Overreacting to Reactions Discussion

That sounds a bit weird when you don’t even comment to the insults above, which were way worse, nothing ‘passive’ about those, fully 100% aggressive insults. I even tagged you in the post. And then you DO comment to other posts being 'passive aggressive, that doesn’t really feel fair and balanced and feels like you’re defending the ‘pro Pimax’ camp. But yeah I’m all for keeping it peaceful and respectful. We’re all adults here (I assume)

To be honest I am fairly busy atm on a special project I am working. So unfortunately I am not at present keeping a strong eye on everything going on here.

I did take a quick look and see there are differences of perception that seem to be causing presumptions on both sides.

I know both of you involved in that are both highly intelligent people and should be able to resolved this by meeting in the middle.

Like why is there always a need to presume something is defending pimax when this has been an industry problem?

Companies often use inaccurate tools to market by. Or round numbers up to make it seem better.

Than you have companies like valve that uses a truth to let customers come to the wrong conclusions on FoV; ie up to 30° more fov than other headsets.

I will make a forum update that will hopefully help us see how we need to change to move forward with positive momentum.

@Butters007 post illustrated quite well as a fairly new member to our community offering an outside perspective of how our community is looking to the outside.

I take my own responsibility for being a contributor to the disharmony here. We have all made mistakes in our interactions with each other.

I want our community back or better. Do you remember the good days before the ks when visitors commented on how engaged we were on vr discussions?

All I can with my project if successful will be something that ppl will like.


Yeah you always put those ‘whataboutisms’ up. That’s just bad. It’s false advertising, you can’t hide yourself behind 'but the others do it too!". If everybody would be like that the world would be a really really bad place to be. It’s illegal for one thing, it’s just that nobody has started (nor will) a lawsuit. But it’s just bad.

That was not the point at all. The point is that his post was full of agressive insults. You said nothing, not even now, yet you do point out that I can’t use ‘passive agressiveness’. That’s just not fair and you know it.

Industry commonality has nothing to do with whataboutism. Whataboutisms response all to often is just an excuse to ignore the reality of things.

And by perception yours were there even though you made attempts to be subtle. Which goes back to why we all need to change. Having a discussion which marks an issue and clearly states there not defending pimax for an industry problem does not make them a so to speak pro camp pimax zealot. If you want to see a clear example of what one would look like see how Heaney was in the past.

Bottom line WE all need to relax and take more care in how we are treating each other.

We all need to work on healing this community.

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It’s not a reality at all, nor is it ‘industry standard’. First I check, Pico 4, reports correctly: Product Specifications | PICO4 | PICO Netherlands

Eh? I’m simply saying that I always thought people should refrain from insults on this forum. Yet you don’t act on it, nor even say something when it’s someone whose opinion aligns with yours. But you do step up when someone makes a ‘passive aggressive’ comment when that opinion does not align with yours. Talk about healing!


Just noting here for posterity that Djonk is such a good faith communicator that, on both occasions in which I have ever given one of his posts a thumbs down, he has immediately gone through my entire posting history to do retaliatory down voting. Like just now!

That’s his level of sincerity in communication, class, and internet etiquette. He makes newcomers like me feel actively unwelcome, and I have avoided entering conversations I see him taking part in because his passive aggressive rhetoric and polarizing attitude.


I do that to show you how that is. If you give a post a thumb down, then at least EXPLAIN why you do it. If you disagree with something I say, let us know, we can talk about it. Just giving a thumb down and then running away is just so childish, might as well give a ‘poop’ symbol to the post. So that’s the lesson I taught you.

Djonko believes it is his place to teach people lessons… via toxic, retaliatory behavior.

What an upstanding member of the community.

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I do indeed. You’re new here, I was hoping you’d get the message but it seems you still think it’s a good way of ‘communicating’ on a forum by giving thumbs down on posts without explaining them, so without giving the poster any chance to talk about it or even explain why you think it’s such a bad post. Just don’t do that. If you disagree with a post, just say so, so you can talk about it. Don’t just give thumbs down or even poop symbols to posts and then run away, it’s extremely childish.

Djonko has called me childish twice. I always thought people should refrain from insults on this forum.

Can we at least start taking conversations like these to private messages? There’s no need for them to be public like this. I have been hoping to get an official answer here on the FOV and it has been utterly derailed. Going to make a new thread a bit later today compiling some of the info and try to get a response there.

Also, this isn’t directed at anyone in particular, if you find yourself getting into arguments on here regularly (myself included) then there is likely some reflection to be done as it’s rarely a one-sided affair. If you find that you’re the person that that is involved in most of these big blow ups over the last bit, then again, there is reflection to be done and adjustments to be made.

If you can’t let things go then that’s fine but please take it to the DMs so that threads don’t get completely derailed. I love things being railed. Being railed is wondering. Please don’t derail. Thanks. (rail)


I agree about putting that other stuff in PM’s, not sure why @TheDaoOfSalt is posting all this here, just send complaints to me or else @heliosurge directly. But you know as well as me that that answer from Pimax will never come. They never explained it before, it was brought up I think every time they released a headset. But they never answered. So I’d be really surprised if they’d do now.

it will become one big ‘poop fest’ for sure, I don’t think that’s a good thing but oh well.

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Then I ask people not to act like this is reddit and mimic those terrible behaviours here. Nothing wrong with a :-1: anymore than a :heart: or :+1:

Unlike reddit this doesn’t remove or add votes. it simply gives a method for a person to see how ppl are seeing there post. 10 thumbs down let a user know there post is not having the effect they intended if they only have a single like or thumbs up or vice versa.

If you don’t need validation for a like you don’t need validation on the other reactions available. If you really wanted an explanation you could have sent a polite dm or public post asking the reactor why they chose the reaction they did. Instead if making yourself look petty.


Ok, point taken, pooping posts is the way to go. Thanks for clarifying.

There should be some good news to discuss tonight, but I think it will deserve its own thread. (Referring to the youtuber with a crystal that will be doing impressions tonight, I think there are 2 on that channel actually so if it’s impressions from both then even more worthwhile).


Guys, give it a break will you.

@Dao: the issue with giving thumbs down is - this is actually rarely done here, I had to read twice to see that you really said thumbs down. I have seen a poop symbol given once in the years on this forum, I won’t mention who it was (not Djonko).

So over here the custom is to rather give positive enforcement or respond in a post, if one doesn’t like the post of somebody else. This is also part of internet etiquette - to check out how the community interacts which you just joined. :upside_down_face:

@Djonko: I know how tempting it is to respond time and again to posts where you feel you need to put it right, but when it becomes too circular it makes sense to let it go. I know I can get caught in this kind of activity too… but it is a waste of time.

As to Pimax: just let them do their thing, that will give us sufficient points of discussion over the coming months.


Thanks @Axacuatl now that’s how an impartial moderator should have reacted.

The moderator says this is how we should behave on this forum. He runs the show