Pimax 7th Anniversary Event

What are you most anticipating for Pimax 7th Anniversary Event?
  • Pimax Crystal
  • Pimax 12K QLED
  • Pimax Store
  • Headset Promotion
  • Pimax Peripheral Product
  • Latest Pimax Technology
  • Others

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Definitely most excited for the Crystal, seeing as the event is landing in the Q3 2022 launch window. Also happy birthday to Pimax, looking forward to many more years of success!


Looking forward to the 12k QLED the most. Crystal is also interesting, Will wait at least until end of the year / early next year anyways before a potential new purchase, so all the currently announced headsets from various manufacturers are actually available and reviewed.

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Most looking forward to the release of the Crystal although i am looking forward to reading reviews about the 12K with its very wide fov. The 8KX fov is really nice so i can only imagine what the 12K will be like.

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Most looking forward to the 12K. Hopefuly 40 series gpus will be released and “available” by the time it releases.


Will be interesting how much energy the 40 series gpus will require. I think at least in Europe many will look twice at the energy consumption of various electrical devices that are more… optional.

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Yeah, some calculations are 1-1.50 euro an hour to run the 4090 at the 660w firmware. That’s a deal breaker tbh.

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What does that mean?

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How? To get to € 1,50 for an hour of play, you’d have to pay AT LEAST €1,50 per kw/h. I know energy prices are high in Europe right now but this seems somwhat exaggerated…

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Really interested in seeing whether the optics are up to it this time, now that we have new lenses for the first time since the first 8k and 5k:s, and that there is ostensibly eye relief- and diopter adjustments.

The latter of course adds another complication to the matter of distortion correction, which is already made more important to get right, simply by the large FOV.

Happy Birthday Pimax! Let’s create a link the north star now! 12K=Polaris

Some Dutch lad was telling me he will soon be paying like 1.20 per kw/h, which does sound completely ludicrious. I’m guessing maybe it’s something like a higher rate after a certain amount of usage or something.

Looking into it there, seems like that lad was talking rubbish. I can’t see anything coming even close to it. Highest end is about 0.50, which is still madness but a far cry off. I should have looked into it when I said it. People always have these weird competitions out “Oh things are so much worse/more expensive here”, I never really understand it.

Anticipating more hype. Hoping for substantial reviews of final product by those Youtubers who have held their tongues all year.


It’s exaggeration and panic.

Exactly what the muppet in Moscow wants to achieve and why I called it out tbh.

Times are tough for Europe right now but I‘m confident we‘ll come out on top eventually.


Current average rate in the Netherlands already is 89 cent! Stroomprijzen | Bekijk de stroomprijs per kWh van 21 leveranciers

So 1.20 doesn’t seem that impossible

So…when is it?


They will tell us after the event

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News arw always a point if interest.Keep em coming :slight_smile:

I think it’s extraordinary that Pimax is still around after 7 years.

And by that, I mean take a look at the pool this company is swimming in and all the dead bodies and fragments of bone that line the bottom of that pool from other companies that have not survived in the VR space. This is a company which has been successfully living in the same pool with enormous and aggressively anti-competitive giant sharks like Meta.

And yet not only has Pimax somehow survived, it seems to have grown from a small startup to a company with hundreds of employees and multiple facilities during that time.