8kX achieves 120hz & Trade-in Program

Firstly congrats. I presume your only talking Revised 8kX and still no Amd gpu compatibility fixes; which is a shame that the earlier model still has best wide compatibility.

Any new fixed Firmware to address the original 8kX firmware issues?


Originally it was said with the Trade in program that all pimax hmds qualified for the trade in program. So by “full credit” for v2.0 pimax headsets can you clarify what this means? As it was stated before as being full purchase value =<MSRP with exception of the 5kS special trade value boosted to $900.


This is something I’m really curious about as well. Because there’s a big difference between full MSRP and what some people paid for on their Pimax HMDs during sales. It would be kind of nice for those who bought things other than the 5kS to get a little boost, since it’d end up a modest but still welcome boost in value given what the 5kS got.

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It’s just what you paid. The only exception to that is with the 5K Super if you bought the headset from the Pimax Store or Amazon you receive a $900 credit.

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So then nothing has changed as it was originally said any pimax headset qualifies for trade in(what you paid) =< MSRP with exception as you said the 5kS boosted to $900.

With exception your post has not mentioned EBay or channels like Microcenter, Newegg, AliExpress etc…

So are other Channels not included?

That’s right, this announcement is totally about the 120Hz native mode feature and does not change anything else.

Why include the Trade in Info as it has not changed?

Save that by your post only Pimax Store and Amazon now seem to be the only qualifying channels.

I would suggest getting these details properly finalized as originally in Frontier presentation with after QNA. It was originally Pimax Headset with a receipt capped understandably at max MSRP(as some backers sold there headsets for considerably higher than MSRP prior to public release)

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Native 120hz ! I gotta try that … :grin:

… where is the link to download this new beta PiTool though !?:flushed:

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EXCEPT - Mystery Box 5K SUPER (not being upgraded to $900 value), even though was/is still from a Pimax Official (Direct) source.

Besides this news is not really that great of an achievement it ONLY works based on the news post on the NEWEST (NVIDIA Compatible ONLY?) Pimax 8K X revision/version.

I would rather have had a better idea of what the Pimax Reality Series Crystal Quarter 3 release window is since all things accounted for Quarter 3 is between July and September, it is currently June so… yeah…

Edit: Added PimaxUSA Quote & Pimax R. Crystal forcasted release window.


You will have to check your serial number as the Announcement says “Recent 8kX produced with serials starting 2076” to see if it might support it when released.

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Here is a link to the Reddit Topic.

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Is there any benefit to the ‘older’ serial number headsets? Not a big deal for me since I will be trading mine in on the 12k. It would be nice to see some improvement in the meantime.


Can I vote that Pimax consider NOT doing this revision and serial number thing with the REALITY series. I feel a bit cheated and certainly mislead that I got an 8KX (revision old). Not complaining about the added features for new customers, - that’s great! Just call it something new. 8KXb or 8KXv2 or mk. III or something, as I feel it leads to confusion both as people try to match firmware and Pitool versions, but also confusion in forums. It lead directly to me spending months wondering why 90hz doesn’t work on my 8KX. I even ended up purchasing a fiber optic cable, a new GPU, a new CPU/motherboard - all due to assurances that 90hz works on 8KX with Nvidia GPUS. Only to finally discover that it simply didn’t on older models and never will. In the future, if you change chips and specs, can you please change the name? Just my vote. Perhaps there’s compelling reasons not to do so, but I just feel a little mislead and disappointed as an early-purchaser, and would warn people not to buy a 12K until it’s capabilities are fully solidified.
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I have the newer 8KX with 2076 serial # for over a week now, thanks !

… so I checked the Reddit link but no mention of where to download this new 120hz Beta Firmware ?

The way I read the article, makes it sound like it is available right now … very keen to test it myself ! :cat:

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Yeah it is a bit unclear. However the wording this seems internal testing. I imagine it is likely releasing soon.

This is all good. It means they’re still working with Nvidia to balance the DSC and get the most out of DisplayPort’s bandwidth capabilities, which are going to be needed for the 12K. I would think they will need to do more than all this though to push the native resolution of the 12K. Maybe Tobii Transport will take us there. I hope it’s not limited by the cable (as the 8K+ was I believe). It would be a damn shame to have 120 million subpixels (~5000x3600 per eye), and not be able to see them in native resolution. 1080p videos look no better on an 8k display (upscaling never worked and you know it) :-). Pimax, please keep pushing! Bandwidth! Bandwidth! Bandwidth! :slight_smile:


When did the new 2076 version come out? I have a 2075 version unfortunately

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Difficult to say when they fixed the serial issue so that old models could be identified from the revised model. The update also says recently produced. So like 5k+ serial 202 there might be Revised 8kXs that may not support 120 native.


Also worth noting that the mysterybox price is actually higher than the prices that the 5KS has been discounted to on the pimax store (I believe 299 being the historic low). It’s really weird that they don’t just include those 5KS in the 900 deal. @PimaxUSA Do you have any thoughts on that? Thanks.

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Hi @PimaxUSA and @PimaxQuorra, I got my 8KX at reduced price from you back in Nov 2019 as I received a discount voucher at the same time for cancelled Sword Sense controllers and lighthouses - $350 dollars off, quite a lot of money.

I hope in this case that I could trade in for the 12K at the full, pre-discount, value of the X? Because otherwise I have simply lost $350. I still have the order PDF with these details and email correspondence with Pimax Support. Thanks :+1:t4:


Well in theory. Things lik3 the sword credit should be counted as what you paid as you accepted trade in values applied against the 8kX price. Vs using actual coupons. But harr to say how there working details.

As eatlier on it was only requiring a receipt. So in theory you should hwve been able to bu6 a user pimax hmd and use your ebay receipt for “what you paid” =<MSRP.

However it seems it has changed to Authorized reseller/channels.

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