Pimax 8KX testing progress December 20, 2019

Hey guys, I just want to inform you briefly about the current progress and report of testing the latest 8KX samples (meanwhile Im preparing 99 things for CES). I may update with a video this weekend, but no promises.

As you saw in the other thread, the cable is now fully stable. Its a totally new cable ONLY made for 8KX. It needs no external power, as it uses an extra USB connection for extra power. This means it splits the cable to:
1 Displayport cable
1 USB 3.0 cable for data and power
1 USB 2.0 cable for extra power (required in DSC, native mode)

The cable is 5 meters in length and replacable of course. And factory made, no mock-up. It uses the same hmd-end connector as the old cable. But it must only be used on the 8KX.
Here is the previous thread with images and discussion:

I do not have the “rubber” housing here on my samples, but all 8KX and 8K+ will have the new blue rubber RE housing, also on CES. My samples have the same housing plastics but without the rubber layer. The housing plastic (which will be used on all 8KX/8K+ under the rubber layer) is an improvement from the old black one, even the “new batch” black plastic on 5K+.

Im testing new firmwares every day, which has different panel brightness values and other parameters such as different standard resolutions etc. Most of them are super stable, with latest version and previous PiTool versions.

PiTool Features:

  • Upscale mode: Works just as a 8K+, selectable in PiTool. Takes 3-5 seconds to switch between the modes.

  • Refresh rate: 75Hz stable in native mode, 90Hz stable in upscale mode (can be adjusted to lower)

  • SteamVR tracking: No issues at all, super stable

  • Smart Smoothing: Works just like on 5K+. fpsVR reports 37fps. I dont know how its made, as 75Hz is not an even number, but obviously it works smooth just as on 5K+. I do not have stutters when framerate is kept stable. Smart Smoothing is far from perfect of course and introduces some artfacts, but thats the same story as on 5K+/XR/8K.

  • FFR (Fixed Foveated Rendering): Works really good in games like Skyrim and helps with framerate. The lower resolutions in peropherals using Balanced FFR is NOT as distracting as on the 5K+, maybe because of the higher panel resolution or overall higher resolution?

  • Contrast/Brightness: Fully adjustable just like on 5K+. Colors and contrast are good. Feels a bit better than 5K+ and 8K. Not as cold colorspace as 5K+ and not as warm as 8K. But I prefer using Contrast +2 and Brightness -2 for a more popping image. Blacks are on par with 8K I would say, maybe slightly better.

  • FOV: All modes works as expected. Distortion is without a doubt improved to a certain degree. Far from perfect, but noticeably better than 5K+/8K.

  • Resolution: The current FWs Im testing has various default resolutions (PiTool RQ 1.0 and SteamVR SS 100%), between 3840x3160 and 4196x3160. All look identical. The vertical resolution is approx 1.5 higher than native, but thats necessary for distortion profile to be correct. Similar to how 5K+ and 8K handles it. Probably no news for you.
    Running a resolution of around 3600x2700 (75% SteamVR SS) looks great and gives similar performance to 8K+ or original 8K. All resolutions here are without PP enabled.

  • Performance: More or less on-par with 8K+ from what I can see. I have no in-depth numbers to give you now, but as an example, using default resolution (no PP) in games like Skyrim on High settings (no AA, SS set to 75% in game) runs 100% smooth on 2080 laptop with FFR on. Occasional frame drops with FFR off on laptop. On desktop 2080Ti I can go much higher without FFR and full framerate. AA barely needed. Looks supersharp.
    Many games like Pistol Whip, Beat Saber, Pavlov, Onward, Contractors and similar runs fully smooth on full resolution and 2080Ti.
    Boneworks runs mostly smooth at default 8KX resolution and desktop 2080Ti. Looks tons better than on Index. Asgards Wrath (native through PiTool) runs 55-75fps on default depending on scene, needs tweeking for full framerate. Have not tested Stormland yet, but I will.
    Aerofly FS2 with 1.1 in-game SS and default Pimax/SteamVR resolution runs 100% smooth on 2080Ti (almost smooth on 2080 laptop) and looks crazy sharp. Although only using default scenery around SFO.
    Will report later about DCS, IL, PC2 etc. Need more time as Im mainly testing stability and other things right now.
    All test made on Normal FOV so far. Minimal sharpness difference between Normal and Large FOV, even if you MIGHT see it. There is room for improvement.

Update: I have not taken in account (in the above examples) that you only need to render 75fps to get it smooth on the 8KX, compared to 90fps on 8K+ (unless you lower the refreshrater on 8K+).
So yes… technically, the 8KX has easier to get a smooth framerate, despite higher resolution than 8K+.

All in all, only positive results while testings so far. Very very promising!
Have patience guys. I will reply questions later and bring you more candies :heart:


Good job Sweviver! Thanks for informing us!!!


Thank you for your efforts SweViver.


Awesome, and thanks for updating us!


Update: I have not taken in account (in the above examples) that you only need to render 75fps to get it smooth on the 8KX, compared to 90fps on 8K+ (unless you lower the refreshrater on 8K+).
So yes… technically, the 8KX has easier to get a smooth framerate, despite higher resolution than 8K+.

Regarding MAS, I did not get any sample with the new 8KX units, so Im only using one of the in-house samples from VR Days.


Did you hear any update if in a near future the x could reach 90hz in native mode?
I admit I am fine with 75 but more wont hurt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is for SweViver


Theoretically we might be able to reach stable 80hz, but no promises yet. Im not a Pimax engineer but I doubt about 90Hz. That would most likely need a dual cable setup or new DP interface. Fully possible but nothing I have seen yet.


Omg how did you know Im a chocolate cake addict? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great to hear the colors and blacks are on par with the 8k, i was a bit worried about that, thanks a lot for keeping us up to date :slight_smile:

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Any updates on the shipping status for the 8k+? We’re getting closer to the end of the year but haven’t heard any new information. Thanks for the updates.


Thanks :pray:t3: so the displays and chip could just the data amount is to much to pass over.
I wonder if it will be possible with the new GXF Cards


Awesome Sweviver. Added link to December 2019 Updates Topic.

Could you please in future post a link in that topic to your update.


Thanks for the in depth update, looking very positive! :raised_hands:


Thanks @SweViver, very good 8KX update.


Awesome update! Much appreciated for all of us anxiously waiting the 8KK. Regarding the MAS or DAS, we’ve seen some working versions at your demos, do you happen to know if these are close to being production ready?


Unfortunately I guess it isn’t, otherwise he may have received an updated one :frowning:

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8KX vs Index
4196x3160 (SteamVR 100%) vs 4190x4656 (SteamVR 432%)

Quick smartphone shots. Hard to show the reality on a mobile photo but comparing these two always makes me laugh. Dont get offended. Its just for science.


About that… Not your department, but I figure maybe you were curious too, and asked… :7

So that rubber-y coating is highly IR transparent, then, is it? …or will there maybe be a little “window” of thinner or no coating over each tracking sensor?


Thank you Martin. I’m pleased the tests are going so well and you think production won’t be far away!! :clap::partying_face: I love my index but I can’t wait for the improved clarity.