Ordered a new 8kx?

I just ordered another 8kx from Amazon Canada. That’s the only seller of Pimax in Canada. Given all the firmware issues reported, I’m wondering if my new HMD is the second revision. Can someone tell me what firmware should already be on the 8kx? Will I need an updated version, or can I simply plug and play. . Thanks all take care…

Newer version of 8kX Serial 2076 and normally sold with DMAS.

FW on 2076 is 2001 or higher ie 2002.

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Thank you. What firmware version would you recommend if my HMD is the 2076?I don’t really like fooling around with firmware installs. Know what I mean?

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I am not sure what the current firmware is. 2001 was the FW on first release. I think 2002 might be current one.

@PimaxQuorra @hammerhead_gal can you confirm latest stable FW?


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I would recommend 2001 FW with 283 Pitool.

If you wish to test a 120Hz experimental firmware, you might need to request from us.
This firmware is receiving few positive feedback from our testers.

Thanks PimaxQuorra. I have it installed with no issues. One question I have though, is why did PiTool require my email, order number and place of purchase. I entered the info, and a box popped open saying “success” I couldn’t install Pitool without providing that info. Why? Thanks again take care…


It’s something similar to validate the headset with Pitool.
But please do not worry, the info you entered is encrypted.

One more question PimaxQuorra. I have PiTool 283 installed,but I only have the 90hz showing. How do I enable 120hz ? My Video card is a 3090. Thanks PQ. take care my friend…


The 120Hz is an experimental firmware which is tested internally and few users.

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Thank you for responding PimaxQuorra. I guess I’ll just wait for the official release. Are you getting close to a release date? Thanks again…take care…

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Last question. If I don’t use my base station, { 9axis in pitool} am I still required to do a room setup? I’ve read that Steam room setup is preferred if the game is a Steam game. Is that still the case? Which one should I use? Thank you very much ttyl take care…

yes you need to click through Room setup

Thanks Heliosurge. I purchased IL 2 from Steam, so which of the setups do you recommend? PiTool oor Steam? Seated or standing? A flight sim should be played seated, but setting the standing mode doesn’t hold it’s settings either. Thank you very much Heliosurge. You have no idea how thankful I am. Little things like room setups can really piss me off. . Take care my friend…

For som with LHes. I would say standing. Myself only have used Pitool’s Room setup. It more or less launches Steam’s Room setup for the most part.

With no base station connected, I setup my room setting via steam. I started by placing my HMD in the center my desk facing my monitor/ I left it exactly in the same place on my desk, and contunued to the setting distance to the floor. Once again, I didn’t move my HMD. My desk height is 29 inches from the floor, so that’s what I entered in the setup box. It showed “success”. I then started IL 2, and it is perfect. I’m sitting in the cockpit exactly where I’m supposed to. I tried the same procedure with my base station connected. No luck. I still end up sitting outside the cockpit, left and right. Now what"

With lighthouse. in roomsetup you need to use floor I believe but have only setup using standing with hmd starting on the floor.

Likely need soneone like @neal_white_iii whom I believe has used a lighthouse with ED?

Yes. I’ve used a Version 1 base station with Elite Dangerous. I have a second base station which I never bothered installing, since 1 bs works fine for seated games. I used a tape measure to get the distance from my eyes to the floor (for the exact height) and wore the headset while sitting in my desk chair. (I intentionally adjusted the headset too high, so that I could see my monitor under the bottom edge of the headset.) For now, I’m just saving second base station as a replacement unit.

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If I try using the standing setup in steam, it won’t let me continue a room setup once I’m asked to enable hand controllers. I don’thave any controller or wand. All I have connected, is the base station. One base station and nothing else connected. Why does it ask me to setup that type of controller when there’s none connected? The base station obviously works, as it does allow me to move left, right, forward etc. etc. while sitting on top of my cockpit. I’m totally stumped on this one. Maybe an issue with PiTool? Pitool recognizes my base station, but that’s pretty much all it does. Someone help me. Thank you all for any ideas. take care…

Neal would be best to ask as he has setup eith kist a lighthouse.

if i were in your position i would reinstall steamvr the proper way (1st post in the following thread) :

then run room setup in pitool, “standing/seated” option as you are only playing sims (i think). then try IL2.

If you find yourself outside of the cockpit in IL2 then surely there is a recenter view key bind in the game? there is in every VR game i’ve played. google it or go through the keybindings in the games options to see whats what.