Pimax Amazon EU will be Launched at 18:00 cest on 5th June 2019

Hi VR Futurists in EU!

We are happy to announce that Pimax will launch in EU on Amazon with our Pimax 5K+ and Pimax XR VR headsets!

We have received great support from you guys and we really appreciate it. To express our gratitude, we would like to give a big discount off.

First come, first served:

  • 2019-06-05 18:00-19:00 CEST; 5K +/XR: 15%OFF; PROMO CODE: ILOVEPIMAX

  • 2019-06-05 19:00-22:00 CEST; 5K +/XR: 10%OFF; PROMO CODE: ILOVEPIMAX2



Terms & Conditions are as follows:

  • romotion Period:6/05 2019 18:00 CEST-6/06 2019 18:00 CEST
  • In order to claim your free Xbox One Controller, Pls send your Amazon order number and your consignee information to below email address: amazoneu@pimaxvr.com
  • We will ship you your Gift up to 30 days after receiving your email, it will no longer qualify for the Bonus gift if the purchase is canceled for any reason

Best regards,

Pimax VR E-commerce Team

All Link on Amazon


5K +: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07RW5V544
5K XR: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07S9X3JH2

5K +: https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B07RW5V544
5K XR: https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B07S9X3JH2

5K +: https://www.amazon.es/dp/B07RW5V544
5K XR: https://www.amazon.es/dp/B07S9X3JH2

5K +: https://www.amazon.it/dp/B07RW5V544
5K XR: https://www.amazon.it/dp/B07S9X3JH2


So, great as this is - does that mean “everybody” will receive a usable headstrap by Friday June 7th , while all of us backers still have to wait?

They have the standard headstrap…

Not on the pix…20 chars

Pimax is still practicing too much high prices in my opinion, considering their product is still very little polished, optimized and affordable, and that don’t even comes with a decent head strap and included controllers.

Now that Rift S is out, and soon the Index too, and both are quality products, with the Rift S selling for less than half the price of a 5K+ , and with all the quality expected from a product from Oculus, and the Index will sell for less, for the same headset only package…Pimax will hardly have a chance of beating the competition using a marketing like this…and claiming the huge FOV will not help much…

An aggressive launch campaign with cheaper pricing until a reasonable high user base and popularity is reached (including some numbers in the Steam VR headsets survey, that are still non-existant), and all the quality assurance and built problems are sorted out, and the Pitool software reaching a high level of features and polishment , is the only winning card they have in my opinion.


Yes this price is way too high…

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Rift S is a piece of sh*t, sold 450 but worth 0.

You can’t compare inside-out and LH techs and pricing.
Index isn’t still available, so for the moment nobody can compare. Honnestly I can’t come back to a 110-130 FOV.

The price is fair (and I’m not billionair), unlike the XTAL

Wow, EU has it tough - is that markup due to VAT?

I thought my own country had harsh taxes, but I feel lucky to be in Japan right now.

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I’m not comparing anything, it’s about the marketing thing and Pimax is doing it wrong in my opionion, the competition is already making numbers, Pimax is not…

The Rift S may look s**t to us, geeks and power users, but it doesn’t matter here…people new to VR or about to adopt it will choose and buy Rift S and not Pimax, simply because it’s cheap, affordable and easy to setup and use, plus has solid generation 1.5 VR specs…Index has already surpassed the pre-order capacity, way more beyond what Valve expected, so they have already a guaranteed user base, and many more thousands units will probably be sold in September when the full steam upgraded production capacity starts, since they are now increasing the production to meet the higher demand…

Unfortunately this is how things go, it’s all about using the right marketing strategy, and not always about innovation and hardware specs, wait some months and you will see both Rift S and Index appear in the Steam VR hardware numbers and grow reasonably fast, while Pimax is still non-existant and has just a handful thousand units sold in the entire world, and their continuing slow and sluggish pace to improve both the product and the software controlling it will not make things better, they are already having a mediocre reputation in the VR scene…and in addition to this they are now already investing resources and time in a new product (8K-X), without having first fixed those already made and marketed, who will buy an 8K-X if the previous products have made a reputation for being unreliable, inclined to to crack, and difficult to set up and use ? Just an handful of the ones in this forum and a few curious people that just want to try something new, and have money to spare…

The image is everything, and Pimax is not doing much to shine in that sense …

Ever since Pimax announced his concept for a wide viewing angle VR headset, I have always hoped and wished that they would make a successful product, but error after error, they are ruining every possible chance of succeeding, and still continuing on this path, things need to start to be done intelligently if they don’t want to continue on this death spiral.


Say goodbye to the dreaded screen door effect or “SDE”, ghosting and smear as those effects are virtually invisible.

This is exactly an aspect of what I’m talking about !..Pimax is not being consistent in what they are claiming , plus…advertising “offers” that are higher priced that the normal retail original price, and that even by appliying the discount code are still higher, is incredibly bad for their image, and to some can even be perceived like an offense, because the client could feel as being tricked or cheated.

Looks like they don’t even realize it…things like this are literally destroying their already feeble reputation, and throwing it in the dustbin…

I am seeing countless 5K and 8K’s being sold in the used market like Ebay and other local regional platforms, recently…what does this make you to think ?


As I mentioned in the live stream yesterday, its all about EU rules and VAT. Its 20% extra or even more in total. Also lets not forget Amazon has a high fee for all sales.

Look at Oculus Quest. Its roughly 80 dollars more expensive in EU than in US. Thats basically 20% as well. And thats on their own website. Same on Amazon. But I guess Facebook can afford to survive despite the Amazon fee, they have money…

So the price is £800 from amazon.co.uk (none of the promotion codes work) or £600 (including VAT) directly from the pimax website for a 5K Plus - not something to shout about me thinks!!!

New lambda vr user don’t know about Pimax issues. They aren’t aware of Pimax or any other brand reputation. If they were, Rift S wouldn’t be the lowest rated oculus headset on Amazon, there wouldn’t be so many complains on Rift S and Quest issues.

Of course, casual customers wants the vr to be cheap, efficient, easy to use, and mainstream. That’s for the moment utopic.
To lower costs, manufacturers need to refund R&D but for each gen 1.5 headset, they spent a lot in R&D.
That leads me to the second point: efficiency. To try to lower price they spent money and time to release a stillborn technology: inside-out tracking. That’s a big step back.
Nothing in the PC world is easy to use. If it was, Rift S wouldn’t have usb issues to some customers ^^
When comon people realise they can’t track in the dark or can’t track properly controllers, they say “what’s this crap? I paid 450 bucks for that? vr is such a deception”. It desserves vr. PSVR is a good example of good marketing and bad technology: people tried it once or twice and stored it in a closet. In these conditions it can’t be really mainstream.
And I didn’t talk about lack of mechanical IPD, because of it 20% or more won’t be able to use what they paid for.

General public isn’t aware of reputation of specific terms like IPD, SDE, FOV,screen tech or right price. They’re sensitive to advertisements. Unfortunately if you have a good commercial campain you can sell them a 3dof, pentile LCD, non native 4k (but don’t tell them it’s upscaled and don’t tell they’ll need a NASA computer lol) for 400€/$.

About Index “out of stock”, we don’t know how many are produces and how many are sold. It is common to produce few stock that is sold out in 1 day. And I’m not talking about the technic that consist to create a shortage to let people think a product is a success.

Last but not least, Pimax headset in market. As always some profiteers bought 1 or more headset in order to sell it over the official price. Many backer don’t sell only their headset but the whole package because they don’t want to wait to receive Pimax controllers, LH…
I sell my 8k (only to France) because I won it in a contest and I already have a 5k+. I don’t need 50 headsets lol

Everyone is talking about Pimax headset issues. My pimax has 0 cracks, 0 distortion, 0 screen issue, 0 latency, 0 power problem. Oddly when everything is ok, noone tells it!!!

Have you had it for a long time? played long sessions?

People complained about pimax support so pimax now offer amazon support e.g. quick replacements - thats the cost.

Pimax site doesnt actually mention VAT either way so people might get a surprise when it arrives.

Yep, I often use it and long sessions. That’s why I’m always looking for mods to increase comfort especially concerning prescription lenses as you can see in this forum ^^
I also can tell I tighten the DAS pretty hard and still no crack for the moment.

I agree with the higher price because Amazon fees and most importantly Amazon excellent replacement service, but when we buy a Pimax from the official website and it’s shipped to Europe via the UK warehouse, it’s assumed that VAT is included and paid

unfortunately , the free controller is just here to hide the fact that controller and base station are still missing.