Pimax 8k payment

I have a doubt, to be able to buy the pimax 8k on the kickstarter site I will need a credit card or there will be other forms of payment

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Yes please add some other payment options like paypal for your Kickstarter campaign… For example most Germans don’t own credit cards and guys like me would love to support you but can’t because we have no way to send money.


You might get a virtual prepaid debit/credit card. Usually they only have a small initial fee and no running costs. Just make sure to get it soon enough as an ID check may be necessary.

Kickstarter themselves does not provide any other way of payment. Pimax may provide a small shop on their website after project got funded. However, I would not count on that.

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Thanks for information

Does any have a price range for what the 8k might retail at?

My estimate is $ 799 the full version, but I’m not sure yet.

Yes, please add paypal as an option

Kickstarter does not have a PayPal option. There are sometimes additional funding options through other startup crowd funding sources such as Indeo, but not sure if Pimax plans to do that.

I have a problem - my card only allows to send maximum 700€ per transaction. If price of full 8k package will be more that 700$, then I can’t take it? Or it is possible to send money with 2 transactions?
PS: anyone know kickstarter accept all cards, from all banks and countries? And it’s not a problem if delivery address is another country?

Shipping details are viewable per kickstarter. I guess the 8K will ship worldwide. The 2 big creditcards, namely Mastercard and Visa are accepted (doesn’t matter where you got one), don’t know about American Express or others.

@deletedpimaxrep1 please tell me, is it possible to make 2 pledges? If price will be more than 1-transaction limit of my card. Read my previous post. Option “Make a pledge without a reward” will be available? I’ll make 2 pledges without reward, then inform you, and you include me in the list?
P.S: I’m new at kickstarter… read that pledges deduct not instantly but at the end… I want 8K X Full Package so 700$ will be definitely not enough. But I can make 2 pledges with 2 different cards. How to do it right way?

Hello, please refer to the kickstarter payment rules.
Thank you

matthew.xu, who are you? From Pimax team?
I read rules and didn’t understand it fully, too complicated, and my english not ideal. And I think my questions aren’t only about their rules.

Yes, I’m from Pimax team.
For your question, I found some solution in ‘backer questions’ of the kickstarter, hoping to solve your doubts.
below is link:

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hey mathew … is the pimax still available to be purchased on kickstarter or sold out ???

The Kickstarter campaign is over. There were still a few units available but now they are no longer being offered. There will be no more Pimax units available for purchase until at least Q2 2018.

oh sad… im so late… was busy with some exams… i so badly wanted to buy the 8k headset…
no way to buy it now rite ?

You could try messaging someone from Pimax and seeing if someone will “hook you up”, but that’s doubtful imo. Other than that you might find someone willing to sell the unit they pledged for. Watch the forums or reddits once the first models start shipping.

hmm will try… thanks burstingtops

They do not.
I googled and it seems kicstarter projects set their region and depending on which region they choose some cards from other regions can have problems.

I think this is the case for me as well.
I have a pre-paid mastercard and the charge from kickstarter gets rejected.
I called the bank and they said everything is OK on my end.

People from other countries need Pimax to allow some other payment option, maybe from backer kit or something.