Pimax 8k+ with 1080TI and no Parallel Projection is so cool!

Thanks again to @park :pray: for sharing this tip I can run it with my 1080TI being wonderful now !

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Salut @Ludiks
Du coup je comprends que tu commence à réellement apprécier ton nouveau 8K+?

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Salut @Deuce75
Oui exactement, en tout cas avec Project Cars 2 ça le fait bien…je sais pas si il tournera pareil avec le 110hz…la ça serait vraiment top.

Hi Deuce75
Yes I really start to appreciate my 8k+ a lot now, at least with Project Cars 2… I dont know if it will run this way at 110hz…it would be really great.


Interesting will need to check that also, thanks for sharing!


This is one of the best performance tips i EVER tried :smiley:
What a pleasure to fly, DCS works great with it and without steamvr.
But I have to turn on PP otherwise I have issues with clouds and water reflection. Thank you very much for renewing this tip. BR


Preferred PP on and no smoothing myself. Didn’t like the artifacts but no biggie as I am not a fan of the games physics in most cars anyway. Prefer Assetto Corsa.


I have played a lot of ACC lately - I have to admit that it’s hard using PC2 now after that… ACC feels more real to me now.


@dogbite @MReis Yes ACC more realistic I can understand this of course but lots of people own PC2 and dont have ACC lol :confused:
@Henry thanks :slight_smile: ! Yes will give DCS a try, shadow gliches are a common issue with PP I think, can be annoying for some games :confused:

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Why do you find that confusing?

No of course not, I mean I dont have it and I would probably prefer ACC as PC2 if I had it ^^ but lots of people own PC2 that is also why I made this video :slight_smile:

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Only asked because you employed the “confused” emoji.

Oh yes sorry was just


actually ^^

Ran this Oculus ID a while back. (and recently). I found it didn’t look any better imo having to turn on Smart Smoothing and it didn’t offer any performance gains in this game at same settings. On the contrary. Some others here have reported similar.
YMMV but you would need to put up fps comparisons with both PP and SmS on and off, as well as, full computer specs (not just gpu) and game settings info in your video for me to be “influenced” by it. Even then my own testing has not found the hack to be worth it for me. Just saying.

On my first impressions video of the 8k+ I says that I cannot play PC2 with my 1080TI without much aliasing and to get rid of it I had to raise SS at 200% then the game run at 35fps.
Should have reminded this, you are right.

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So not so cool then after all? :grinning:

Well no it is very cool because this way I can play it without aliasing (1.5 Pitool rendering, yes have to raise this since we dont have SS option) and at least 45fps (smartsmoothing can activate), even during a race with several opponents.
Juste a whole new game/headset this way.

Of course if I dont raise Pitool rendering the game looks the same. I can do the same with PP on and steamVR but the game drop at 35fps.

Yes and you have found the settings that you can live with. You must realize we are not all bothered by the same things. I am bothered by frame duplication and hate Smoothing techniques and the artifacts they cause.
Hell I’m bothered by your video of Dirt Rally 2. It gives me a headache watching it, yet i spend hours in DR2 holding a constant 72 fps without SmS, SVR smoothing or SVR legacy reprojection.
If there was only one solution for all this forum would be a lot less active. I only point out that you have not offered enough information in your video that their would be a common frame of reference.
I also point out that this hack for PCars2 has had several threads here and opinions both pro and con exist.
Whatever works. :+1:


Well… who likes this? As I said in my video, on PC2 SmartSmoothing create artefacts and stutter but without PP there are no more.

Thank you ! but please dont watch it if it hurts you…and I dont have DR2 video actually, I just talk about it in one of them.
Of course we all are differents, 72hz is too low for me for this kind of game.
And anyways yes I prefere Dirt1…I am not the only one thats the way it is, some like it hot, some like it cold.
Several people would like to know how to run Elite Dangerous without PP while others dont like this game at all.

Running a Pimax8kPlus with a 1080TI and beautiful image is enough I think.

The whole point of my video was to be able to enjoy PC2 with a 1080TI with very nice image on a 8kPLUS without having to run the game on low settings.

It is alway the same problem, the settings.
Just like back in time when everyone was talking about the 8k without even wondering about the setting used and thinking only about the 5k+ Pitool and SS settings.
I’ve been yelling for months that best to run it was Pitool at 1.5 or more and SS on auto and nobody listened…but now this is a common way of using a Pimax.
Go figure…

I just made it simple and short, for PC2 users wondering how can run a 8kPLUS with a 1080TI.
Yes I didnt talk about my ingame “standard” graphic settings, there are way too much differents ways to run this game, just like others.

That your DR2 vid was hard to watch was an illustration of how I or others might be more sensitive to framerate than you. You seem to want to take my differing observations personally rather than a constructive alternate perspective.
I will leave you to influence how you see fit.

I dont think I ever said it is good or bad, but just “I do or do not like” or “I prefer”.

lol is this constructive?

And again, you forgot to watch the PC2 video with the sound or I am really terrible for transmitting information, I said, SmartSmoothing was stuttering or with arte(i?)facts but without PP there are no more.

It must be a communication issue because english is not my native language.
Do you seriously think if I was like “me, I, myself” I would make videos in english and not just french?
So you will reply me that it is for views, THEN I would be stupid enough to dont try to be objective in my videos?..
There is just something you did not understand with me…

I do like the framerate as high as possible but when I first for my 8k I played PC2 at 35fps, I never been sick in VR and low framerate dont give me motion sickness, as I said, I am lucky about that and I am aware of this.
It is just because I dont like something that I said it is BAD, I teach to me kids to dont say "this is not good’ but instead “I dont like it”. This is not for doing the opposite myself.