PC Build: ITX VR

ITX Builds

Here folks can compile Build ideas involving ITX Builds.

Please Focus on:
-Cases with Gpu size reports with sfx & full psu

A case that may be of interest supports 11" Grfx cards.


I myself currently have
2 Silverstone Raven Z01
-sfx psu
-Slim slot dvd/blu ray support
-3 2.5" (1 less depending on gpu)
-1 3.5"
-Gpu Dual slot 13" long

1 Silverstone ml08 (with Handle)
-similar to Raven based on rz02
-no 3.5" support
-easier to work in than rz01 but not a pretty looking case. Less cpu cooler height.

Also have a Xigmatek Octans. Cube like case will update l8r

EDiT Octans link

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I stick by the Shuttle SZ270R8/R9 Chassis

500W PSU
4 SATA Drive bays (all internal)

Supports fullsize Graphic Cards
Intel CPU
Integrated Heatpipe and fans for CPU cooling

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Review from Kitguru.

7.5 out of a possible 10 is not a bad score - and that is even after the mention of non-standard components along with it’s niche nature.

It also bears out what I have said elsewhere. When building SFF computers, one MUST take heat into consideration. Having 3 uber large fans on the Graphics Card do no good if they are just dumping the hot air inside the case in question - as such a blower style card is best advised for these systems.

Thanks for the review, as it helped to confirm what I had been assuming based on my own anecdotal evidence.

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Happy to see @Heliosurge is a fellow ITX brother!

I run the classic Silverstone SG05 itx case, sans CDROM cage (SFX PSU, max GPU approx 10.2" / 259mm )

  • Zotac 1080Ti Mini (8.3" / 211mm)
  • ASROCK Intel Z370 (8700K up to 4.8GHz stable, usually run at 3.6GHz)
  • Corsair SF600 SFX PSU (600W)
  • Corsair H60 water cooler ( 3.6GHz 45c / 4.8Ghz 67c)

Snug fit, quiet even at max power, size to performance is very good

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Well full size pcs are becoming less needed & not nice to move around lol.

i use the node 202 from fractal designs with supplied PSU 450W .

Use a WD Black or Samsung PRO M2 drive and zotac 1080mini, although the Node202 supports a full size card.

CPU 7700K intel using cyrorig low profile fan

add 2x fans to it and the whole thing runs cool and sweet


Here is a neat uber compact build

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Here is an even smaller case with external power brick & modded 1080 on Linus techtips

Cool addon for modding.


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Raven Has an Rz03 itx case out based on rz01-E


I’ve got a Fractal Design Node 202 with an 8700k and an MSI 1070 Gaming X. Temps are pretty good though I doubt I’m getting the full performance of my 8700k with my current cooler.

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