PC Build VR: ATX

I highly recommend this case, my temps dropped 30 degrees after going from a closed to open concept case. I effin love it.



Awesome case for sure. Moved it though to a new topic as the previous topic is ITX or sff pcs.

ah ok, you’re right just realised that…it’s all good cheers.

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I have a few ATX cases that are pretty cool for features.

Cooler Master Haf cube case(can’t think of model off hand) but kinda big (bigger than average subwoofer, but can be easily used as a test bench setup.)

Have to publish a list lol.

Would this case accept a SLI configuration ?
I’m looking to build a new complete water cooled machine including ram blocks and 2 1080TI in SLI hence the need of two reservoirs and pumps.

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Any Atx case usually supports dual graphic cards. The glass clase @jTeller is showcasing will definitely. It uses i believe pci-x riser cables.

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Thanks for confirming. Issue is that I will need an additional radiator to cope with the SLI configuration, I’m not a big fan of running one straight loop from CPU to GPU when everything is water cooled. but I doubt this will take it unless a I modify the tempered glass edition

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yes it supports either standard (SLI) or horizontal card display

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Does it use pci-X 16 riser cable? If so are they powered or passive?

The case comes with a PCIe-x16 riser cable yes, but Im using the power connector on the vid card itself. Havent tried SLI or riser cables yet though, maybe down the road. This shite is expensive enough as is :slight_smile: Look what weve spent up till this point to push the Pimax when it finally does arrive Dedicated enthusiasts…thats what we are :wink:

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Indeed alot of cash. But it’ll be worth it.

dont know much about riser cables but this one was included with the P5 case.

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