Pimax Customer Opinion Poll (MAS Side Pads)

Pimax Customer Opinion Poll

We are often reviewing feedback and some customers have suggested that for better comfort the side foams should be a different thickness. As a result we would like to ask YOU for your opinion and find out if you think it should be thicker and if so what thickness would be ideal.

Here is an illustration showing the current position and thickness of the side foams:

Do you think the side foams should be made thicker OR stay the same?
  • Thicker.
  • Stay at the current thickness.

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What do you think the ideal thickness for the side pad should be?
  • 4mm (current thickness)
  • 11mm (same thickness as the thin face foam)
  • 18mm (extra thick to provide extra support)

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What do you think we should use for the side foam material?
  • Same material as the face foam
  • Current material the side foam uses
  • Material from the head cradle.

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Your Pimax Team.


I might be alone with the opinion but I think it should be PU leather covered thick piece of soft (memory?) foam in the sides so that the more You tighten, the more stable the headset sits.

I also think You should make a complete PU leather set available (front, rear, sides)… :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course it’s hard to know what’s the best solution without trying it out… :wink:


Tbf if you want to improve the side foam for comfort you should include a couple of thicknesses as ppl have different size heads.

An easy compromise might even be using a Velcro spacer to increase thickness.

Is Default 11mm thick with a 6 or 7mm thick velcro spacer.

As @DrWilken suggested a premium pad like PU or have a PU kit available for all foams with an A la cart for thickness options.


You should add a question that allows you to quantify the number of people that removed that headstrap entirely because it wasnt good enough. I use the old vive/pimax head straps because i get a much better fit.


I don’t think it’s really useful.
we are going to be warm in the ears.
there is too much need for different thickness.

on the other hand something like that yes. I have much better support on my face

and I will do the same on the Confort kit as soon as possible.

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the weight compensation via the headband already does not work well. the hmd is pulled up. other HMDs also suffer from this. the hinges on the sides of the hmd are too shaky to provide lateral support and absorb centrifugal forces during head movements and deflect them onto the strap. more side padding will hardly / maybe bring back a little bit of comfort. i don’t like the original strap from htc or these from pimax.


Those side pads don’t touch the ears.


The sides are a massive distance from the side of my head, and I don’t have a small head… I can almost fit two fingers near enough between my head and the side foam.

I even think 18mm might not be enough, considering I’m already getting a rough measurement (22mm give or take) from the edge of the existing foam and my head I feel the option of around 25mm might be better, anything less and I suspect for me it’s just as pointless as the 4mm currently is.

Also agree with @DrWilken a PU leather option would be good. I’ve already been trying a spare vrcover for the quest2 on my 8kx and so far think it’s much better.


The sides themselves shouldn’t touch the head for better immersion.
That’s why it’s built that way.

are you missing the point of what they are asking and this thread? why would it be built with foam if not meant to touch? why are they asking if we need thinker foam if not meant to touch?


Because maybe a revision of the rear foam makes more sense.
A test on the sides is simple. Pack the foam yourself in the space and assess it.

OK so you don’t want the side foams, that’s fine for you if the options given are optional. for me the whole thing is a big wobbling mess. the mas is too big and doesn’t fit well, and I absolutely believe support at the sides will help.


The side foam will improve stability from shake. The rear foam no. But a pillow addon for smaller heads would be an idea


As far as I understand the question, it’s about thicker side foams that are supposed to reduce wobbling, but not touch the head all the time.

Your version would have constant contact.
And we don’t need to spend any extra money on that. You can get foam everywhere. Cheaper.

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If the foam does not contact ones head that will not reduce wobble. Changing the thickness of foam to improve comfort and reduce wobble requires contact. Otherwise putting foam there at all is unnecessary. Yes pimax did a miss on this on release much like the poor hinge angle stops.

Pimax has obviously had enough feedback to do a mini survey. As mentioned if your fine with the MAS as is, than this optional upgrade you simply pass on and use what you have.


yeah, but only contact in the moment of wobble

Which still will allow wobble. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

The moment of wobble is a wobble.

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Personally, for my head shape, I need a narrower, higher forhead confort kit. More restrictions on the side would still be good though.



I just got my set of of the Pimax speakers to try on the standard strap that comes with the 8Kx, but I haven’t tried it yet. I am still using the HTC Vive DAS which is just more comfortable, especially with a much thicker Vive replacement face pad (18-24mm) and a Vive Forehead pad. The Forehead pad doesn’t really fit too perfectly with the Vive face pads, but it does work with 0 problems.

This for me is much more comfortable - however, like the straps that come with the Pimax, because the HMDs themselves are SO wide, the hinges are attached really far apart, which means the DAS speakers will JUST make it to my ears, and stay put, without springing back out. The reason is the because the HMD is just so wide.

Thats why people are asking for side pads on the standard strap - its simply positioned way too far out on everyone’s head. The standard strap makes 0 contact on the side of my head. I can only image that Pimax speakers are going to be just as hard, if not harder to get PROPERLY near my ears.

So my suggestion is - start over and redesign the strap from the ground up. Start off with the Vive DAS and redesign it to better fit your extra-wide HMDs and use your speakers.

In the meantime, having super-thick pads available to put on the side of the strap, to hold this on your face properly would be a decent stop-gap measure.

I’d also suggest making better overall FACE PADS, that have variable thickness - ESPECIALLY for the CHEEK BONE area, not JUST the forehead.

I can’t use any of the various face pads made by Pimax, no matter how thick, because none are thick enough, especially on my cheekbones. The only thickness difference I THINK I can find is MAYBE in the forehead? I don’t know, but I literally can’t tell one Pimax face pad from another.
The only thing Pimax on my current Pimax is the HMD. Everything else is after-market, or modified.


@GrodenVR has made 3dprintable Bass Extenders that fixes the in/out adjustment to ears.

You can find it in the Guide Repository. #Guidebank under tag piguide Title MAS Guide.

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