Pimax 5k + / 8k prescription lens adapter

I am creating a prescription lens adapter.
I am testing with my friend.
A wide field of vision is maintained!
Wait a moment!


Awesome, and pimax can even get mask cover out :wink:

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Awesome ! my glasses are too big and I can not see without

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I think you should charge pimax for the design. They do not have time to do it. Working on too many new HMD’s to be bothered.


Awesome work! It’s a shame pimax couldn’t have done something like this in the meanwhile, while waiting on an improved version to be released later.

A simple 3d printable would have sufficed. They could have even detailed the magnetic mount point if still part of the design. But silence is not always golden.


Nah just sell em, so pimax can see what there missing (lens sold seperate) :wink:

please share and also what glasses to order. i like that you are using lenses that are a bit wider. would love to see even wider lenses.

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The lens used is ZENNI OPTICAL Model No.418912.
Perhaps the largest lens you can buy at ZENNI OPTICAL.
The price of the standard lens is $ 9.95.
The compatible IPD of 418912 is 65-77, but I also have adapters smaller than 65.


well when available, consider me a buyer!

i’m happy to do a test print and do some testing for you :slight_smile:

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I am preparing to download files this weekend.

excellent! looking forward to this. is it safe to order the lenses you posted?

Sooo can I buy from you?

Interresting for peripheral vision, but I have 2 questions:

  • Do you see up and down frame edges?
  • Are you 100% sure they won’t be loose and won’t scratch Pimax lenses? (Vrlenslab Rift adapters also use this kind of attachment and that’s awful)
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Thank you for your interest in the adapter I made.
I will buy a new lens for final confirmation. And it will arrive today.
If there is no problem in final confirmation, data will be released.

  • Answer to the question
    Q. Can you see the edges of the upper and lower frames?
    A. It is the same as the glasses you use in your everyday life.
    It will be visible if you look at it consciously.

Q. Are you 100% confident that there is no looseness and will not
damage the Pimax lens?
A. It is designed so that lenses do not contact each other.
However, the thickness of the prescription lens varies from person
to person.
If the lenses collide with each other, you can freely change the
height of the frame.


I have the opposite problem with the adapter I made: external left and right frame can be seen (only with large fov) but not up and down.
I like your idea and I’d love to try it but I’m afraid about Zenni shipping cost to Europe.

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So if you confirm that it’s working with no issues, are you planning on selling it with custom prescriptions for anyone who orders? If yes, how much lol?

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I believe you would buy the prescription lenses from Zenni optical and 3D print the adapter

Here’s the glasses, you pop the lenses out and use it in the 3D printed the adapter https://www.zennioptical.com/p/full-rim-metal-alloy-with-spring-hinge/4189?skuId=418912

Also it looks like they are having a memorial day sale soon. coupon code FRIENDS20 But its not active yet


ah thx 20 chaaaaaarra

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Use this lens.

Arrival in Japan was about 10 days from order.
Shipping fee is $ 9.95. It may be a bit more expensive for Europe.


Sorry for the dumb question… Does this come with frame or just the lens? (I have never order glasses online…)

If it come with frame, how do I remove the lens from the frame?

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