Pi_server.exe consuming 12.5% CPU of my 7700k@4.8GHz on IDLE?

Please, someone confirm that in taskmanager?

That is pretty heafty for doing nothing…

Played today around with Rage and reshade sbs in Virtual Desktop and did notice already >70% CPU load with pitools and steamvr and Virtual Desktop running…Wow.

Really need to upgrade to a real 8-core CPU soon (hint: Ryzen 3xxx) :joy: because the load is split nicely over all cores…

@PimaxVR : Why is pi_server.exe consuming so much cpu cycles on idle?




Does nobody else see that this should be investigated? No?

@Heliosurge You have a ryzen setup. How much is your idle consumption of pi_server.exe cpu load? I am curious…

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I have Ryzen 1700 and pi_server.exe cpu load is 0,1%.
It can be higher but after restart it’s going down

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I will take a look though atm my Windows 10 & steam not uptodate. But do have pitool 95.

Are you currently on Ryzen? If going for new 3000 series be interesting to use 5 & 7. :heart_eyes:

Good to know. Will watch my cpu load at future sessions. Maybe it will be okay after restart. Who knows. Had no time today to check.

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Nope. Two times an i7 system. But considering „upgrading“ (more like new build) to 3xxx Ryzen in a couple of month.

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Do you have pimax home or whatever it is called enabled? If so, disable it.


Good suggestion forgot about that chewing resources from @SweViver’s report. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

All disabled. Nobody needs that really.

Checked today and the idle cpu load of pi_server.exe is still jumping between 3 and 15%.
On my second pc with the 5k+ it is jumping between 5 and 10%. There i run still the old 1803 Version of Windows 10 - it does not update to 1809 for some reason…

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Maybe @Doman.Chen / @Sean.Huang can comment on this. Is this a bug?

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If i turn the lighthouses and the headset off, pi_server.exe cpu consumtion goes down to max. 3% (mostly around 0.5%) so it has to do with the communication between the headset and pi_server.exe when the headset is turned on.

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When you find Pi_server consuming abnormal CPU usage, please leave the log for us and send to sean.huang@pimaxvr.com,tks.

Pitool-> help->export the log.


It is true that when pitools is executed there are executables of the program itself that consume excessively the CPU.

I have the 8k model.

The performance should be improved because as to the companion I have observed in my Pc that in certain occasions the percentage increases a lot.

I will see if there is an image capture and add it in this comment.

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Do you by chance have Lighthouse tracking on?

I will check the cpu load tomorrow when i
-start the pc and pitool is not running yet, but lighthouses and headset are powered,
-then i start pitools
-then i start steamvr via pitools

Of course the lighthouses are powered. If i switch them on just before gaming, i have to restart the whole pc that pitool recognises them.

I will try tomorrow also with the vive pro and the Odyssey+ for comparison. The rift (oculus) software is removed because of an previous oculus software update error which deistalled the oculus software instead of installing the update. And because i do not want to have another background service running i will not only install it if it happens to me that i want to play an oculus game in future (maybe for lone echo 1&2 :joy:).


Instead of restarting the whole PC, next time, kill PVRHome (if it is running) and try to restart only PiServiceLauncher service. It normally resolves all my “undefined” states.


Hi @SyFy , is your pi_server.exe cpu load 0.1% when the headset is powered on?

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Powered on = cpu 1,7…2,0
Powered off = cpu 0,1

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Checked today again.
Cpu load between 8 and 14% if headset and lighthouses are powered on.

I sent my pitools-log to @Sean.Huang

I will now to deinstall pitools and go back to version .91 to compare.

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@Sean.Huang , pi_server had some issues in my computer.

Some times the image get stuck completely. I switch off Pitool and HMD, but the image continues in the Pimax when I switch on again. I need to restart Pi_server and then it works well.

And, I don’t know the reason, my PSU (yes, it’s weird) makes a strange sound when pi_server is running. Only with pi_server. I made a stress GPU test and doesn’t has any issues/noises. Only with pi_server.

I will send you the Log if my pi_server get stuck again.

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