New Pimax 8k X with weird firmware version

Just got a brand new Pimax 8k X and there was some discrepancies with options that I could see in my latest PiTool (on both .274 and .275), for example, there wasn’t an option to go from native into upscaling mode or choose any other refresh rate except for 90Hz. I decided to upgrade the firmware using Dfu.exe with that one: “P2_RELEASE_8KX_M296.dfu”

That bricked my device (constant white LED, USB device not recognized), even though the upgrade process went fine. I’ve managed to recover from that state by switching to manual DFU mode and loading different FW files with DfuSeCommand.exe program (M268, M299).

It caused other issues which I’m dealing with right now by complete Pimax software removal and re-install. By doing so, I have found a log file under %AppData%\Local\PiMax\Firmware directory which states that my original FW version was: R2.1.255.2001

Isn’t that weird? I’ve tried to google it but found no trace of such FW version number, so my questions are:

  1. Which is the latest (and greatest) FW version at the moment for 8k X?
  2. What is that original FW number on my goggles actually means? Is that version M255?

Some additional information from that FW log file that I’ve mentioned above:

product name: Pimax P2NA
bootloader Ver: R219
firmware Ver: R2.1.255.2001 - id_7d06452_20210904
board serial: 2076******
module serial: 2076******
product serial: 2076*******
work mode: normal
panel type: panel_b8x
BoardFCT result: 0x00303035
HmdFCT result: 5000
panel left flick level: 64
panel right flick level: 64
panel left bright level: 50
panel right bright level: 50
EE Flash selftest result: 0
Current Calibrate Flag : False

Contact Support your 8kX is a rev in Hardwarw and only supports 90hz native. No other features implemented yet.

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I will certainly do so on Monday. Meanwhile, can you be more specific what exactly do you mean by “rev in hardware” ?


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I don’t know specifics. Save that FW 2001 is not compatible with older 8kX that have the lower refresh rates and upscaling mode. And that there not compatible with non rtx desktop gpus.

The recent units are actually superior to previous 8KX’s in a lot of ways. For a while we internally called the new devices the 8KX Pro and 2.0 last year. The firmware should quickly evolve.

That might be true. However in the current crippled state it only has maybe superior 90hz compatibility only on Desktop RTX cards while having no features and completely breaking established wide compatibility.

Even Amd GPUs that had superior success with 90hz are for now completely incompatible.

The team should have either held this back until it had full compatibility as previous model with all features intact. Or by your own words should have released a 2nd model name that is explicitly identified for RTX desktop cards.

8kX Pro
8kX 2.0
8kX RTX edition

  • Supports Desktop RTX cards Only
  • Supports only 90hz Native
  • No Laptop support
  • No Nvidia GTX Support

With 2 clear skus or waiting til this new revision works properly you won’t have people returning a “defective” non working 8kX. Saving pimax money and unneeded bad press.


Please tell us clearly in which way it is superior to the original 8kx? I would like to have some faith in this “Pro” version……

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My 8KX arrives Wednesday, assume I will have one of these “2.0” versions like OP.

With a 3090 should I expect this to work? Or should I expect it to be a paperweight for a while until the FW is “quickly evolved”?

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As you have an RTX card a 3090 no less you should be fine as it was designed for Nvidia RTX series cards with 30series being the best fit.

If it is the older model the 90hz mode was hit or miss on Nvidia cards.

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Wow thank you guys for sorting this. I’ve never got 90hz to work. But I don’t a want it anyway. 75fps or 37.5 with motion smoothing is MUCH more achievable and it allows for better clarity. I Feel like the new sets may be at a disadvantage. Why make such a change unless Pimax was also frustrated with 90hz as I was. 60 hz resulted in strobing and was useless. 75 is my sweetspot.


Brilliant discovery and suggestions

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PimaxUSA: In what ways does the newer 8kx differ other than it actually appears to work with 90hz reliably. Please kindly detail how it is “superior”. In what I have, the 8kx “1.0”, were the chips at fault for 90hz not working? The panels? The cable? Whats changed please?
I guess I must ask flatly: what was wrong with my unit? I’m not mad, just curious from a technical standpoint. As stated elsewhere, I prefer 75hz much of the time.


Having 90Hz native working reliably is a big deal and necessary for the 8KX to be competitive going into 2022 as it faces the Aero and other headsets which will be released this year which are able to achieve 90Hz with high resolution.

I personally would not have bought an 8KX if it wasn’t offering 90Hz. I was troubled when it initially only worked with 75Hz for me, but Pimax support was able to get 90Hz working on mine. I don’t see any real value in the various lower frame rate and upscaling modes as long as 90Hz native is working. I do think it’s important for Pimax to get 90Hz working on AMD, etc though.

Which is why it was important to keep both revisions. 90hz works perfectly at least by reports from Amd users vs Nvidia Camp whom has been hit n miss.

Lower refresh rates are important as it helps with compatibility and majority have been shocked that were hard core believers in 90hz which was definitely needed in Low Res vr hmds to help with vergence conflict.

75hz specifically is quite compatible with the high res where it was not as good on early Rift dev models. But was used iirc 72hz on the Rift S.

Upscale is needed for those whom play fast paced games to have the added hz.

A proper refresh with DP 2.0? Would likely solve 90hz bandwidth related issues/limits.

The fact though 90hz is achievable on older models means wide stability is possible just a matter of say figuring out what causes the instability on Some Nvidia setups vs ones that are quite successful. With the added interesting point that it is stable on Amd suggesting an issue with Nvidia RTX design variance between vendors or the rtx gpu chips themselves.


Did they go to DP 2.0 already?

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Likely on the 12k. This revised 8kX is anyone’s guess as it has only been claimed to have unknown upgrades to hardware with no specifics save that it should work better on RTX30 series desktop cards but nothing else, with refresh rate features missing

At least for the time being. It took iirc about a year or more to fix Amd gpu compatibility on Kickstarter models. Hopefully they do much better this time around.

What is superior about this?
Less features and worse compatibility does not sound superior to me.

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The upgraded parts include the panels and backlight which is why the firmware requires updates and 90Hz is the only refresh available. The backlight and panel timing have to be carefully synchronized so updates will bring the available capabilities equal to or better than previous devices. But yes imho the team released this too early.


Hopefully they correct this soon with restoring compatibilities and features.

Any news on 12k demo/live stream progress?

the valid Displayport specifications were to blame. There was no offical suitable hardware back then. Therefore the old 8kx was only sold and advertised as 75Hz.