New working reshade for openvr


I posted this in another thread, but it didn’t seem to get noticed. I think this shader is awesome and others should know of it.

Through the dcs forums I been made aware of a working reshade version that works for DCS, dirt rally 2.0, elite dangerous, Iracing and assetto corsa as far as I have tested.

The files for this can be found here:
Put the files and folders into your DCS, elite dangerous, Iracing, assetto corsa, dirt rally 2.0 root install folder and for dcs put it in the bin folder. Boot up and enjoy.

Home key brings up the reshade menu. I’ve changed the sharpening to 1.500, but default is 1.000. End key turns effects on and off so you can compare.

My experience with this shader is that I don’t notice that much close up, but mid to far distances it helps very much. The sharpening is very good and from my experience it will let us lower the amount of supersampling needed while still improving the image. It also improves colors for me, but I have not tweaked in pitools. Its a cooler color scheme and it feels like it is getting rid of thin layer of fog in the image.

Please share if you find other games and simulators you get working with this.


I did notice your post, gave it a try today and am absolutely floored how much it improves visuals in an already heavily modded AC setup.

Thanks for sharing!

Has anyone tried if this works for ACC?


List of supported titles across the two current reshade releases that support open VR in this thread:


I haven’t been able to get ACC to work with it sadly. First sim I thought of after trying it in DCS.

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I didn’t know of that thread. Might as well just close this one as not to dilute the info. But then again I now know about the other thread :+1:

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maybe pimax can convince nvidia to bring nvidia sharpening for VR :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t worry about it man. Threads bobble up and down here I don’t think most people really know what’s going on. Haha.

Maybe we should get the Reshade support links and spreadsheet added to the WIKI and main guides as options though @Heliosurge @neal_white_iii.


The main Wiki as created originally by @Davebobman is editable by almost anyone. If you and others would like to help setup a more formal guide we can work together. As Reshade is a more of a general game improvement for vr we can maybe create a special guide to include Reshade and @NextGenVR’s Unity fixes.


sarei interessato a testarlo su iracing con 8kx!!

It works great in Iracing with 8kx. See vr-forum on Iracing. You’ll need to change a setting in core.ini “connect_sockets=0” to “connect_sockets=1”. Core.ini is under documents/iracing.


It’s working in iRacing!

My settings:
Pitool contrast/brightness
Red: contrast +1 / brightness -5
Green: contrast +1/ brightness -5
Blue: contrast +4/ brightness -3

Sharpening: 2.0000
Saturation: 1.5000

Check “performance mode” to apply settings


Acc working whit skyrim vr reshade :slight_smile:


Is this the one you are referring to?




Sweet! What does it look like?

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not so blurry annymore


Please how use it with 8kx and Assetto corsa? It’s for play or replay?


Copy the files in the zip-file I linked to in the first post into your assetto corsa install folder. Start AC. Turn effect on/off with END button. HOME button to get the menu (menu only shows on monitor, not in the pimax). That’s all :+1:. It’s for play, I assume it will work for replay as well.


Trying this with AC (CM 0.8.2245.x/CSP 0.1.71/SOL 2.0.2), game launches, split second view in vr and game quits. :confused:

Googling around to see if I can find any suggestions, but if anyone has any thoughts… ? :slight_smile:

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Did you try different CSP versions?

What pp filter do you have set?

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