NoloVR and Pimax


Good day. With NoloVR now being availible, will you be supporting NoloVR through Piplay? The Nolo FAQ indicates that they support Pimax but I cannot find any information on how Pimax and NoloVR work together, especially in Pimax Mode.

Are you perhaps able to elaborate from your side on how Pimax and NoloVR support each other?

Thank you in advance.

Many of Pimax users going to recieve thein Nolo sets very soon (i’ve got my tracking number already) so you will find out how good the compatibility very soon :slight_smile:

Hoping for the best mate, I’m waiting for my tracking number as my NoloVR ships this week I am told. A bit of a gamble that I hope will make the Pimax experience well worth it :slight_smile:

I was able to see the nolo driver installed during the piplay 1.2.75 installation process.

Video: NOLO with PiMAX 4K to play Job Simulator (FPV & TPV) - YouTube

I’ve just received my tracking code, they haven’t even sent it out yet, they’re a bit slower than I had hoped.

Anyway, I’m not sure why you’d need support from Pimax ? You should be able to register the Nolo device with Steam and just use it ? Although then again, I’m not sure how to specify that Steam should use gyro data from Nolo and not from Pimax.

You have that spot on. It’s all about the setup and if there is some level of integration. RiftCat setup seems straightforward based on what I could see in videos of the noloVR settings and RiftCat settings. Nothing as yet about getting it to work correctly with Pimax.

My tracking code was sent yesterday and it’s already in the US w/ an delivery date of 6-19-17.

That’s great news. Looking forward to hearing from you and getting your thoughts and input around the setup and the experience as a whole :slight_smile:
My unit is supposed to ship tomorrow, so holding thumbs.

May I ask which backer number you have?
I’m in the 11xx range and haven’t recieved any delivery information yet.
And by the looks of your nickname, we live in the same region in Europe so it would be interesting to see how long it takes for the packet to arrive :slight_smile:

In their latest mail (this morning) they stated:

"We will start the second round of shipment within this week. If you haven’t received a tracking number, it means that your shipping information is not completed yet. Please double check your address, post code and phone number to make sure it’s complete, so that we can send out your NOLO Kit in time. "

This will probably not happen with the Pimax 4K, unfortunately, mine blew up, lol.

Smelled something strange like burnt plastic? and the Pimax 4K completely shut off.

Opened it up and it appears the LCD cabling managed to get too hot because the plastic LCD housing straight melted from some obvious intense heat from the cable connection point.

Don’t know how it happened but now the screen only shows nothing describable, really.

I received my nolo s controllers but doesnt work exactly like i expected.

The HMD is flying around various places like another guy says on nolo s forum :

Can you check the compatibility of NOLO and the good operate ?

Can a Nolo VR backer leave a message over on the Nolo kickstarter comments page on when non Kickstart preorders are expected to ship?

They have been silent about the pre-ordering crowd, and haven’t responded through their support page. The nolo website mentions to expect June, but that’s it.

So far nolo has not uploaded the pimax4k driver to Github. Perhaps this seems to be taking the way that piplay provides.
In fact, after installing piplay 1.2.75, you can see files related to nolo like the picture.
Perhaps we will have to wait a bit longer for the driver to be updated.

My nolo arrives today and i will try it with 1.1.92
I’ve read it doesn’t work at this time, but it was working before when they recorded adverstment videos, so its just a matter of version compatibility and we need simply to try it out with different builds.

Good idea. In v1.2.75, I already have failed.
In osvr hdk 1.4 the controller only worked.
It is very smooth and accurate.


Recently we have tested Nolo VR which was working well, but still has some issues of compatibilities at present. Our engineers are fixing them and will add the solution to the further Piplay version, please be patient, cheers :slight_smile:

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Hi, Nolo also sent an email when I inquired on setup and compatibility with Pimax, that they are working with you guys to resolve some issues with the 1.2.75 driver.
Thank you for the update.

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This is rather odd as it would be expected that the NoloVR has been in Pimax’s hands long before CV1’s are sent to backers.

People are not going to be pleased if the NoloVR has issues with the Pimax immediately upon install/setup/immediate use.

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