Pico Neo 3 Link Discussion

Lets discuss.! Looks like a clone of Quest 2.

Good points by Gamertag. I think its nice for people who really hate FB, but I dont think Quest has anything to worry about.

Its also a very limited release, sorry North America

Pasting some thoughts from the Arpara thread:

Pros of the Pico Neo 3 Link:

Lossless PCVR over DP
Complete package for same price as 256gb Quest 2 (included PCVR cable, comfortable headstrap)
Seems to be usable as a PCVR headset without any account sign in (Doubt that will last long tbh, guessing they are still mining data regardless)
Slightly large FOV (I think, not certain)


Limited release, weird Beta program
Tracking isn’t as good
Wireless PCVR isn’t as good
Standalone library is not good
Build quality isn’t as good

It’s a compelling headset for sure. If you have access to it and don’t have a Quest 2 or G2 then I think it’s a decent choice although if you really just want it as a PCVR headset only (particularly if data privacy concerns are a big deal) then the reverb G2 seems a decent bit better due to better comfort, higher res, much better audio.

Overall, I think the headset itself is good and very glad it’s coming to market. I just really think MRTV’s coverage was too much and made a lot of people think we were getting something that was much better.


Did you miss no hand tracking without a hideous looking addon?

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oh haha, I forgot about that. I rarely use hand tracking, although I know many love it. I have no issue with the headset itself tbh, I think expectations were just set for something different not what essentially amounted to a relaunch of a 1.5 year old headset that we’ve seen already.

Thats just it!

I rarely use it too, i don’t have to think about it.

But when i don’t have my controllers and I just pick up my headset i love that i can just use it.


Nobody is strapping on a unit to just use hand tracking. Oculus really makes hand tracking convenient.

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That’s a great perspective, I didn’t think of. Leap hand tracking is amazing but there’s not really much making use of such high quality hand tracking so not really much point right now (bit of a chicken and egg, I know). I know there’s that one hand tracking flight sim game some lad on patreon is making but that’s about it afaik.

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Yeah I found a couple of very good apps like Tinkerpilot.

But I really like the fact that its just there when you need it. Its something I would certainly miss.

EDIT: I wonder if Demeo could use it? That woukd be perfect.


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new pico or just 3 world wide release?that mrtv video seemed too clear and sharp for pico neo 3


I would be very very surprised if it was the Pico Neo 3. Just wouldn’t make sense for MRTV to hype it up, and the clarity would be the same as Quest 2 (unless the clarity on Steam VR is referring to using the DP cable for Neo, which would be better than the Q2 but that would be ridiculous tbh).


yeah makes sense altough hopefully it still has a DP cable whatever it is

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Looks like you were right

What I find funny is that Arpara gets raked over the coals for copying Oculus UI but Pico gets a pass??

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Well, I was very very surprised… Can’t believe MRTV was making such a big deal of this. It’s got some pros over Q2, and some cons, but it’s a limited released and too late. If anything, it competes with the G2, not the quest 2.

I was really expecting at least a different form factor, like pancake lense vive flow style etc.

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bro he was teasing it like it was some new VR killer headset lmao i really tought that it was something else as the trough the lense looked very clear.

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Yeah, I’m honestly a bit annoyed MRTV’s coverage. People constantly say online that he overhypes stuff but I never really agreed until today. Like he was saying on the next demension podcast stuff like “I would absolutely buy this, right now!” which really implied this was going to be something quite game changing in some way (Like perhaps a pancake lens form factor, or very high res screens or something). If you own a Quest 2 or G2 then there’s really no reason to buy this.

If you’re a first time headset buyer (in the small list of countries that will have it, and in the small list accepted into the beta or whatever to buy it) then sure, it’s a pretty good option compared to the Q2 and G2. It’s not a massive launch like implied, it’s something that we’ve literally seen already (Pico Neo 3 Pro, is there any difference?), and it’s not even from a company that is more trustworthy.

It’s definitely nice to see something similar to competition and it has some things better than the Quest 2 but it’s not this amazing device launch that needed to be hyped so much. I really didn’t think it would be the Pico Neo 3 again after how he was hyping it. Had he not hyped it, I would have assumed it was that and would be happy enough with a consumer launch of the device outside China, but instead he hyped it up and let people expecting something far more so it turned the reveal into a total disappointment.

I do like MRTV so will still keep supporting for now but it kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


Haha, really? It’s so obvious. He really likes getting the scoop on things. Remember when Tyriel Wood and MRTV were the only ones on the planet who had a Reverb G2 for 6 months?

The hype was over the top.

Then when he posted nothing but Through the lens of the Arpara before anyone else.

And if you want to go back in time, when the Pimax was the cool new headset, his channel was filled with exclusive content & he makes sure you know it.

Just wait until he has exclusive footage of the 12K.

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I think he has good reason to be hyped about this. It can be expected to have a big effect on the VR industry.

From the personal standpoint of most of the people on this forum, I can see where this would be a yawner. If you’re a high end VR enthusiast who owns a Pimax 8KX, Varjo Aero, etc, and you were hoping this was going to be the next big cutting edge technology headset… well no. This is low end. You are not the market for this thing.

However, that doesn’t mean that it should actually be uninteresting for us. Meta Quest 2 has been taking over the market, and that is bad for all PCVR headsets including the exotic high end ones because Meta is hostile toward PCVR. The more Meta can harm PCVR, the more it produces a monopoly for them as the only game in town for standalone.

Along comes Pico as a direct competitor at around the same price except that their offering fully embraces PCVR. So the more successful Pico is, the more it’s going to take a chomp out of Meta’s plans for world domination and the more it’s going to help us indirectly.

So I’m hyped for this. It’s a good thing.

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On the MRTV “Hype-gate” it’s true. Now that I see all the reviews hit. I realize that MRTV wasn’t the only one waiting for the embargo to lift.

But, he had get the “exclusive” by showing as much as he possibly could early , without breaking NDA.

Nobody else did that…lol.

CAS literally said that its the same headset she reviewed months ago. She probably didnt think it was worth over hyping.

MRTV made it seem like he had hands on of a Meganex or something


I don’t really see Quest 2 a big threat to PCVR; it is a device that targets the budget user primarily with standalone capability and easy setup. Keep in mind prior PSVR at one time was the top VR hmd sold.

The console Quest 2 with pc wireless is needed to help drive VR into the mainstream. I am in part concerned with them buying vr gaming studios as quality games might not leave the Meta Console platform.

However for standalone no pc; Meta has ab edge because of acquiring VR Game Studios over Arpara and Pico. While they can do PcVR streaming there mobile platform may not do as well.

Though so far Meta is still having Studios develop titles for other platforms. Sure Meta would love to gain a monopoly; but in today’s age it is better not to limit revenue. Supporting other platforms can help to max profits with those whom will own multiple vr hmds. Much like how much Bethesda likes to have folks rebuy a game with improvements.


How is meta hostile towards PCVR? If Link/AirLink didn’t exist then I’d agree but as it stands almost everyone I know that has gotten in PCVR (from my actual real life friend circle) has been thanks to Quest 2. My real life friends with VR before the Quest was extremely limited and now a good portion of my friends with a gaming PC also now have a Quest 2 and use it for PCVR. Sure they might look to get rid of that later or something but those people are already into PCVR now so would just switch to whatever headset for PC now.

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