(Official) Important Notice

Hi Enthusiasts,

The M1 closed beta, including closed testing and the E3 private demo, serves the only purpose to collect feedback from backers for the efforts to improve the final version of Pimax 8K. All the participates of the M1 closed beta have signed NDA.

We appreciate the integrity of all the M1 closed beta testers and most of the attendees of the E3 private demo. However, we are not certain about the source of some of the impressions online. It’s not fair to the most of the M1 closed beta participates who keep the non-disclosure agreement strictly, especially unfair to the M1 testers who are working days and nights to test every aspect of the M1 and give the team comprehensive reports with all the necessary context.

We are glad to have collected valuable feedback from the professional M1 testers. The next step for the Pimax team is to work together with the M1 testers to improve the final version. When the embargo lifted, we will provide the official testing result to you.

Thanks a lot for all your understanding and support!

Best Regards,
The Pimax Team

EDIT: due to the national holiday, we will provide you more info next week.


thanks for your time and patience. i hope nda is lifted soon so we can see what leaks were true and which were not, as the impressions differed wildly. overall it sounds like the headset is shaping up really well, and i look forward to seeing the hard working testers feedback as soon as possible.


If someone has the mindset to break a legally binding NDA, they’re not the kind of person whose opinion I’m likely to put any faith in, they’ve already proven themselves untrustworthy.


@deletedpimaxrep1 Thanks for informing us. That was realy needed at his point in time. It is a very volatile situation amongst backers. At the same time I see a dedicated team of Pimax working round the clock making their promises come true. In everything I watched thusfar, I see a whole lot of dedicated and enthousiastic people in this community all wishing this adventure well. Good luck and prosper. :vulcan:


I really agree with @SWAT. I want information, good or bad, but this way just makes the source tainted.

I’m actually more inclined to think there is truth to it because xunshu above doesn’t deny it but just thanks the other that didn’t leak, implying the leaks were true.

But it’s probably meant to simply not go into it, still leaves us with every doubt we already had before this post.

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It also implies they are coding and updating software during closed Betatest. Thus improving some things testers are finding right on the spot.


hi @deletedpimaxrep1 and thanks for all your work.
In a previous comment, you wrote:

can you confirm the texture was added to the surface? If so, why distortions seem to keep happening?

In the same post, you wrote

can you confirm the changes were made to the M1, and can you clarify if the M1 has a way to display the current IPD setting inside the HMD? If not, are you planning to introduce this feature before mass production starts?
My apologies in advance if these questions have already been answered and thanks again for your efforts.


Also @deletedpimaxrep1 if there are really IPD issue’s, then I think you guys need to look into a way to move the lenses + panels. You guys said that your IPD mechanism wont move the panels and I think this is causing a lot of difficult problems to solve. It’s probably MUCH easier and better to just create a mechanism to move the whole lens + panel, just like in the Vive:

It’s actually not that difficult at all and this will make the software algo’s a LOT easier and the resulting quality much higher. After reading the IPD problem comments I really think this is the only way to go. Please have IPD fixed for release because I won’t be able to use your HMD if this doesn’t work correctly. Really a core, key feature. Thanks.


given pimax probably arent going to acknowledge any issues until nda lifts i cant imagine they will respond to questions about issues which they cannot confirm or deny.


The leaks have already been made, true or not, its only a matter of time before some news article picks up on them and reports them as fact. I think some statements should be made. Staying silent like this is a mistake and will only damage your reputation. Its already destroyed on reddit.

The fact that testers signed an NDA doesn’t mean that on the forum we can’t discuss issues that were highlighted many times in the past.

I don’t understand this. The Samsung Odyssey moves the image on the displays in or out with the physical control. It works fine. Why can’t the 8k use the same method? Why do they need the to move the screens themselves? How is that actually different? Either way the image moves.

I’m not too concerned about the leaked review. It’s not one of the 10 testers. It’s someone who was allowed to preview it. I think it’s a review of the v3. Just Relax Everyone.

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oh i never intended to suggest that. But the situation i was commenting on was one where someone highlighted something raised in an M1 leak specifically and tagged in a pimax rep for reply. What i am saying is we can discuss it all we like but i wouldnt expect any replies from pimax on it while the nda holds.


Well, as long as the lenses do move (this is still unconfirmed I think?) then sure you could make a virtual display panel inside the physical display that’s about 90% of the panel size and then just move that along the physical panel. You’d lose 10% of the pixels though, maybe more depending on the panel size, so it would be better for the resolution/SDE to just move the panel too, like the Vive does. BTW do you have any proof the Samsung works like that? I couldn’t find any teardown video

Nah, the reviews are very trustworthy if you ask me, since they’re not only negative, but quite balanced. Also in the comments there’s a guy who says he visited too but he hated that the other guy actually broke the NDA. If it would have been all nonsense, this guy surely would have confirmed that it was nonsense. But he didnt. Also demoing with just 1 base station, that really sounds like something Pimax would do. Also Pimax could easily have debunked that themselves it they demoed with 2 basestations.


hmm. i wonder how much the display being canted complicates that. The lenses moving left and right means their distance from screen is increasing and decreasing due to angle. does that mean the headset would have to have distortion correction computed specifically for ever .2 mm step… and its hard to move screens left and right. The extraordinary width of the headset is due to the screens. vive , oculus etc are not like that. to be able to move screens you would need to make headset even wider.

Well if the lenses don’t move then we’re f*cked for sure. No way you can get good IPD control without physically moving the lenses. And the HMD doesn’t need to be much wider, if you can move each panel/lens combo only 9 mm then you already have 18 mm IPD range, so from 55 to 73, that’s enough.

BTW I wish Pimax could comment on this. I understand the NDA for reviewers but confirmation of features like a mechanism to physically move the lenses (and possibly the panels), that could easily be confirmed, right? @deletedpimaxrep1 I don’t see why not.


[quote=“sjefdeklerk, post:8, topic:6471, full:true”]It’s probably MUCH easier and better to just create a mechanism to move the whole lens + panel, just like in the Vive:

It’s actually not that difficult at all and this will make the software algo’s a LOT easier and the resulting quality much higher. [/quote]
The Vive solution only works because simple rods link the 2 lenses which are aligned to each other on a plane. Unfortunately, because the 8K lenses are at an angle to each other, this technique won’t work. The top guide can easily be split, but the lower rod will need some way to connect the 2 worm gears. This could be a universal joint, like a car’s drive shaft or a spring, like a flexible joint screwdriver.

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I don’t think you need to move the screens, but you probably want to move the lenses, because for best viewing, the center of the lenses need to match the center of your eye’s pupils.

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Given that quite a bit of the screens are supposedly past the FOV of the lenses, there should be plenty of room to just shift the image to the side on-screen, to match the physically moving lenses (Again: The lenses seem to be parallel with the screens). In fact; Given physically fixed screens, it would (but will probably not be done) be possible to improve stereo overlap for people with high IPD.