Pimax 5K+, 8K and the OD+ (Samsung Odyssey+): the good the bad and the ugly

Hi Guys, I’m following up on my first impressions of the OD+. Just listened a full episode of Jack Ryan in the Big screen application. It’s almost HD and zero distraction whatsoever with the residual SDE effect. I even forgot for a moment I was viewing this episode in a VR headset.

Now for the catchy title, I will probably return my OD+ because of the bad ergonomics and small FOV but this said this diffusion filter technology or the resulting nullified SDE is a keeper.

For the purpose of the discussion I’ve come to characterize 2 types of people here

1- some will be OK with a very good spatial 3D gaming headset
2- some other who wants a Virtual reality headset.

I’m categorizing myself now in the second category.

For me at this stage a virtual reality headset is something you put on and forget about. It’s not about recreating reality in a 100% credible VR environment but simply forgetting the delivering technology enough like when you go to a IMAX Cinema and are deeply immersed in the movie or you could simply be in a cartoon style environment in VR. And being to distracted by the action in a first person shooter isn’t a valid argument for me I will not play much games with my headset.

Sadly I now believe with all the comments and reviews I saw here that neither the Pimax 5K+, nor the Pimax 8K or the OD+ will give me that.

The good news is that I believe my threshold of acceptability does not required eyes tracking but “only” those following requirements :

  • OD+ SDE style;
  • 150 degre FOV : just enough to reduce the google effect when you look in the center of the field;
  • OLED panel 2.5K to 3K per eyes FULL RGB for better definition;
  • 90HZ;
  • Better lens : OD+ lens have clearly insufficient performance for the quality of the OLED panels;
  • Good ergonomic like the PSVR : Don’t mind some lateral wiggling because it’s not for gaming or sport like applications.
  • preferably valve tracking :wink:

what the hell is an od+

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return it for small FOV ? this is contracting other reviews that say its fov is better then OD and Vive and Rift, unless you are only comparing the FOV to the Pimax5k/8K… in case this would have been known far before getting the device.

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FOV of the OD+ is not really better than the Vive (I have both) only bought the headset to try the diffusion filter technology and Mixed reality headset tracking. Lens of the Vive and OD+ are about equal size.

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Samsung Odyssy plus headset.

With Oled Rgb definitely coming. It would be interesting to see which Oled screens used in the v30 & lg g7 thinQ.

Lg makes the better Oled screens vs Samsung.

Though real lcdless Quantum Dot displays could be what we really are waiting for.

That or prefecting Eye projection similar to Alegiant(sp?) 720p dlp per eye is said to have no real sde & looks like higher Res. But limited FoV(media headset) & still suffers from dlp rainbow.

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Have you considered modifying it to work with the Vive deluxe audio strap? OR perhaps a more comfortable strap from a cheap mobile HMD. $299 was so cheap I really don’t care if I void the warranty

Here is the mod I will try when I get the Odyssey next month


what will you do about the hard wired audio ?

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Two options would be

  1. Make custom velcro straps to fit the Vive DAS. Cut the whole odyssey head strap and solder a female earphone jack to the loose odyssey cables (high risk)

  2. Completely remove the odyssey head strap and earphone cable. Make custom velcro straps to fit the standard VIVE head strap (only $30) Use your own headphones plugged directly into the PC like the guy in this thread:

Option 1) DAS

Option 2) Standard


I’ve considered more then that :wink: like a complete redesign, but the lens and FOV would still be the same so… note if you remove the foam you get a pretty decent FOV

Beside 500$ CAN is half a RTX 2080 and I’ve already the PSVR as potential modder kit. Better wait than pile up headsets :joy:


I like the O+ so far but I’ll know more tomorrow when I can actually use my egpu instead of igpu when the dp to hdmi adapter arrives.
What I can say for sure for now is that the comfort is real bad. Still the DAS is the most comfy solution from any headset I have tried. Haven’t tried the new psvr strap though. Since it’s only 50$ it would be the best bang for a buck IF it can be attached somehow. I’d totaly tear my O+ apart and soder a jack on it.

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Can you buy replacement PSVR straps?

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OK. here’s a better example. Just need to connect the earphone cable…

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Try adding a face pad…getting the right face pad for me fixed the comfort issue and also made it easier to get the sweet spot.

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Could you upload a quick picture of the padding you used. Cheers!


Yes a good velour pad made a big difference for my Odyssey. My + should show up today so can’t wait to give that a try. FYI those that complain about the headphones not being loud enough, I’m betting it is a position issue. I noticed that if you don’t have the head strap correct the headphones will sit to high above your ears. You need to pull the back of the strap down further. This makes huge difference in audio volume.


P.s. this is what I used on the NON+ odyssey. I’ll post back if it works well on the +

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anyone from here wrote this review ?

It’s pretty weird. This guy ex Pimax 5k owner plus wrote this : „ The FOV of the Odyssey+ is less, but not drastically less. Vertically, it’s almost the same. Horizontally, it’s close. Yes, the Pimax is better. However, DCS is virtually unplayable with the Pimax because it has fewer graphical tweaking options. With the Odyssey+, DCS is gorgeous.”
and this is interesting „ Cost: I got the Samsung for $269 plus shipping. That’s complete. HMD, controllers and tracking. I spent $1500 to get the Pimax. Plus $250 to get a base station and a controller. Plus I need headphones or speakers. I know; Kickstarter backers and people patient enough to wait for a preorder will spend a lot less, but that’s what it cost me. If I felt the Pimax was better I would keep it. It’s not, so the extra money (sold it for same price) is a sweet bonus„


This would be the best solution if it works. At least untill they make one specifically for the + model

I’m planning to trace and cut thin pieces of foam backed material and pack them out where necessary

Let us know how you get on

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Headmount easy to remedy for $20 - $99 (poor man or vive Das) :laughing:

But interesting he seems to have natural tunnel vision to not see differences in the FoV when it’s this drastic of a change.