(Pics) Overlooked Setting Found Increased Volume Dramatically Pimax Vision 8kX!

Since receiving my Pimax Vision 8kX I have had trouble with volume levels so added the Vive DAS temporary audio hack i had posted about previously but even though i found this much more acceptable i experienced a decrease in volume. So after checking found some overlooked settings in windows and Steam Vr. Just thought i would share, since i do not always find time to read every post on all issues this may help someone else if they experienced reduced audio levels.

These settings dramatically increased my audio volume levels experienced in the Pimax Vision 8kX.


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@Fresco That was the first thing i did, to turn on bass boost and loudness. virtual surround i have off, as Windows Sonic is doing similar, but much better (i guess).

A must for every smas user!!!


Good to know for whenever the heck I get my X…however, I noticed if I wanted to mirror my audio to speakers and have them synced I had to turn off Windows Sonic. If it was on, the speakers would be delayed. This is on Index though so maybe it’ll be different with Pimax.

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These mods made it worse. What am I missing?

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These settings made it worse for me too. They are no solution.

Worst is if there are steady sounds like engine sounds - the loudness equalization makes them silent. Turn your Muscle Car into a Hybrid. Turn your Jet into a Bee!

I don’t get why this gets upvoted! It must have been done by people who thought it would work, without having an 8KX themselves.

P.S. The only area where this works is Speech and First Person Shooter / Melee games.

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i guess you have a narrow thinking due to your statements last weeks I noticed. If it doesn’t work for you it might work for others in different situations, e.g. playing different game etc. I used it a lot on Q1 & Valve index to get sound high enough, but better option is APQ Equalizer & boost it, but LE also works fine in some cases if you sim driver & you have constant background noise of a car engine I guess it may do things worse, but saying the fix is crap & why ppl upvote it just makes you look childish in your thinking.

sorry to be rude but I don’t belong to your culture & in our place we find it more valid to say truth in some cases & avoid hypocrisy, just name things their names

Just try the use-cases I wrote about.

Takes reading my post properly though. You can grind your teeth about not liking my upfront approach afterwards.

Here, have a tissue to wipe the tears afterwards.

that’s not an upfront approach, that’s about viewing all from one limited angle.

I don’t get why this gets upvoted!

$hitting posts which were helpful for other ppl & similar behaviour only due the point that it didn’t work in your explicit case & stating you don’t get why it can be different, well, it’s yours problem, you don’t get. It wasn’t about to convince you change your mind, but about to let other ppl know that others find their post helpful if somebody shouts what a … you posted here, they don’t need to stop posting & we can ingore such a posts, I guess it’s so obvious so it shouldn’t be posted, but for somebody it can be helpful to maintain their mood coz Im in mood to do so, lol.

Suite yourself & be proud of your upfront approach though, it’s really unique & exceptional :slightly_smiling_face:

One thing i noticed yesterday. I unpluged my MAS headphones from the jack to plug in other headphones.

Then when I went to plug back the MAS headphones they were super quiet. way more quite than before.

I couldn’t figure it out everything was 100% and sonic was on.

Then gently pulled the plug for the headphones back 1mm and it went twice as loud.

I fear that eventually the headphone jack will break. This was a weak spot of most pimaxes so far.


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