Pimax 5K Plus (difference between old version and new version)

All the latest 5K Plus has blue housing with green light bar and comfort kit, while older 5K Plus (which most of the Youtube reviewers reviewed) has black housing with blue light bar.

Anyone knows what’s the main difference between the new one and the old one, apart from the obvious comfort kit?

You may be mistaken that the new version is the 8K+/8KX Vision series. The blue is the rugged housing.

They certainly did a limited edition 5k+ blue. I would guess just the blue coating (rugged), comfort kit & green default for light?

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nope, I definitely not mistaken, as I own the Artisan, 5K Plus, and the 8K Plus, all 3 are in same Blue Housing with Comfort Kit.

I read the old black housing one is more distortion (due to no comfort kit thus eyes closer to the lens hence able to see more distortion), and the black housing has crack problem, and the old LCD display colors are more washed out compared to the new one.


Looks like know most of the difference then. Be glad you don’t have a black ( cracked) edition. The said the had done slight improvements along the way on screen utilizing and housing.


The housing is the only current reported difference and the lightbar on the blue housing only green.

You know, you might be onto something with this new naming convention. If Pimax just starts advertising 5k+ as the “5k+ cracked edition”, people might misinterpret it as being “cracked out” (as in the act of smoking crack), then they could increase the price. :sob:

In all seriousness, just checked my 5k+ I received in april-ish of 2019 for the first time in probably ~6 months and it definitely has a new hairline crack lol. I have played a lot of Beat Saber since I got the headset though, and I’ve smashed it with my controllers quite a few times; so realistically it’s not that big of a deal (though I smashed up my old Vive way more and it never cracked at all, I’m glad I had the Vive prior to getting the 5k+).

There’s also a… lot of other cracks that occurred when I dropped the headset one time, but I won’t post pictures of that since technically it was my fault. But yeah, about half a meter fall onto carpet and it wasn’t pretty.

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