Pimax 5k Super any news?

I’m very interested in that product. Does anyone know more? I cannot find any info about it officially from Pimax. I would like to know the differences. Is it new panels? What is the motion to pixel responsivenes? Was it abandoned?

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Due to the current delays caused by supply chain and mainly corona virus, the team is putting 8KX and 8K+ on highest priority, and will begin mass production as soon as parts are ready. The 5K Super is also affected by delayed parts from suppliers, but as the demand for 5K Super is much lower than 8KX of course, I think we might wait with manufacturing 5K Super until April/May or so, and meanwhile start to fulfill 8KX backers/orders.

Except for our CES show, we havent really advertized or officially released the 5K Super yet. Dates,more info and all specifications will be available once the factory and supply chain is back on track.


Why are you ‘very interested in that product’ if I may ask?

Have you had any experience with the very high refresh rate of the 5K Super?

My own thorough testing shows the increased resolution of the Pimax Vision 8kX is generally much more compelling.


The resolution is enough in my opinion with the 5k. What I want from future VR is less weight, better response times, more fps and HDR. The supe has at least one of those.

With respect, I do not know if you have the experience to understand the practical implications of resolution, reduced weight, reduced response time, more FPS, or HDR.

Higher resolution extends the time you can spend in VR, from maybe 3hr every day (5k+) upwards of 8hr continuously per day (Pimax Vision 8kX and beyond). This is due to drastically reduced eyestrain - the ‘5k+’ may be ‘enough’ for readability, but eventually, it becomes fatiguing, especially for Virtual Desktop and Flight Sim. Given a choice, I would only use a headset with at least the resolution of the Pimax Vision 8kX.

Reduced weight reduces pressure on the face, and likeliness of minor neck pain. Both of these require periods of VR disuse to recover from, so this may occasionally limit time spent in VR, though not as much.

More FPS just helps you become a better gamer faster, only in the most competitive speedrun/multiplayer situations, and makes little difference in the tolerability of VR above 72Hz and probably below 400Hz or so.

Bottom line, I think the Pimax 5k Super accommodates an insignificant luxury, while the Pimax Vision 8kX serves a necessity.


Ok mr. expert. I’m still gonna form my own opinion on this topic. Frankly I feel a bit like you wantng to invalidate my opinion, the way you write this. Don’t understand me wrong, I like discussing and theorizing different headsets and might even be convinced, but different people experience the same things differently. I know what more fps and less weight, delay and or better resolution did for me on different headsets, and I know how it affected my enjoyment of more traditional screens as well. While I am not saying more resolution is bad or even what most people would prefer, it’s not what I am looking for at this point.


My favorite Star Trek quote when McCoy ask Spock what death was like. “It would be impossible to discuss the subject without a common frame of reference”


This is indeed fair. I completely agree that if certain features work better for you, absolutely, you should go for those.

The best way to upgrade VR, is the same as the best way to upgrade towards running a marathon. Buy what you need, as you learn what you need.


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