One day delay for Pimax Day 2

Dear Community,

I’m sorry to inform you that a few details are still under discussing. (Headset upgrade program and the firmware for 5K+/120HZ will be ready tonight)

We have to delay Pimax Day 2 by 24 hours, it will happen at the same time tomorrow.

2:00 am on 31th of Oct GMT+8
7:00 pm on 30th of Oct CET, 2:00 pm on 30th of Oct US East time

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

We can not wait to see you all on Pimax Day 2!

Yours sincerely,
Pimax Team


@Matthew.Xu I’d like to take this opportunity to ask Pimax to address the following in the stream tomorrow:


unfortunate but understood. better late and ready than now and not ready.


Can you please provide the time in which the firmware update will be ready?

It’ll help.


@SweViver @PimaxVR @PimaxUSA

In future you guys should not announce until logistics are settled. Calling a delay a few hours prior to your scheduled stream is understandable totally, but the inevitable fallout is also avoidable.


I just had a vasectomy performed on me one hour ago. And I though this day couldn’t get any worse.


What time will the firmware update be ready?

I feel you as I know exactly what you had to go through. But everything will come just right - and I hope the same for the P-Day tomorrow, too.:wink:

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What if it gets delayed again? Will @SweViver ever make it home?


How did it go? Looking into getting one early 2020.

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I guess I can hope for another 24hr delay. I’m going to be on a plane during it tomorrow.

and from the looks of their upgrade form they sure as heck aren’t ready

Ah, and here I was so happy it was going to be on one of the weekdays when I’m not otherwise engaged… Oh well, it will be available on demand afterwards, again, I’m sure. :7

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Oh damn, good luck with that :green_apple::strawberry::pear::lemon:


Just remember this one mantra… They Will Look Normal Again, The Pain Will Pass and The Blackness Will Go Away :smile: don’t worry you’ll be fine

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Disappointing but not surprising. I have found it is best not to look forward to anything Pimax related. Just put whatever expected event it is out of your mind until it actually happens.


Watch for him to change his Nickname To ShangViver - we will then know it might take longer :wink:
Hope the team gets some sleep :zzz:
And we some nice infos tomorrow :nerd_face:


D-Day to D-Lay -1. Great Pimax. Goddamn great indeed.

Pimax, Please let us know here when the upgrade program is live, and if possible let us know what discount will be given. Thanks