Pimax 8kx 3m Club 3D Extension Cable problem snow and picture flikering

Hey all, hey @SweViver,

I received my Pimax 8kx and the extension cable you recommended in 3m video: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B081D38N65/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

However for me the extention cable doesn’t work, in fact I have snow in the display of the Pimax 8KX and some picture flickering. I tested on all my display ports (msi 2080 ti gaming x trio).

Any others had this problem too or am I the only one concerned?

Thanks in advance for your answers =)


Yeah, for me it doesn’t work at all on a 1080 ti, black screen and a ‘please plug in display port’ error in Pitool. I’m kind of hoping that when I buy a rtx3080 or 3090 that the signal is just stronger. Or failing that i’ll try the 2 meter one.


I’m also getting light snow with that cable on my 8K-X.

However, when I was trying various other solutions, and then plugged the original setup with the Club3D cable, I had a perfect picture for a while.
Then I had to rearrange the setup which required unplugging it and next time there was snow again.
This suggests to me that contact might play a role.


Hmm this is not good. Thanks for bringing this up. Mine did work for weeks but I haven’t tested it for a while. Let me look into this. The cable definitely has the bandwidth for it, but I wonder if something has changed with latest 8KX firmware.


I had purchased a 6 ft (2m) Club 3D cable in advance of receiving my 8KX with the intent of using it to extend my current Valve Index setup. I found that I had snow problems using it with my Index also. I then purchased a signal booster for it and after adding that to the chain everything worked perfectly. You may want to give that a try and see if it works. I bought the one below



OK thx @SweViver, i’m waiting for your feedback about this problem.

My 3D Club cabel works just fine with the RTX 2080 and 8KX


How many meters ? =)
What 's your firmware version?

1M version and FW


Mine is 3m long, Pitool 262 (plus whatever firmware it came with).

Mine is 3meters and it didn’t work with either Pitool 263 or 264, or the firmware it came with or the latest one.

Can you link the cable you got?

Thank you for that much appreciated

Thats a Mini DP. I guess you’re using it on a laptop.

Oh yeah sorry but even the extension cable has the same specs

Ye i figured. I found a 2m length and ill probably use the cable matters signal repeater.
But this only solves the distance for the DP cable. I would need 2 USB extension cables as well.


Be careful - the cable matter repeater is FEMALE-FEMALE.
So you can’t plug an extender into that, you need a regular DP cable too.

Good point. I didnt order it yet anyway, because there’s another 2 USB cables needed to extend as well. I’d rather see if they come through on their promise to release an extended cable or the USB/Power/DP cable… I’d rather not use 3 extensions.

I’ve tried the recommended Club 3D short 1m cable DP -> miniDP and MSI gaming laptop with 2080 Max-Q doesn’t recognize the headset at all.
But even when I use just the original cable with a desktop MSI 2080 Super, out of 3 ports only one gives no snow and no warnings in PiTool that my connection is poor. It is very fragile. I’ve already contacted support and they gonna send me another cable, so lets see.