New Pitool is available now from Pimax

Dear Futurists,

The new Pitool is available for public beta and it is available for download now.

Special Note: We are continuing to update these patch notes with more detailed information.
Here is the link:

Alternate Link: 91

Release Notes:

New Features:

    1. Added Motion Compensation.
    1. Black Level Adjustment for XR series.

Issues Fixed:

    1. Includes many bug fixes and optimizations.
    1. Update Index controller compatibility and this includes updates for the use of Index controllers with some gaming titles.
    1. Update Oculus Software support.


    1. Bug fixes and optimizations to the PiTool UI.
    1. Optimize the usage rate of GPU, which will improve the performance. There were situations where the GPU would not be fully utilized and this fix should allow the GPU to be fully utilized.
    1. UI now asks you to identify your controller when you attempt to pair them. This allows for further optimization for the pairing process.
    1. Fixed a bug where there was a small possibility that the headset would not properly initialize. When this would occur the screens would not properly start and the headset red light would appear.

Yours sincerely

Pimax Team


Thanks Pimax I will install it when I get home and see if it can run defector.


So how come the auto update still doesnt work? I have to download and install manually.

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What is motion compensation function?

Probably because it is Beta .


PROBABLY Usefull stuff for montion platform… Will check that today


Pitool 1.0.180 is a beta version of Pitool.


Only a few members need this function, but some games can not be played without it


Thanks for the update!

I’m particularly interested in these two items. Improved performance is always good and I experienced the black screen issue earlier tonight.

@anon74848233, I also ran into an annoyance: The Parallel Projection option turned itself off SEVERAL TIMES, while tweaking settings like refresh rate and vertical offset. The UI showed it as enabled, but I saw double images in Elite Dangerous and when I restarted PiTool, the option was shown as disabled.

Is this on your list of defects which need to be fixed?


We’re going to update this list further and have some examples.


Wow, motion compensation, will try this out today :grinning:

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I will reflect this issue to related colleague. He will add this issue to his list.

Thank you @neal_white_iii.


Is it possible for PiTool to have a display mirror option like steamVR has. So if I launch a game from PiTool I can see a display mirror? Currently this is not possible it would be nice to have this feature I think.

Some games run much better if you launch them from PiTool directly and bypass SteamVR


Thanks for this update. I’ll try with Nolo this evening and give a feedback.

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This is a realy good and important one :).

Would be nice if there are some more detailed informations to things like “bug fixes”, “optimizations”, “Oculus Support”.

Thanks for the update!


I don’t think that fix is quite in there yet.


If this GPU usage fix does what I hope it does (basically apply the workaround) then I am a very happy user.
I wasn’t all that happy that the 5K+ needs its own software to run and hoped for SteamVr only. I am positively surprised what the Pimax team pulls off with PiTool though. It ain’t perfect but we keep getting new options and optimisations. Nicely done Pimax.


Agreed - hope this is basically automatically applying the performance workaround that Swevivr talked about…


It’s in effect a native fix making work around at least theoretically not required.


This update fixed my index controllers gripping issue !
(I could not grip in some games, like contractors, gorn or space junkies)