PC Build for Pimax 8K

Hi community! I think this thread can be useful not only for me but for many people here.

I received my 8K few days ago.
Now I’m gonna build new PC for it. I need your advices.

Please keep in mind my conditions:

  • I don’t want to overclock (neither GPU nor CPU) because of:
    ^ Temperature in my room is about 25-28°С usually but can rise up to 30°С rarely. I think it’s kind of above normal
    ^ I want maximum comfort and simplicity. Overclocking with huge heat and roaring coolers doesn’t fit in this conditions
    ^ I never overclocked and don’t want this headache with thinking about settings and about not to overheat everything
    ^ I don’t want to increase probability of break down components
  • I want maximum performance (which I can reach without overclocking of course)
  • Money is not a problem. Of course I’m not throwing it but some extra money for better performance and quality and higher comfort is exactly what I need

I already decided:

  • GPU RTX 2080 Ti - this is pretty obvious with no doubt
  • CPU 9900K - again it’s obvious. I don’t care about price/performance ratio while it’s not abnormally wrong. Also 9900K will have solder! I don’t want to do scalping as you can guess ))

I NEED your advices about:

  • Exact model of GPU (best performance without overclocking, but not too loud, better quality brand)
  • One small think about 9900K however. Won’t it overheat too much (even without overclock)? (I will just play VR games, will not load all cores with some other tasks.) What about TDP comparing to 8700K under the same load? Equal or not?
  • CPU cooler. Is it OK to take BOX version with cooler included? Or better to buy separate? (Seems there are only OEM version in shops for now anyway). If yes please recommend good but not screaming cooler (I will not overclock remember).
  • RAM. (DDR4 of course.) 16gb or 32gb? How many MHz I need for not to bottleneck in any scenario?
  • Motherboard. (Of course I understand that this is 1151-v2 socket.) I think I can handle it by myself based on specs (amount of sata, pci-e slots, etc). But if there is some pitfalls then please tell.
  • Power Supply. How many Watts?
  • PC Case. I have 470x200x460 now. I’m thinking about to replace it to something like 637x288x602 for example (Corsair Graphite 780T). Is it worth it? Will it give better cooling?

I very appreciate your advices! But please only if you are specialist at hardware. Thanks!


Do you have a budget?

Also with heat in the room maybe a air conditioner is an option? Even if it’s a portable one? Especially as cooling the Pc is 1 thing but that HMD is going to get hot on your head!

If that’s not an option, water cooling for the GPU and CPU would be a bonus, and then you could overlook without worrying to much about the Pc components stressing.



No I haven’t budget. GPU is very expensive but I already decided, this is no doubt for me. CPU price difference between 9900K and 8700K is not worth saving money on it (for me). All other components are not very expensive and I don’t want to save on them too.

Air conditioner maybe in future, but for now definitely no, so let’s assume it’s not an option. Do you think 25-28 is huge and will cause overheat?

So, are you telling that even without overclocking, 2080Ti and 9900K will heat a lot? And need water cooling?? Or you meant in case of overclocking?


Water cooling is not a necessity, even when overclocking. It does improve the cooling and is usually quieter. I think you’ll be fine, especially since you’re not planning to overclock.

Given the high ambient temperature, I would check your system for dust build up every month or two and use canned air to blow out any accumulated dust. You will need to keep airflow unrestricted, to avoid potential overheating.


If the ambient room temp is 25-28 and we are talking about 2 periferals that will heat up pretty well under stress, I would defiantly be looking for either a large case with lots and lots of air flow. At least 4 fans with 2 in and 2 out, or water cooled to drop the devices Temps at base line.


For the 9900K go with AIO water cooling, it runs hot despite solder. Im still awaiting my preorder. Will be running it with Kraken x62 AIO.

DDR4 32Gb, at least 3200Mhz and higher if u can afford (fast ram makes a big difference with Coffee lake already and probably even bigger difference with 9th gen). I bought 4000Mhz and never regret it.

Power supply 1000w or higher. A 2080Ti and 9900K at full load are thirsty for power. Remember u never want to use more than 80% of your PSU for best efficiency.

If u dont overclock, any z390 should do, but I would say dont cheap out on the mobo. A good model with good VRM will always give you better performance and stability.
I will run my 9900K with my ‘old’ Z370 but its Asrock Taichi with very good VRM so it should be enough without upgrading to z390.

And btw, congrats to a great rig, you will love it! :slight_smile:


I found this:
Is it ok? It’s 637x288x602 and allow up to 9 fans.

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That one looks good. When choosing fans, select quite ones, if you have a min of 4 in there it will be loud! As there is also CPU fan and 2 or 3 fans on the GPU depending on the brand


Nice Case. With processor even though price not an obstacle if there is a non k version of the 9900 with you having no plans to OC will save ypu a bit of cash…

Asus Rog boards will often give you nice features & Asrock often gives nice boards with Price to performance.

@SweViver can likely tell you if msi 2080 ti gaming-X stands up as well as his old 1080 ti version.

@Enopho has a goos point on cooling the room as it’s easier to cool the environment.

Congrats have updated your title.


I’m planning a new build as well, but I postponed it until the Pimax arrives. I’m currently looking at:
i7 8700k
Asus Z370 Gaming ROG mobo
2x8 DDR4 @ 3000mhz
AIO Cooler Fractal Design s24
m.2 ssd drive
750w psu and fractal design R5/R6 case,
I’m going to reuse my current GTX1080 RoG Strix, and see if it handles the Pimax well, if Not I’m selling it and either upgrade to 1080ti or rtx2080

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Whatever you do, I would also ask in https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/


Here are some tools that maybe of use

@D3Pixel posted this bottleneck calculator for cpu/gpu


Extreme Psu calculator


The bottleneck calculator gives me a really nice score! Thanks for the links!

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Just keep in mind the find belongs to @D3Pixel


This is exactly what I’d build in your shoes. It’s very similar to the PC I built this Spring in anticipation for getting my 5K. I really like mATX cases because they waste less space (now that onboard sound isn’t garbage, we have SSDs, and decent onboard WiFi… I really only need to plug in one card: the GPU. I went with the 9700K because it’s faster in gaming workloads than the 9900K when you clock it the same (or your could get a 9900K and disable HT).

Should be about $2800 (the wild card is the 2080 Tis and Gen9 CPUs aren’t in stock anywhere).


The 9700k has recently released sime binned processors some are clocked to 5ghz.

Wow, this is interesting. I understand you right, that in games (I need CPU only for this, no other cpu-heavy tasks), and without overclocking, 9700K will be even faster than 9900K, because it have no hyper-threading?

In most cases, yes. The two CPUs are identical except for:

  1. Some cache disabled in 9700K (this may decrease performance, but may not)
  2. HT disabled (this usually increases performance, but may affect VR since you are running more threads)
  3. I suspect Intel tests the dies and the labels the best as 9900K (so there’s more OC headroom, moot for your use case though).

If you want the absolute best, get a 9900K and test with HT disabled (which will simulate 9700K performance) and enabled. Or wait for the 299X platform CPUs (whenever they come out).

Edit: In my scenario you are slightly overclocking the 9700K (changing boost multiplier from 49 to 50). But this shouldn’t be a problem for temps, stability, or longevity.


Thank to @kw23, intel has sold one more 9700k right now. :beers:


Do you mean VR games often use many threads? Even more than 8?

Also, If I’ll decide to take 9700K (and not to overclock), is it enough Kraken x52, I don’t need x62++?

upd: about SSD. I see you guys buying m.2’s. I have Sata-3 Samsung 860 evo, will it bottleneck??