No You Don't Need the Latest and Greatest Graphics Card to Enjoy Pimax8K Edited with new Fallout4VR results and setting using 980ti

This information I think may help others from a comment I posted earlier.
I think it is important enough and has not been said enough before, thus the reason for making a new topic.

I had strongly considered purchasing the 2080ti to upgrade my 1080ti decided to wait until after receiving my Pimax. Now I’m glad I did not purchase the upgrade because for the games I play mostly SkyrimVR and FalloutVR or future those type of games and found that my 1080ti with the proper settings and tweaks on a dedicated gaming computer runs SkyrimVR very well at High in game settings with wide FOV and steady 79.8 avg fps. In addition on my other desktop with the little wimpy 980ti runs SkyrimVR very well with a slight decrease in performance and image quality compared to my 1080ti entirely acceptable if one has the computer in order and the rights settings ofcourse and that was also using wide FOV.

This information needs to get out there because how many people having a 980ti or similar and I’ve read this already in the forums have said " I hold off on the Pimax because my graphics card surely can’t run a Pimax hmd doesn’t it require some super future graphics card", and then they dismiss it and just say I’ll pass because of this rumor going around. Ultimately hurting Pimax and their chance of success.

So no I don’t agree with getting the best graphics card you can afford. I can afford the best and I’m certainly Not upgrading for now.

Edit: So far 980Ti achieved results Pimax8k SkyrimVR 79.8 Avg fps
980Ti Pimax8k Fallout4VR one evening adjusting settings 60.2 avg fps. can be improved with more refining good image qualitystrong text


I mean I have a 1070 and I am enjoying about 40-50 frames average on the games I love to play. Not simulators, of course, but other games run fine.


Damn, have read too fast, was already happy to hear Flatout had a VR mode now :crazy_face:

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Reminds me of the time I almost bought Flatout 2 because I thought it said Fallout 2.

Edit: For context, I was checking out games at the EVERYTHING MUST GO going-out-of-business sale at the local Blockbuster. Half the games had generic sleeves (including Flatout 2) and they were keeping the disks at the cash register.


Thanks man, very good advise, I have GTX 980 ti and like you I am playing Skyrim VR and will hold my GPU until my Pimax 8K arrives to see how they share their friendship :sunglasses:

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System specs on 3 yr. old desktop computer with 980ti and some quick graphic setting to be honest I have spent very little time adjusting although already achieving good performance in SkyrimVR and I’m sure I could get it better with a little more time.

Since, I will be using another computer primarily for this game that has a 1080ti, I will not be spending anymore time testing this card but for the sake of science and hoping it might demonstrate that you can run SkyrimVR with a Pimax8K and get it looking very good with good performance using a 980Ti I share a few settings and specs.

Edit: Probably the most important result I forgot to mention Avg 79.8 fps Pimax 8K SkyrimVr with these settings:

Windows 10
GTX 980Ti
i7-5930K 6 core 3.5 GHz
16 gb corsair vengeance DDR4-2666
ASUS ASUS Rampage V Extreme X99
1200 Watt Corsair

Nvidia Settings

Anistropic filtering (4x)
Max pre-rendered frames 2
power management (prefer max)
shader casce (on)
texture filtering (Quality)
Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames 2

PiTool Settings Version 84


Hidden Area Mask (unchecked)
Compatible with parallel projections (unchecked) leaving checked decreased fps by 19

Field of View [Large]
Rendering Qualilty High 2

SteamVR Settings

Application resolution 20%
Manual Overide checked 20%

SkyrimVR In-game Settings

Quality High

shadows off

every thing else either lowest possible setting or OFF

acception disable tree LOD’s unchecked and LOD distance max and grass distance max.

As I said previously with a little more time I’m sure things could be adjusted differently with even better results.


Edit: probably the most important thing I forgot to mention 79.8 avg fps SkyrimVR 980Ti Pimax8K.


What’s all your settings for fallout 4 vr for average 80fps?

So glad someone else is enjoying this amazing game. Can I ask what hmd are you using?
I always thought that if no other game had been released for VR accept for this I would have been happy with my purchase of my VR equipment. I had played this game on flat years ago and really enjoyed it but to actually feel like I’m in the game and I must say the presence I feel with the Pimax hmd is greater than at anytime before. Instead of playing a character or controlling a character I really feel almost that I’m the character. The scaling and the Pimax lens distortion profile using v84 for me using my Pimax 8k set to large fov is close to perfect. Totally amazing! I hope someone doesn’t go and screw that up it is awesome. And then there is the modding and that can be a great source of fun as much if not more than actually playing the game.

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I use it with Pimax 4K and some mods with max ingame SS and like 170% in Steam VR. Looks terrific, can not wait to try it out with Pimax 8K !!!

Cool I hope you don’t have much longer to wait. I here the 4k looks great and especially with lessoned canvas effect. Of course you will miss the supersampling to the extreme but the wide fov makes it all worth it. The Pimax 8K is simply awesome with this game!


Sorry aesopfabled I edited thanks I meant the fps figure I achieved was with SkyrimVR and not Fallout4VR my apologies.

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If you would like me to do some testing with a 980Ti playing Fallout 4VR with my Pimax 8k I would consider it or if anyone else would be interested, otherwise I will use my 1080ti for that game.


from a message i sent to someone this morning
interested in performance

Since I know your interested in this subject wanted to share some good results
of last nights tests with Fallout4VR on the 980ti

Must say it took many times on and off with the headset adjusting settings and it really looked awful in the beginning finding that the settings had to be adjusted entirely different compare to the SkyrimVR settings.

In one night I managed to get Fallout 4Vr to Avg 60.2 avg with reasonably good graphics reminds me of my days with the Vive making adjustments seemed very similar only thing is it had been so long ago since I had played Fallout4VR I have forgotten all the little tweaks I had used

Will be switching now back over to the 1080ti
Out of curosity I just wanted to see if it was possible to run this game on my Pimax with the 980ti and results are it is. The game has a reputation I’m sure you are aware of running poorly for some even with supposedly good hardware

Fallout4VR Game Settings

FallOut 4 VR as many of you already know is a very different beast compared to SkyrimVR and
requires very different game settings.

Here are a few of the most important I tried yesterday evening that resulted in the 60.2 avg fps with reasonable good graphics

PiTool v84

compatible with parallel projection checked (on) different here than what i use in skyrim

FOV normal again different than skyrim and needed

Render Quality 1.5 different than needed in skyrim

SteamVR settings

Manual Overide 20% same

Nvidia settings

Anistropic filtering - Application controlled set to 16 in game

max pre rendered frames 1

MFAA (off)

Texture filtering Quality

trilinear optimization (on)

Virtual Reality pre rendered frames 1

council TAA off

To note With enough time there are many other settings that can be changed. In the past I went through the same process running Fallout4VR with the OGvive.

So if I can get it to run reasonably well with my Pimax 8k using a 980Ti I’m sure others with more time experience and dedication can figure out better settings.

For a first attempt not to bad I think. :grinning:


Not that I have my Pimax 8K yet but I recently added a 28" 4K monitor to my stable to plug the laptop into as I hate doing Design work on a small screen. I have been playing with Il2 BoX at 1080p on it and Witcher at 1440p to see how it looks and I am quite impressed with the image I get from the 4K panel.

I don’t think I will be complaining to much running Il2 at 1080p on the Pimax with my Gigabyte Aero 15X as the details are more than good enough and the full scale of the cockpit and aircraft will be more than making up for it. Even 1440p on the monitor scales up nicely in Witcher so I’m happy and think VR will be no issue scaled from 1440p to 4K as the Pimax 8K does.

Keep me going till I can afford to build a system that drives the 8K in its full glory. Just my 2 cents.

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can you try, or theorise a 1050ti with quake II, I just want to know if it’s possible to see the FOV in a game then judge if it’s worth keeping the pimax 5K+ and upgradge in my GPU to play more demanding games.

Even though a 1050ti graphics card you might think sounds powerful on first glance if you didn’t now better most would assume its more powerful than a gtx 970 unfortunately that is not the case. That card is one of the weakest to the nvidea cards a 980ti achieves on average in most demanding games 20 more fps. Also even worse for that card performs worse than a 960 so I would not recommend you use a 1050ti with the Pimax headsets. Now the question if it will run Quake ll, I don’t know I guess even with the very basic graphics of that really old game it might run you could ask @SweViver if you want a more definitive answer since he covered the mod over a year ago for that game on the Vive and Rift.

yes but it is just to run that one game, to see if i think the fov is worth it, its slightly more powerful than a 960, i had a 960 myself.

You could wait for SweViver to respond if he will or ask him yourself directly that is as much as I know. Sorry I could not be of further help. Thanks for the question anyhow.

Just wondering why the massive PSU for single 980 Ti ?