Pimax 8K X achieves 120Hz in Native Mode with new Beta Firmware

Pimax 8K X achieves 120Hz in Native Mode with new Beta Firmware.

June 30th, 2022:

Pimax, an innovative VR company specializing in developing and manufacturing mass-market high-end VR headsets well known for their wide field of view has successfully increased the native mode refresh rate to 120Hz for recently produced 8KX headsets. These headsets can be identified with a serial numbers beginning with “2076”.

It is well known that Pimax engineers continue to update the software and firmware of existing headsets with new features and capabilities even years after their release. This announcement is no exception and reduces frame latency by an astonishing 25% with this update. Pimax engineers have been working together with Nvidia to enhance the speed and signal quality of data transferred between the GPU and the headset. This has resulted in sufficient improvements to increase the 4K per eye native mode to a buttery smooth 120Hz refresh rate.

At a high refresh rates perceptions of images are more stable and incur less usage fatigue. By reducing undulation and blurring of the image it not only makes the experience smoother, but also allows game action and movie viewing to feel much more realistic and immersive.

Creating the highest combinations of field of view, refresh rates and resolution has been very difficult in the past as you must typically greatly sacrifice in two of the categories to expand the third. With this update the latest Pimax 8KX can enjoy the highest resolution, refresh rates and field of view all at the same time without any loss. Combined with the latest myriad of amazing software tools the experience is better than ever and a game changer for those who were sacrificing fundamental features to allow another to shine.

Additional Note: Pimax also announced that all it’s VR 2.0 headsets qualify for full trade-in credit against the upcoming new Pimax 12K QLED flagship headset, planned for release late this year. (This includes the 8KX, 8K+, XR, 8K, 5K+ and Artisan headsets.) This is another value that Pimax brings to the table as we do our best to create programs that allow our valuable customers to maintain the best innovations out there with our latest hardware.

SPECIAL NOTE: We like to invite Media websites and influencers who are interested to join the Beta test. Please contact us via email: marketing@pimax.com

Stay tuned for more info.

Your Pimax Team.

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