Pimax and game developers

Anyone can confirm that Pimax devs cooperating somehow with game devs ?
During my almost 1,5 year expirence with HTC Vive and Steam Vr noticed that most AA sim games ( like Elite Dangerous , DSC , Ił 2 BoS, Asetto Corsa , PC 1 and 2 ,rFactor 2, Dirt Rally) have nice support and dedicated fixes for Oculus devices and don’t care too munch about Steam Vr and Vive . How is that will work with Pimax 8k and 8k (x) ? I’m pretty sure that mentioned titles will require some optimizations for wide horizontal and vertical FOV , resolution and so on…


Probably not. Indie producers do not usually have such contacts.

I’m hoping to meet some of the Frontier Developments folk at their Expo in London next weekend (7th Oct), if I manage to get some time with them, I’ll be asking about PiMAX 8K support and urging them to contact Robin and crew (assuming they haven’t already).


Pimax shouldn’t need special support from devs, it’s how steamvr renders that’s important.

That said, I think most game devs haven’t even heard of pimax yet.

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Nice , let us know .
I do remember that Rift for example got colur banding fix this year and vive thread at frontier forum have 72 pages without any specfic fix from Fdev since day one.

There is by the looks of it that Unreal & unity might be but will need PiMax to confirm. If so these enhines are used quite a bit.

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Thanks for reminding me again!

I’ve noticed this question. Do you have any good ideas? Please let me know.

PLEASE talk to them about native 4k support for the 8K X. Elite Dangerous will be the No1 title for this headset!!

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@Matthew.Xu Please contact Frontier devs (Elite Dangerous) Talk to them about native support for the 8K X!! They will be interested

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I’ll try to get to know them. Thanks


I do know you already know of DCS.

I would say any flight sim games would should be interested in 200° fov with hi res.

Additional titles
-Flightgear (free if mem serves) not sure if still active dev or updated to include VR.
-Prep3d (sp?) mentioned in forums
-X plane if has added vr support (likely)
-Any sci-fi vr flyer
-Arizona Sunshine (& other fps)
-Resident Evil 7
-Project Cars 1 & 2

Any big developer where hi res & hi fov is likely to want in on ensuring their games can take full advantage of the best hardware available & often this is where things like your sdk will be important as some do use their own custom game engines.

Users who are deeply into flight style games are known for their goodies to get the most out of immersion; just look at Hotas & other cockpit options… Yokes, rudder etc.

Big racing sim dedicated race wheels with 3 pedals & stick shifter just for a start.

I will try - I have a “founders” (read VIP) ticket for the event so stand a better chance than maybe some (plus I can talk the language having been in the industry at one time). Having the COBRA engine output 4K is not a problem, as it can do that already and scales to 16K I believe, but they may have to work on the wide FoV.

A quick aside - when producing a flight sim title over a decade ago now, I was the first in the company to get a triple screen setup and that rapidly exposed some of the engine’s shortcomings that we were working with (it wasn’t a use case that had been envisaged). The issue was that objects only rendered when the model’s origin point came into view for a standard 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio. This meant objects “popping” in from nowhere at the edge of the middle screen of the three - it was a fairly quick fix, once tracked down in the rendering code, but manifested as a bug. So there maybe “stuff” like that to sort out.

I’ll certainly do my best to have a chat, but I’m sure FDev know of PiMAX and hopefully the 8K, so its probably not needed, but still worthwhile doing anyway to help spread the word. If there’s one thing I know about from running the development I did a decade or so ago, its that developers who are enthusiastic about their product, are sometimes harder to keep from developing for “new stuff” than staying “on target” :wink: (I’m just as guilty of this myself :slight_smile: ).

@Matthew.Xu - I hope you can develop a good relationship with FDev - they really embraced Oculus and Vive when those released and made sure that early development of Elite Dangerous was VR friendly once they had experienced the Oculus DK1. BTW Adam Woods (one of their Producers) is an avid flight sim guy.


Il2 Battle of Salingrad as well please.

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Prepar3d (P3D) and Xplane don’t have native VR

Flyinside is the middleware for those.

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Awesome thanks for clarifying this. :v::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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do you know any event in UK on mid-Oct? (We need some time to prepare visa) We are eager to bring the demo there for game developers.

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Great to hear. You should contact Pimax support to find out what they require to enable native 4k and 200 FOV

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Can you private message @Mr_Teatime with more SDK information so he can talk to the Frontier Devs

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