Newly arrived 8kx does not work, really frustrated (Solved, working with his RTX)

We have different 8KXes. Either Pimax restores the option, or I snatch a used off ebay. I’m quite disappointed.

Good post. I’ve applied the setting already, but no difference.

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Pimax has said there working on re implementing other refresh rates, Amd Gpu support and presumably also upscale mode.

However your frustration is quite understandable with these key features being absent. Maybe @PimaxQuorra can ask for a progress update. I am sure there are some that would be interested in testing a firmware if available.


Can you share your system setup and pitool and steam settings used in a couple of titles as folks may have suggestions to improve experience.

I’m on a 3090, 12900k, 64GB DDR5.
Tried 1.0, 1.25, 1.5 and quality factor within PiTool, and from 2500xsomething up to 6.5k x something_else in steamVR scaling. It’s the resolution, sadly.
I tried mostly DCS and F18, as that is what I play the most. This has in game LCDs, they need to be clear.

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Hmm… Maybe try @PimaxUSA setting suggestions as he has also DCS in game settings listed.

He might have other suggestions as well. @mirage335 is also an a strong DCS player and may have other setting suggestions for your setup for improving clarity.

Here is a post Mirage has for your CPU.

Pardon me if you already know some of this, I am in a bit of a crunch over here at the moment…

Set your GPU core clock to something higher than >1950MHz boost clock. So-called ‘overclocking’ these days is not really that anymore, just download the manufacturer provided program, and set the clock higher. If you have not already done this, then it is in all probability a severe bottleneck for that hardware.

You should be able to set PiTool Render Quality 1.25x and SteamVR vertical resolution ~2700v . Please do not specify only horizontal resolution instead, which is ambiguous.

Some DCS World maps are very graphically intense. Stock Caucasus and Nevada terrain should perform reasonably.

You can get slightly better performance as Heliosurge pointed out. Disabling HyperThreading and Efficiency Cores will get quite a bit more out of the CPU. However, with that hardware, you should be able to get at least reasonable performance in some situations for the DCS FA18C.

If you need to diagnose more, FPSVR is the way to go. Both the CPU and GPU graphs must not be full or red if Smart Smoothing is enabled. If Smart Smoothing is disabled then IIRC, the graphs must be less than half full and strictly green (not red or yellow).

Since you are going for clarity, you usually will want Smart Smoothing, and 60Hz framerate.

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Did you try to pimp up maximum recommended resolution in steamvr? It is a must for pimax, as 4096 is way to low. Even if you use less, because it might be higher somewhere in pipeline, or some games count both eyes together.
Try to find a guide for it somewhere here in forum.

If you did that, then question; can you get perfect picture on one eye only? Untighten headstrap, close one eye, and experiment the best hmd position for another eye.

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Can someone possibly compare the old and new versions of the 8kx? Is the new version really has a worse clarity? This can only be told by a side-by-side comparison.


I have tested Render Quality 1.0, 1.25, 1.5 and 2.0. And a variety of SteamVR SS, with 20% increments
(goal was MFD clarity, not performance)
No up to first number saying something 7k (another reason, I’m writing this on a laptop, gaming PC is shut down)
I was under the impression that horizontal and vertical resolution are tied, so quoting one number plus fov is enough (or, differently: I cannot set vertical resolution alone).

GPU has received some OC (nothing extreme), I did increase power limit, core and memory frequencies.
I start benchmarks on F18 Free Flight in Caucasus. I want MFDs to be readable. Only after that is established, I’d go further to more complex test scenarios (like multiplayer).

With regards to PC I did:

  • tie DCS to same PE cores and isolating that workload
  • disabling HT does not impact DCS performance
  • I didn’t notice a difference in 2 performance core workload between isolcpus and disabling ECs
  • reducing PCIE to x3 reduces number of Pitool launch freezes. Replacement headset from Amazon cured this completely though.
  • disabling Hardware Accelerated Graphics Scheduling resuces number of Pitool launch freezes
  • I use fpsVR, it’s a handy tool

Given my headset only runs 90Hz, I can go smoothing + 45fps, and that is easy to achieve.
I was actually positively surprised by Pimax performance.

I don’t have access to an “old” 8KX at the moment. Would love to try and compare, because what I really want to see is native 4K. Or maybe something in between, like 3200 on the long edge.
But these options are not available in the hardware I have.

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No 60Hz?

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No other Refresh rate options on the Revised hardware 8kX(FW 2001); only 90hz native. At least for now and only Supports Nvidia Desktop RTX cards.

Pimax has said they are working on expanding compatibility and other refresh rates/features.

Hmm, I vaguely remember something about that quite a while back. An actual 60Hz refresh rate will be very important for some users who must avoid the latency and visual quality artifacts of Smart Smoothing.

I don’t want any delays of the 12kX, but aside from that, 60Hz framerate should be a priority.


I used 60hz all the time with my 8kx, its something i miss with the aero.


I’m curious about the use case for 60Hz. That’s an unacceptably low frame rate for VR in my book. What do you use it for exactly? What specific titles and circumstances?

flightsims without any repro
(but for myself, i am fine with 75)


I used it for all my games and in all circumstances, i didn’t notice strobing/flickering, same can’t be said for my old G2 at 60hz.



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I would love to figure out exactly why 60hz works for some…is it the display? Is it my eyes?. I feel like its more than likely the former and that Pimax changed parts along the way, the latency of the display or something

I feel like the name of the game anymore is to adjust the resolution of any given game to get 1/2 the refresh, 37.fps with repro or 75 fps without. If i had a working 60hz display without strobing that would be nice to give another option. Hope the 12k has NO Strobing!