Pico 4 Launch Event Discussion

Transcript leaked of the entire event: Pico 4 Event (Leaked) Transcript

429 euro for base model, very aggressive pricing. Most things we already knew, there was seems to be a decent focus on games with Just Dance being an exclusive title.

No mention on DP port connection. Virtual Desktop is coming to the device though. Seems to be a single panel design, slight increase in resolution from Quest 2.



4K plus display? No detail resolution ? Only 105 diagonal FOV ? Nah, PASS.

I’m glad it’s being released, the quest 2 needs a rival. But its specs aren’t exciting enough for me to buy one, i’ll stick with my Q2. I hope it does well.

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I want to know the price of the Pro version, which is the real competitor for the Quest Pro.

Also the normal version is a hard hit for the Quest 2, if the leak is correct.

I do find it funny whenever companies boast about their display’s PPI when it’s really such a useless spec to hear about. PPD should be what they boast. 1200PPI sounds impressive but doesn’t actually convey anything of useful meaning really.

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I might actually pre-order it tomorrow, 429 euro is just too tempting.

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I would give mad respect to any company that stopped advertising PPI and diagonal FOV for VR headsets. These are outdated, meaningless, and misleading figures in the context of VR. These should be replaced by PPD, HFOV, and VFOV.


Looks pretty cool. Santa might get the kids one for Christmas.

good for Meta, they need simeone in range, i do love my occulus devices for there wireless support.
(but i also loved my vive :joy:)
Standalone mini is awsome for PE ! I like that.Or not to switch anything else on the check the internet…

so i do like those toys but i dont see them as hmd i would use in general.
Its cool, its for everyone and for vr veterans,…well.

Just for the record, thanks to @knob2001 I updated the HMDGDB with Pico 4 data.


Whoa - if that 100% stereo overlap carries to the physical view, and not just the rendered, I’d really like to see it.

(…although, it could of course simply be that the frustums have not been optimised; There is also the lack of a hidden area mask, to suggest that possibility…)

Comparing it to Pico (Neo) 2, it looks like a small increase of the rendered FOV in all directions. I have some doubts it will be visible. Looks more like a formal specs augmentation than a product of concentrated effort, especially with the HAM missing completely :wink:.