Pimax 8KX temporary Audio Hack (works for me) w/pics

I wasn’t going to mention anything about audio but decided to anyhow. For good or bad only time will tell.

My problem with the audio quite frankly is mainly the volumn level or maybe my aging body and with that hearing. In addition my environment i will describe can be noisy, this summer with temp all month expected in the 90,s my airconditioner blower not far from my place space running continously and with my additional blower fan i use whenever dawning the hmd to provide additional comfort, I simply could not hear anything while in SkyrimVR and that was with all volumn sliders and settings 100%.

I decided to try head phones and they did work but I have always thought that the discomfort they add sometimes from the weight or mearly the problem of getting wires tangled to not use and instead have enjoyed my P8k with the Vive Das.

That led me to this mornings idea and question, can I use the DAS earphones and someway attach them to my new Pimax Vision 8kX?

I saw where someone had demonstrated that the smas speakers could be removed.

So I thought what the hell lets try it this morning. I can’t here in my circumstances now anyway. I’m also to impatient to wait for KD or DMAS, and i don’t mind tinkering a little bit.

Here are some pics and its not a permenant solution and in my case needs some spacers (rubber washers). But the sound and comfort over head phones is so much better now, I went into SkyrimVR just after and the difference was night and day better sound quality wise mainly volumn, wow i can here everything again now!

I don’t mean to criticise Pimax Audio solution for the 8kX it may be okay for some in quieter environments but for me this change was a necessity.

edit: just to add a disclaimer here, if you yourself attempt this somewhat easy mod be aware of what i see as the only real danger is that you could do one or two things. The mod is so far dependent on one very small screw size ph000 and if you loose it well have to find a new one, or if you strip it out you run the risk of permanently damaging your smas and the option to for adding the later KDmas. Maybe someone could find another more secure way without damaging the smas. The screw can also easily come loose over time, so again be aware and perform at your own risk.



Win 10 seems has some problem with sound level, I had it with different HMDs including Index, volume wasn’t high enough, solution for me was to install APO equalizer which has a preamplifier which increases volume to the point where your ears start bleeding & it’s not the max. I didn’t note any drops in quality.

So IMO it’s not a hardware issue the digital signal to the ADC/DAC is just too low. Lets fix it with APO equalizer, you can do it with yours DAS as well just to test volume.



Thanks Teigue for suggesting another possible temporary fix, we all want the best possible experience in VR and Audio is a huge part of enjoying those experiences.

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I actually got my HD650s to use with VR & I must say sound affects the experience a lot. Headphones are a bit big & contribute to weight of HMD but I can hear much more details with it. I kinda like Index speakers but still open ear solution isn’t for me, I like it’s comfort though, it’s really amazing, but the sound despite it’s loud, has basses etc how to say is not what I want in the end, on ear headphones give me more resolution & small details, sound is kinda more rich


You can also run the sound at over 100% volume using an eq.


Wow you did a great mod for the pimax 8kx,

But unbelievable that this is needed for a headset in this price range!


Thanks john2910 and yes i agree i hope that the KD and DMAS are much better improvements, i’m sure they will be and to me necessary and vital.


I’m really happy with the solution of the SMAS. Ideal for people who want to assemble their own capsules. There is DMAS for everyone else.


I was honestly expecting even with the updates that the SMAS was still going to kind of suck, and had plans of trying to mod my Vive DAS into it when my 8KX arrives. Thanks for sharing. Could you possibly share a couple better photos with closeups where it’s mounted?


I have faaar from golden ears, so decided to settle for SMAS to begin with, but have been thinking about maybe trying a pair of 3D-printed cups slipped onto the speaker nubs - not for isolating purposes, but just to confine the pressure from the above-ear drivers… :stuck_out_tongue:

So… Given some of the things that have been said about the MAS Kickstarter Edition: In addition to having higher rated transistors; Does the audio circuitry in newer Pimaces balance to different impedance than older ones? If so: Do we have any numbers? -Kind of wondering if one couldn’t fashion an adapter for grafting one’s Index audio drivers onto one’s 8kX… :7

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Razorub i can try to take some more close up shots and upload later, i will say its a fairly simple mod just takes a little time and care, if someone wants to try it themselves i’ll certainly help because it sounds better and really doesn’t damage anything and i still get what i had before and positional audio in skyrim, so i’m a happy camper now where as before not so much.


Thanks. Yeah I’m a bit of a modder myself so I have no issue taking stuff apart :slightly_smiling_face:. I would like to see how you mounted them.

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Before pictures i’ll share a few important things to note you will encounter and thinking back the simple steps.
First you’ll need a ph000 size or ph00 screw driver to remove the vive das speakers from its strap and carefully untuck the wires that are held in place in channels (very important save the screws because they are of different in length than the pimax speaker screws.

then just remove the screw from the back of the Pimax 8kX speakers only one for each another very small ph screw, do not attempt to remove any wiring or electronic circuitry here obviously only unplug both plugs at the back of the hmd and leave or tuck where ever you like.

mount vive das speaker in place with wires trailing out back as shown in pic. since there is a pin on the vive speakers protruding i would use rubber washers to fill the gap here, i didn’t have any yet but will definitely need for more long term stability. run connecting wire around back tuck under headbrace cushion. connect to left side plugin. (Done)


It is, until you consider average audio is a way to bring the price down via SMAS. If the business idea is to sell more units (via cutting corners with the audio to acceptable rather than impressive) then it makes sense as those displeased with the sound performance can either use their own headphones or physically upgrade the speakers. I imagine many won’t even bother. Pimax realise this of course.

A customer temporary audio upgrade via a hack, although commendable and useful, isn’t really needed as the upgraded audio delivery for backers is apparently imminent.

Ergo a crafty hack is only needed on 8X-X if you want high quality audio but don’t select upgraded audio (DAS) at checkout on Pimax store or as a backer, don’t upgrade to DAS as you ran out of $100 or so.

Of note, upgraded DAS audio is reputedly the best available for any headset.

Also Pimax can change the 8K-X to have DAS as standard if they wish, if their current idea is proven to be reducing potential sales.


It might be a good strategy. I’ve bought the DMAS, so that’s more money to Pimax. I think the DMAS will be less hot than ear cups and is worth a try. If I don’t like it, I’ll order the KDMAS and give that a try.

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Quicj question, what version of windows are you running? Windows update 2004 has broken a pile of stuff including my pimax usb audio. The audio volume on 2004 is roughly equivalent to 35% of the volume that i get in 1903, so this might actually be the issue since microsoft thought they woupd get up toa pileof shenanigans on the usb stack and didnt test it properly so they broke a lot of drivers


Did you go into options setting of your usb audio device and activated bass boost and loudness? Did work perfectly for me.


Normally I would absolutely wait for my DMAS to arrive since they said it’s right around the corner, but based off my experience with Pimax, I’m not holding my breath on that one. I honestly don’t expect to see a DMAS in my hands until October at the soonest. So for me, modding the Vive DAS into the 8KX when it arrives next month is still worth it for a few months.

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Those sort of equalization options have a negative effect on the dynamic range,

1903 is roughly 3x louder at 100% before enabling any of those options, im just mentioning this as for once it might not be Pimaxs fault lol. 2004 update is an absolute cluster f%&ck


Yeah the June Windows updates are known to have a variety of issues. There are?a few articles on it.