Pimax broke every USB port on my computer

My pimax 8kx has systematically broke every usb ports on my motherboard one at a time, who can I talk to about being compensated for property damage as well getting a full refund on this product?

I think you may need to provide more information. As this claim tbh seems strange.

What do you mean by broke every usb port? In 7 years have never observed anyone with this type of claim(not a pimax employee to be clear).

What are your pc specs? Mother board brand & model. Power Supply brand & model. Etc…

The onboard overcurrents for example on majority of modern quality pc motherboards with other protection systems are quite robust.


You might need to provide more details or a more elaborate description of the issue you’re facing because I haven’t personally encountered this problem before, and without more information, it’s challenging to provide specific guidance or a solution. Please provide additional details, error messages, or any relevant context, and I’ll do my best to assist you further.

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I’m tied of this headset is it possible I can return it for a full refund? I bought it less than a year ago, it breaks ports it takes me up to 40 minutes to get it to initialize even though it was working perfectly fine last time I used it… Like this is absolute madness.

Open a support ticket but you will need far better proof than “I’m tired of this headset” or “it was working last time I used it” to blame the headset.

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I mean it shipped with broken audio ports so that alone should be enough to rid me of this nightmare that takes 45 minutes to get my computer to register it. in the remaining 2 usb ports that actually work with it…

Well you started with usb being your complaint and now it’s audio. You’ll need to get your complaint straight for support to follow up.Whining here won’t resolve it especially given your lack of actual info. Open a ticket but you will need to be precise and detailed to get anywhere. gl


if they ask for Remote access to my computer again with a Chinese app, I’m submitting a report to the government.

And report what? You have a choice whether to accept a remote help session or not.

They used to use Teamviewer. What app are they using now?

If you do not prefer that remote application, you can always request support to switch to Teamviewer.


I believe there is always a workaround to resolve the issue, especially if you are willing to accept a remote session from our support team. If it is confirmed that the headset is faulty or has caused damage to the USB port on your PC, we will provide the appropriate reimbursement. However, before proceeding, we need to conduct a thorough troubleshooting session with the system setup and the headset.


I’m not granting you guys remote access to my computer, that’s not acceptable practice, I’ll just eat the cost and make a scathing you tube video instead. ontop of that I dont have 3 weeks to be in a tech support email chain at off hours. My pimax head set is currently mostly working on one of my 2 remaining usb ports, it does not work anymore on the other ones, it just takes about 20-40 minutes of sitting and waiting for the broken app to acknowledge its existence. So if I ever want to use VR I have to budget in a 20-40 minute wait period for the app to decide to communicate with my headset. But yeah it came with broken audio initially as it was my 2nd unit and I didnt want to be sending back my 4th headset of the year, 2 htc vive pro 2’s dead and 1 pimax I decided to just use wireless USB headphones.

You mean it is not a practice you would be willing to accept.

Yes that can often be the case when dealing with non local companies. Their business hours can often be during “a consumer’s off hours.”

Still unable or unwilling to explain how/why you think a peripheral has broken your mobo’s Usb ports. (Likely one of the reasons requesting authorization to have a remote support session)

The “App” in question is not broken as all pimax customers use said app. It is possible you have a faulty/damaged/corrupted install. So you could try s clean uninstalled with a fresh install.

I wish you luck in figuring things out. Being by your own words nearing a year of ownership. Your past the standard for most companies to allow/process a refund.

Given your posts here not sure you could make a coherent video let alone a scathing one, but should be worth a look. Be sure to leave a link here.

Recommend you watch Sadly It’s Brady for how to properly do scathing :laughing: Indeed it seems you should have watched more videos by him before buying a Pimax. They are not for the “plug and play for lunch bunch”.


Well, you should really look into the possibility that your mainboard has some (driver/hardware) issues. In no way you kill two vive pro’s and a Pimax without at least thinking about checking it…


Nope vive pro 2 over heat and delaminate, and the pimax has some of the worst drivers and software I’ve ever seen, no headset should RNG take 40 minutes to initalize. I know lots of people have the same problem the people at pimax just cant make working software/hardware.

The funny thing is there is also a lot of ppl who do not have the 40min issue your describing. If it was common across the board pimax would nit be here today.

And when help is refused then one must figure out what in their setup might be causing an issue. One fellow discovered his Apple Watch was causing strange blackout issues when his wrist was near the headset. Logitech Wheel drivers are also known to at times cause a lot of issues in general(not specifically pimax)

Community with enough info and a polite request might be able to help. But you have to want help.


You have to buy new computer and new Pimax. It’s that easy :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


I once had an ATI card that kept crashing my system. 2 weeks dealing with support daily gave no joy. I later discovered (myself) that it was a misbehaving video apt that was leaving a tsr program running that was the prob and gave ATI the fix. You just never know without due diligence.

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Indeed when I had my ati 7950 card kept having blue screens. Turned out it was due to Amd all in one installer. Back then discovered at that time it was best to install jist the gpu software snf download mobo software separately.8. I had system mechanic at the time with an incorrect activation key. Their support wanted me to pay $100 to remote fix my windows issues. lol

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