Pimax Crystal - status, updates and fixes (Part 1)

Seems to be exactly that. Even if it’s technically different hardware, it’s definitely no better. I haven’t tried it since they improved the audio in general though, so perhaps it’s usuable now. I’ll need to test that.


Ya built 2 of the dam things in my garage last week. Sheesh

Exactly that.

Given the fact that Apple is (probably) about to reveal their market entry and the Beyond’s availability is somewhere after Q3 2023 I see no reason to pre-order the Crystal HMD. Like none at all.

Instead we can comfortably lie back, see what the early adopters have to say and then if we want to purchase, we do it via a reputable reseller like amazon that have to adhere to local consumer laws.

So if Pimax offer the Crystal with non-functional ‘features’ on e.g. amazon.de again (as they did in with other HMDs in the past), I’ll simply make amazon aware of this and they block the retailer (again).

If they offer the Crystal with functional features and I don’t like the product, I just send it back.

If it breaks within 2 years after purchase, I’ll just send it back.

So what I’m saying is, with a company such as Pimax, it’s always a good idea to have the product development (which they definitely have the ambition for and apparently the funding) seperate from the legal entity you close your purchase with.


I would wager then likely the same drivers. Much like the DMAS module is the same one from the p2 hmds. They even said as much with the DMAS module which is just 2 bmr speakers wire and housing. The magic is in how the audio is processed before going to the drivers.

The SMAS in all fairness is not terrible and is usable. However should not have been standard on a high end headset. It would have been more alright as a base audio module on say the Artisan with option to swap or upgrade on checkout

Hopefully pimax finally takes my counsel and likely others to sell a base plate module for those wanting to diy there own audio speaker module and have in the reality series an option to create custom dsp/ew profiles.

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I mean, why would they change the drivers/hardware?
There is no way that would’ve set them back a year

Well with the new Audio module they could have changed the speakers(drivers) much like one swaps factory speakers in a car. Wouldn’t set them back really. Just have an Audio expert tune a profile with dsp to make best use of the driver.

Had pimax had did this with the DMAS it would have been closer or on par with Valve’s. The revised 8kX unfortunately they were not successful as I believe Cheezus said they messed it up and made it worst with what they tried.

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Pimax had some audio experts on their team??!?! lol

Early days maybe as the p4k over ear speakers are nice. But I think that headset might have received Audio through hdmi but don’t quote me.

The DMAS was beyond what they were used to. But it seems they have some help on the Reality series as they have it sounding “on par to possibly better than index”

And one of the testers minimally is a legit audiophile.


Who is the audiophile? DJSlade?
my brother is an audiophile and dj’s as a hobby, When i tried with my access that i had to it for about a day, i showed my brother and he didnt notice much difference and that couldve been down to variance.


Talking audiophile and digital gaming head gear sound seems a bit oxymoronic. I more equate the term with analogue given what digital does to Mozart and Stevie Ray Vaughn’s guitars :grinning:
As a drummer and having played live all this VR stuff is just toys and “audiophile” would not be my go to definition for digital sound source appreciation,. This is not to say digital can’t be good when produced for, but it is still no friend of “sustain” so you can imitate a basic violin but not a Stradivarius. Only so much you can do with 1’s and 0’s.


The first Crystal has arrived in the German Mrtv discord forum . Its a unit from the user Alex and it’s not working :sob:

It keeps disconnecting after couple of seconds


Did he get this in the box?

No I think not , give me a sec I will ask him


Nope he did not receive that hub


He did try an active hub though which didn’t help


Then it looks like Pimax are not shipping the full kit as advertised.

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Yeah kinda sad . Hopefully they will help him


He is using windows 10 though . Not sure if it’s a deal breaker to use the crystal

Maybe try one of these.