[NextGenVR] Facebook Connect Summarized in Under 3 Minutes! - VR Metaverse and Project Cambria Headset

Facebook Connect was incredibly underwhelming compared to the Pimax Frontier Conference and the Varjo Launch Event. In this video, I will provide a short summary of the event and their announcement of a higher end VR headset called Project Cambria.


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Facebook is just a weird company the only thing good about them is that they have made vr popular with a lot more people providing cheap headsets and ofcourse there are quite a few very nice games on the oculus store
But I really dislike this whole metaverse idea
I rather also spend quality time with real people not to mention the younger generations that are so distant from having real and meaningful relationships I mean vr gaming is so awesome but it definitely should not become a substitute for real life so I think it’s really Facebooks intention to drive people away from our human self and more towards this individual digital personality that really is a very bad direction for humanity but hey they know how to sell it in a way that looks harmless and sounds like a good thing


Its a shame the Oculus name is being retired, its synonymous with vr. I think zuckerberg wants to move towards social interaction rather than gaming in vr. Big mistake, most people are into vr for gaming. Pimax will have to satify these vr gamers!


the way he describes their vision of the metaverse is far from here,it will take years. and there are still more companies working on vr/ar. in the end, it is up to the user (you) how he uses the new metaverse or not at all.


Agreed. Facebook is just a really creepy company. They want people using VR all the time so they can collect more of your personal data and sell more products in VR. They make you think you’re being more social but its actually never a good replacement for real human connection.


That’s more than 1.

Old man yells at metaverse. lol. Also I dont think you have to choose. Some people said the same thing about the internet.

Saying this as a VR gamer is a bit hypocritical. Also I have had better more meaningful relationships with quite a few people playing MMO’s than all the people at the office where I work.

Once you “connect” with someone at a mental level online or not , who know where it will lead. I met my wife online.

And I dont think this is specific to “youngsters” either.Im in my 40’s.
(depends on how old you are who you consider young, and by the use of the term “youngster” im assuming 60’s)

But all of this is personal opinion , so I respect your POV. ( even if its wrong)


EDIT: Yes Facebook is creepy. I agree with you there. I guess thats why they changed the name.

Zuckerberg is literally trying to create the Oasis and has self appointed himself “James Haliday” he’s probably hiding easter eggs in horizon as we speak.

its funny most of that pesentation , the easy the people were pulling up ar windows on their hand was ripped straight out of that show “Upload” on Amazon Prime.


Yeah, this whole internet thing, it’s a bad idea. I can’t see it ever catching on. I prefer to drive to the library to get my information, where I can speak to the librarian.

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Well, as the others are pointing out, this is a typical response by somebody glorifying the world he was born into. Would you want to get rid off your TV ? The same was said about it, when it was introduced, and you can come up with exactly the same arguments. Would you want to get rid off automation, factories, the steam engines, etc. ? Older people in the time surely would have pointed out, that this is unhealthy as it means that people will become more and more disconnected from their environment, and how food, tools, etc. are gained/created.

And guess what - they even have a very valid point. All of us, who consume media in various forms each day, are constantly driven to do something like reading newspapers and books, watching TV, checking the inbox, SMS, whatsapp, internet, instagramm, you name it, all of us have lost some of our ability to be in sync with our own core nature, and the natural world, nature we live in (in its form not modified by mankind). You and me are already out of sync. And for the next generation, it’s not getting better. And one day people may do more, exist more in a virtual world than in the physical one, which they may only utilize to a certain degree for activities which cannot be virtualized so well.

Is this a great perspective - not sure. But what I am pretty sure about is that this is more or less inevitable. It will just happen, like it happened time and again in the past 400 years when the speed of disruptive societal developments, leaps started to increase.

So you can choose to moan about it, or let it happen but stay out yourself, or join the ride and see where it takes you. I guess I have chosen the third option - at least it won’t get boring, you know. :laughing:


The VR world may well have an advantage over the regular internet as far as personal interactions go, as it is a lot harder to be mean to people when you can see them in front of you. Where you can pick up all kinds of body language cues vs being behind a keyboard. In some ways transitioning to a VR version of the internet may be healing for society.

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Yes well it seems that you are to young to know any different the millennial generations definitely cannot grasp what life is all about but hey you gotta do what you gotta do if it makes you happy that’s the most important thing
Just pointing out that making friends and meeting people in the meta verse is not a substitute for the real thing and it’s definitely different than watching tv with you’re friends

The only thing that would be healing for society is people having more respect for each other and don’t dwell on allkinds of negative things wich is an absolute waste of time


I’m 40 myself so guess we are both old lol but youknow I still party f uck drink beer do lots of gaming so guess I’m not that old :crazy_face:
Old people are like 70 years or something :sweat_smile:

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Me too. And words like Meta or metaverse remind me The Matrix from 1999 . Metacortex is Neo creepy software company :slight_smile:

If someone wants to plunge deeper into the rabbit hole , Mark Passio did some interesting analysis:


I have no problem with the “Metaverse” what I do have a problem with is a metaverse run by facebook…


Or perhaps your becoming anachronism. You don’t need to be a millennial to recognize the changes that are inevitable. Some ppl that are old enough would remember how even the telephone to an extent has lessened ppl simply writing a letter.

The simple truth good or bad if you don’t move forward with changes in the world you will be left behind as relic misplaced out of time with today


Why…? :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d actually rather play single player games than multiplayer games… I don’t like getting my arse kicked by teenagers and I can’t put in the time that they do… :upside_down_face:

We’re all different… :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m 40 too BTW…

I do agree on this part though… :+1:

Let’s just say Covid-19 and what it brought hasn’t felt awful to me, at all… :wink:

Not like some of my colleagues who were very eager to get back to the office… :slightly_smiling_face:


On a more ad hominem note, it’s kind of funny that it actually takes me an absolute minimum of hyperbole, to say that the most CG-looking thing in that entire presentation was Mark – there were points where I seriously wondered… :stuck_out_tongue:


I really thought Facebook or now “Meta” would announce some hardware. There was such a massive amount of social media discussion and leaks that basically all turned out to be wrong. Just shows very few of these media moguls have any significant levels of access to inside sources.


I kept thinking that Joshua had sort of a Penn Jilette thing going :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

For me Elica looked totally CG, I kept pausing the stream looking for queues that would tell me she was in fact real :laughing: