Pimax 7 Year Anniversary Celebration

Pimax 7 Year Anniversary Celebration

We are celebrating 7 years of pushing the envelope for VR hardware innovations and to share some anniversary cheer we have a fun event in store so if you are interested – read on!

Q4, 2022 is our BIG 7th anniversary and as you may know it’s also BUSY around here at Pimax with the release of our new Reality series headsets. Of course it’s exciting to usher in the VR 3.0 era with these new devices but it’s worth remembering some of the stepping stones along the way. Back in 2015 we released the Pimax 4K and started our journey towards removing barriers to true VR immersion. With a native 4k screen at a time when the highest was a fraction of that it really was a nice start to this journey. Since that time we’ve released a string of headsets culminating with our current Flagship the Pimax 8KX in 2021 which even now leads the mass market in everything from resolution to refresh rate and of course our famous wide field of view!

To celebrate our birthday, we have prepared a lot of special events for this special moment. Keep an eye on our Pimax.com website as in APPRECIATION OF OUR VR FANS, EACH WEEK we will be unveiling new, fun events that includes gifts, prizes and more for loyal VR fans out there. For those who haven’t experienced Pimax headsets yet this event will provide some great opportunities to snag some unique specials that allow you to jump into the widest field of view VR headsets you can get.

We have all sorts of new things for you to checkout on Pimax.com INCLUDING our new Pimax store that you can download. This works for existing and FUTURE Pimax headsets with software optimized for Pimax headsets and our new series of headsets that are about to be released! The software optimized for Pimax can be found there so we encourage you to check it out! Here’s the link: https://pimax.com/

Pimax History and Significant Milestones


In 2018 Pimax began shipping our famous 5K+ and 8K headsets that offered the widest VR FOV of any headset on the market (by far and true to this day). Since that time, we have launched a string of more and more advanced headsets that began with our OLED the 5K XR, the lower cost Artisan and the high resolution 8K Plus). In early 2021 we released the current Flagship our mighty Pimax 8KX that combines all our industry leading features into a single device.

Of course, we didn’t stop there so in Q4 2021 we announced our most ambitious flagship headset the first VR 3.0 device our Reality Series at our event called Pimax Frontier. If you haven’t seen it you can check it out with this link: Pimax Frontier - YouTube
This device is wireless, includes a myriad of industry leading features in a single package and an even wider FOV than previous editions!

One of the unique offerings unveiled at Pimax Frontier is our unique offer to allow Pimax owners to receive 100% credit for the price they paid for their existing Pimax headset towards the 12K QLED flagship! This is just one of many very special offers we have made over the years. So, it’s always worth your while to checkout Pimax.com and find out what event might be going on!

In 2022 we also announced our highest pixel density headset (the highest density of any headset), the Pimax Crystal with a special event you can check out with this link: Pimax Crystal - YouTube
This headset uses an extremely high-resolution display combined with optical glass interchangeable lenses. This headset is actually shipping before the Pimax 12K QLED so you can expect to see a lot of people getting their hands on VR 3.0 Crystal headsets and sharing their experiences with the world. We are really excited to see what they have to say!

At Pimax we are honored and humbled that VR fans have made this journey with us for 7 years. We owe our success to YOU. We are VR enthusiasts just like YOU and our goal is to turn dreams about immersive VR into real products everybody can enjoy.

Your feedback and support is the engine that has driven us forward for 7 exciting years through all the ups and downs and we wish to thank you for being there for us. We will not forget it and we all look forward to many more years pushing VR to the next level TOGETHER.

Yours Sincerely,
Your PIMAX Team


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