracking module is compatible with the lens adapter?

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Key question - I would bet that most of us nerds are short sighted :nerd_face:

Worst case - get lasered :wink:
I did, but not due to pimax.

Edit (its ment as a joke - just in case some one gets it wrong…)


Can we use the eye tracking modules and the lens holder together?


Thanks a lot for the summary! This is very helpful.

I guess Pimax is not able to deliver on the controllers and the base stations? Is that why they are offering to just sell you the Index controllers and base stations?

Is there a price for the upgrade for backers that ordered the full set? I downgraded from the 8K to the 5K+ so I hope they take all of the coupons into account.

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I think someone stated that they where not allowed to make a clone. And the Sense Controllers need more time.
So you get the Valve BS anyway and
you can choose to wait until spring 2020 for the PiMax sense or take the Index Controllers Path to get them around late December / early January.

Edit: spring for none sense and later on sense.


Sense said maybe july & nonsense maybe march.